Putting some raw shit in my Coffe Grinder

A 12″ by Archagathus. This is not a new one, since they already shared an LP with Wojtyla and made a full CD album, Atrocious Halitosis From Nauseated Disgorging, but a full length slab of vinyl is way cooler and fitting for a band like this. I have to admit that I wasn’t too amused by their first album, as I thought, and, for some extent, still think, that Archagathus is a band that can make its potential really explosive on short releases, like the more fitting one, the split 7″. I really loved, some more, some less, their split EPs, so I’ve bought Coffee Grinder with a little bit of anxiety about the final result. Well. I h have to say that this one is one of the best releases by the Canadian rising kings of mince. There’s a big lie printed on the cover, a white lie being more honest, the sentence “Raw Shit”. Both words are surely wrong. This record contains no shit at all and this is probably the most polished release by Archagathus. The songwriting is very similar to the oen displayed in the latest records, even if this one has been recorded in three years, from 2008 to 2011. So if you loved the split EP with G.O.D. , Axed Up Conformists and Putrescence, you will surely like this one. All the songs have a strong bass line and groovy drum pattern that act as a skeleton for the ultra classic guitar riffs. Vocal duties are shared by Dan and Joe (of Violent Gorge fame). I think I don’t have to say that this record is a perfect worship to mince core, with Agathocles and bit of early 00’s Malignant Tumour as gods. You know what you get. Groovy songs, low growl, rare higher screams, crust riffs. That’s it, in all its predictable glory. Archagathus doesn’t have to sound original, new or whatever. The riff at the beginning of Functional Society System is like the evil twin of A For Arrogance? Who cares. You’ve already listened these vocal lines a thousend times? Fuck it. The guitar riffing makes you wanna dance like a gorilla like one other millions songs? Screw that. Archagathus is carrying a torch. The torch of true and almost stubborn mince core. Loving this kind of music is like loving Agathocles. Sometimes you don’t listen with your ears but with your whole body. You keep collecting stuff regardless a lot of usually daunting facts (same songs featured on different releases, ugly live recordings, messy rehearsal quality and so on). You know what? Archagathus is becoming like the Manowar of grindcore. On Coffee Grinder you have fourteen songs. Two feature the word mince in the title, three the word grind. The songs are very similar and are like hymns to the glory of grind. I just hope they don’t start talking about runes and dress like Conan, but I think the comparison is fitting. Anyway, you can love this approach to music or you can hate it, but I really think that Coffee Grinder deserves more than one listening, since this is probably one of the best old school grindcore records of the year and shows a band that is finally reaping the fruits of all its work. All those splits are little gem of mince and this album is a shiny little diamond you can’t miss.

[Side Apple]
[Side Banana]

By the way, Bringer Of Gore released this record in a short run of 440 pieces, with the first 100 being brown. The sleeve is in cardboard, with a very cool artwork and all the infos on the back. No insert provided.

[a sneak preview song from the upcomin full 12″ on To Live A Lie! Canadian Horse]


~ by petetheripper on July 17, 2011.

2 Responses to “Putting some raw shit in my Coffe Grinder”

  1. è piaciuto molto anche a me! ordinato al volo appena uscito in cacca marrone bella puzzolente!

  2. Il più figo Archagathus!!! Spettacolare, cavernicolo, merda cruda!!!

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