Fatal THC abuse

The second release I’ve received from Hair On My Food is the split tape between Fatal Position and THC Eradicus. On the A Side we find the former, a duo hailing from Indiana, which uses no guitars to create their fifteen minutes of noisecore madness. So, only drums+bass+vocals on this side, with a lot of songs connected together by a glue made of bass feedbacks and noise. Songs are not always fast, but tend to be chaotic and explosive, with a lot of straight and linear drumming added to a constant wall of noise created by the bass guitar. The abscence of guitars make everything really downtuned, with a general uncomfortable feeling going on, putting this side of the tape on the dark and violent side of noisecore. They sound like Permanent Death mixed with a 7 Minutes Of Nausea feeling (think of their first demos) and a somewhat polished down version of Gorgonized Dorks. The best part of Fatal Position is, imho, the vocals. Vocal lines are made by desperate screams, angry barks and an overall ultra tight usage of Kevin’s vocals. This session was recorded during their ten years anniversary and is also blessed by a clean yet very old school sounding “production”. The bass guitar is always creeping in the background, while drums (especially the crashes) and  vocals take the lead to assault the listener’s ears. This is a very good band, shame on me for having missed it til now.

THC Eradicus is way more weird. This is a project by Derek who claims to have been helped by some imagianary friends. I guess I have to trust him. This side starts in a very usual way. Short bursts of heavy distorted and chaotic noisecore separated by an half second of silence. Nothing too weird, uh? Afer a couple of minutes everything goes fucked up. There’s a creepy bunch of sounds that lurks in the dark, waiting to explode in your ears and well, that’s pretty much what they does. For about four minutes everything goes apeshit, with a crazy amount of sounds smashing together and fusing ine ach other creating a terrible wall of noise. Bleeps, distrotions, waves, smashes, everything goes for THC Eradicus. But the best (worst?) is yet to come. After a vocal sample followed by a small part of ambient noise this side gets even crazier. It’s time for a mix of field recording sounding stuff, animal samples and almost tribal noise. There’s also some guitar arpeggios going on here. Then the ambient comes back, as a prelude to a harsh nosie section layered over an haunting toy-keyboard series of notes. Man, this is so fucked up. Fans of nonsense noisecore will love this side, I really enjoyed it for sure!


~ by petetheripper on July 12, 2011.

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