The Mighty Breathilizor will conquer the Planet with his Militia of Brusier Brodies!

What is Brody’s Militia? This is not an easy question. This band uses a very cool and wise mix of genres to create a very personal sound yet full of strong references that can make a good bunch of fans scream of joy. The Militia has been around for more than a decade, delivering a shitload of records with a lot of cult band like Netjajev SS, Nunslaughter and Ghoul. With this 7″ they shared their path with the sleazy and filthy Breathilizor, continuing their march onto musical depravation. I’ve interviewed Doug (guitars and backing vocals) some weeks ago, so a lot of stuff is explained there, but I think I can sum up teh band in few word : put an ex member of Hellnation among other guys, all of them being fans of punk rock, put some ANTiSEEN and a strong love for speed and voilà, you have Brody’s Militia. There’s also a strong classic rock feeling going on in this record and the fact that the songs are being filled with solos and catchy riffs is a proof of my statement. Back to their first days the Militians were more addicted to blind speed, rough violence and mindless assault. Violence Solves Some Things is a strong installment of brutality and a personal favorite of mine (only in digital, I know, but I’m searching a cheap physical copy eheheh, anybody out there?). I think the change came with a record released not much time ago, the full EP Cretin’s Slaughterhouse, and with this split EP they perfectly joined the love for speed, punk and rock n roll. I’ve aways found very funny the fact that Brody’s Militia, which can be easily described as a ultra fast punk rock band, not so far from Rupture, imho, has always dealt with the grindcore and similar genres scene. That is a great proof of how much they can be appealing to such a varied crowd of listeners and musicians. There are only three songs on this record but they are very intense and funny, full of great riffs and face melting solos. Give a listen to the opening of No Desire To Continue Listening and how it weirdly fits in such a record. Well, I’ve always been a fan of Brody’s Militia, but I think this record is such a great effort for those fuckers that it can be considered their best output.

Flip the record and you will find Breathilizor, the legends themselves. This project is one of the many ran by Dave Schall and Matt Lindsay, who are also behind the mighty Sockeye. On this split EP Breathilizor delivers the usual dose of sleazy and mad heavily punk influenced noise proto thrash. Five hymns against your health and pro-Satan, all full of tongue-in-cheek humour and ultra evil mannerism. Music wise their sound can be described as a crossover to the more straight in your face noisy punk you can think off mixed with a strong reference to early 80’s proto thrash. Imagine GISM paying homage to Sodom’s demos in a punkish way and you can have a good idea of how Breathilizor sounds like. The songs are stripped down and, even if the drums are fast and stuc directly in your brain and the riffing is quite good, the vocals steal the scene from all the other instruments, becoming the main pillar of the compositions. The voice is acid, evil and, even if monotonous and without any kind of changes throughout the record, it’s very effective and makes Breathilizor recognizable among all the bands around. I really reccomend to read the lyrics because they’re a strong positive point for this release. Songs that talk about satanic aliens, birds eating guts, dumb twin girl ghosts and pitchforks stabbed in someone’s eyes can be anything but bad. Well, maybe someone’s hoping to find the next big thing in metal or a band which can shackle the towers of mainstream music but, well, I don’t think Breathilizor had anything like that in mind. Breathilizor is the epitome of beer and bad taste applied to a bunch of thrashing punk songs. Breathilizor is like that freaky uncle you have, maybe it can look weird and unpleasant but give him enough booze and you can turn a family dinner in the wildest party of them all.

Released by Give Praise Records.


~ by petetheripper on July 9, 2011.

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