Theatre for the Insomniac

On We’re Not In This Alone by Youth Of Today there’s a song, A Time We’ll Remember, in which Ray Cappo sings “good music and good friends”. That’s exactly what I think when I listen to Insomnia Isterica. These Swiss fuckers have been around for years and always improved the quality of their records. In 2010 they released a split tape with Psychotic Sufferance, starting a streak of very good records, firts with the split 7″ with their side project Gokurtrussell and then with this EP. I know starting a review for a band with a strong love for beer with a YOT quote is a little bit awkward but I think the sentence perfectly fits with the guys from Insomnia Isterica. These four freaks deliver five songs of fast and pounding punkish grindcore, with a lot of groove mixed with a terrific amount of fun and full throttle parts. This time all the lyrics are in Italian, dealing with disillusion, frustration, anger and an introspective travel in discomfort and gloom. The dark topics can sound very strange if compared with the upbeat vibe of the songs. There’s an overall feeling of fun and almost mindless and destructive urge of making some racket. I’m a friend of two members of the bend (ATB and GTH) and I think my opinion about their music fits with my opinion about them. Life is hard, a lot of stuff is just wrong and sometimes everything seems to overwhelm you, but with friends and the few good things in life (beer anyone?) you can work it out. While the whole band plays in a very good way I have to point out again that the best feature about Insomnia Isterica is about vocals. This time vocal duties are shared by only two members (Fafo Grugno Cane and Giulio The Huere), leaving out Mirko Fashion Boy, but the final result is still very strong. The alternation between the deep growl of Fafo and the acid screaming barks of Giulio is great and adds a lot of depth to the songs. What can I say more? Insomnia Isterica is one of my favorite band of these days and deserves a lot of recognizition and a spot in every grindcore fan’s collection. Give these guys a try and you won’t be disappointed!

“Sudo sotto questo sole nero, soffoco sotto quest’aria sulfurea contaminata di tradimenti ed ipocrisia, vado a morire nel mio buco un po’ per volta”
Tramontata Luce

[“I’m sweating under this black sun, I’m suffocating under this sulphuric air polluted with trasons and hypcorisy, I’m going to die little my little in my hole”
Faded Light]

On the flip side we can find Embalming Theatre; I don’t think they should need any kind of introduction, since they have been around for years and shared records with a shitload of great bands (Agathocles, Unholy Grave, Birdflesh, Archagathus, Haemorrhage and the list goes on and on). This time they deliver three songs of old school goregrind, filled, as always, with the weirdest gory stories found around the net, adding the good ol’ freaky newspaper vibe that made Embalming Theatre so interesting over the years. Two out of three songs are in the classic ExTx style, so expect a tight and muddy kind of old school goregrind, with some shades of obscure early 90’s death metal to shake things up a bit. Simple,pouding and unforgiving blasting drums are the thread on which the Swiss freaks build their music, adding a coagulated whirlwind of filthy guitar riffs and bass tones. Vocals are always (with the only exception being a very short shriek during the second song) stuck to a low growling bark, reminding good old Bill Steer’s grunts in the first Carcass’ records. Carcass is always an influence in this kind of music, but I think Embalming Theatre can be easily compared to Excruciation, A Chapter Of Accidents’ era Dead Infection, Xysma and, imho, in a warmer and more “human” version of Cabal. The last song talks about reggae and even the structure changes matching up the concept. I think this is how reggae sounds like in ExTx’s heads, but this time the joke grows old very fast, making this little effort in humourus coverage of another kind of music nothing more than a little divertissment. These Swiss masters are one of those bands you can always rely on, because their average level of quality is very good. This record makes no exception, even if I think they made better stuff (Hormones From The Dead remains my fave ExTx record, btw) in the past. Good ol’ goregrind for good ol’ goregrind freaks.


~ by petetheripper on August 8, 2011.

3 Responses to “Theatre for the Insomniac”

  1. grazie simone per la recensione! ti vogliamo il bene eheheh!

  2. […] la rece di Pete The Ripper del nuovo split 7″ Insomnia Isterica / Embalming Theatre e compratelo se ancora non lo avete fra i vostri peggiori […]

  3. Grande!! Grazie Pete!!

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