I’m a Low Threat Profile Fanboy : Product#1 and Product#2

This two reviews will be very enthusiastic. I don’t want to lie to you. I’m going to talk about a band that blasted away my brain so hard that I’m still searching for some bits of it.

Low Threat Profile was formed in the mid 90’s by a bunch of musicians with a long history in the California hardcore scene of the early 90’s. Matt, Bob and Andy. Infest, Neanderthal, Lack Of Interest, No Comment, Man Is The Bastard in one band. This super group managed to record something at the beginning of the 00’s but, aside a couple of songs released as compilation tracks, nothing more was heard since this 7″ EP. More than ten years in the making for a slab of vinyl which compiles eleven bursts of pure rage in less than five minutes. The eponymous debut of Low Threat Profile is just as good as you can imagine watching the line up of the band. Frantic and overal amazingly tight drumming? You bet it. Catchy and punishing riffs that cut each song like a razorblade? Sure they are. A great performance by one of the best hardcore singer in the genre’s history? Of course. There is a bass lurking in these songs but nobody (as for the LP) is credited for that. I’ve seen a lot of pics shwing Chris Dodge playing live with the band, but I don’t know if the bass lines are recorded by him and he’s not credited or if they come from Matt’s hands. I dunno. I like to think that Chris is part of these records just to add more magic to them. Low Threat Profile sticks to a fast and pissed off hardcore with some shades of powerviolence, especially concerning the (rare) slower parts. This 7″ EP is concentrated, focused on speed and concision. There are no frills and the energy is flowing from one track to the next one. This stuff is so intense that you can listen to it repeatly for one hour without noticing the end and the beginning of the record. I also think that this debut EP by Low Threat Profile fits perfectly for all the fans of the above mentioned bands, because you can clearly hear the influence of each member, making it sound a lot like the sum of Infest + Lack Of Interest + No Comment. The nostalgia factor is very strong and you can easily put this little slab of vinyl in the “how powerviolence hardcore has to sound”. I also love the fact that the records are called Product#1 and Product#2, making it sound like “hey, who cares about album titles, let the music talk”.

Just few months later, at the end of 2010 being more accurate, Low Threat Profile released Product#2, their second effort, this time a “full length” album. 15 songs for less than ten minutes. What are the main differences between Product#2 and Product#1? First of all I think the average speed of the songs is a little bit lower, with more songs focusing on mid paced assaults instead of the classic ultra speed beating. There’s more usage of bass here and there, making it sound a little bit more warm and guitar riffing is slightly better. Matt focuses more on making awesome ultra punising guitar licks, like in My Only Friends, and that’s surely a very good thing. Drumming is very similar to the EP, while I think Andy perfected his vocal lines, sounding angrier and more frustrated than before. Lyrics-wise there’s a good bunch of classic hardcore cliches going on, with a lot of hatred and spitting in the face of hypocrities and society, but there’s also something more. You must remember that these guys have been around for a lot of time (about a quarter of century!) and have seen a lot of shit going on and are still standing proud. Songs like Back To Basics (one of my favorites!), I Just Can’t Wain or the amazing ending by My One And Only are perfect examples of how a veteran of the scene can teach you what hardcore means. I can’t find a significative flaw in this record, each songs is a little gem that perfectly fits in the whole picture, making this second “product” by Low Threat Profile an amazing way to spend a couple of hours. Just remember to flip it every five minutes and you will receive an endless discharge of adrenaline in your body. I also think this album displays a more cohesive effort in soundwriting, making the band sound not just like the sum of Infest + Lack Of Interest + No Comment but just like Low Threat Profile. This record is among my personal favorites of the last years and, believe me, the refrain of Cross My Heart, the beginning of Plastic Town or the guitar break in A Calm Between are just some of the great moments in a record without dead moments or time to breath. Buy it, put it on your turntable and you’ll end just like me : jumping on the sofa in your underwear  screaming “DO YOU KNOOOOOWWW WHO YOU AAAAAAAARE?”.


~ by petetheripper on July 13, 2011.

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