Unholy Grave / Tersanjung XIII split 12″ or how to play your grind in a raw way

And after Archagathus, here comes Unholy Grave. These Japanese veterans need to introduction, so let’s head to the music. What we have here is a rehearsal recording (and Unholy Grave really wants to say out loud that this was a RAW rehearsal, obviously) made in 2007, featuring twelve songs. All of them have been already released, so you won’t find any kind of big surprises here. The tracklist starts with a cover version of Teenage Lobotomy by The Ramones, which, I have to admit, fits perfectly in the mood of the record. Unholy Grave has always displayed a strong -core vibe in their sound, so a punk cover is a great way to point out what are you going to do : play fast and raw and enjoy doing it. As I’ve said before all the songs featured on this record are not unreleased, but there’s a good mixing of more recent and older compositions. You can find great classics like No Racial Superiority and Confession among new songs like The Ice-Cold Law or Preconception. I want to point out two great songs like Morbid Dark Angels and Why Terror Again?, surely among my top Unholy Grave songs. Well  you should know their style by now, angry and raw grindcore in the odl vein, with pounding drums, rotting bass lines and amazing guitar riffing. The two things that made Unholy Grave stand out, in my opinion, are the great use of guitars, with solos, catchy riffs and amazing hooks and vocals. Takaho on this record sticks to a classic low bark, missing the great harmonized vocals which are more common in properly recorded records. Voice is a little bit too low and gets slightly lost in the noise, but you can’t say Unholy Grave hasn’t warned you about these songs being raw. So, what can I add more? Unholy Grave is Unholy Grave. Love’em or hate’em. I think this record isn’t their best stuff and it can be annoying finding out that there’s no new song on it, but it’s surely a good bunch of compositions from one of the most valuable grindcore veterans out there. Do you love grindcore the old way? Do you love Unholy Grave? Will you buy your tenth Agathocles live EP despite teh tracklist? Make this record yours and you’ll love it. If you have answered no to the questions above, well, maybe you have to try something else from this band, there are plenty of albums to chew on!

I’ve followed Tersanjung XIII (or 13) for a while and I’m very happy to see this Indonesian band finally making it on vinyl. Their side is a very good re-recording of some songs from previous releases, like the split tape with Inquiry Last Scenery and the Land Of The Dead EP, plus two songs which, as far as I know, are new ones, Grind The Bastards and Gasmask Massacre. There has been a huge improvement in sound quality since the first releases, making these songs sound ripping and powerful without losing the raw factor. Tersanjung XIII plays an heavily old school influenced kind of grindcore, with the lessons taught by Agathocles, Unholy Grave, Rot, Dahmer, Warsore and Terrorizer strong in their minds. This four pieces crashes everything with nine songs crafted on a solid rhytmn structure, with a lot of tempo changes, from fast to slow paced sections, passing through very cool groovy parts that will make your neck snap. The riffing is very solid and, even if there are no surprises at all, the guitar work fits perfectly with their style, creating effective and catchy hooks. Vocal wise Erik switches from a barking growl to a throat wrenching screaming, adding variety to the songs. Bass lines are a bit lost in the mix, but you can clearly hear them add the right raw factor asked to a grindcore bass player. I really have to say that the part that impressed me more is the drumming, which is very cool and pretty various for a raw grindcore band, going from classic groovy pounding to merciless faster parts, including a good amount of blastbeats here and there. Well, this side maybe won’t change the opinion of those who think old school grind is boring and old-stinking, but it’s a great way to display how to grind someone’s ears with style and great songwriting. If you love grindcore the old way, you will love Tersanjung XIII. Keep an eye open for these guys, they deserve it!


~ by petetheripper on July 19, 2011.

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