Hedorah is a duo hailing from Illinois, USA, and delivers two songs of punishing slow music. The band features Dan on guitars and drum programming and James on pedals and synth while both share vocal duties. Their music has a quite wide range, from drone to a somwhat experimental kind of funeral black. The two songs form a concept, called The Pain Of Life. The first one si more extreme and it focuses more on mammoth riffs that stomps brutally throught the track, with a martial drum pattern and a dissonant and obscure screaming which coems directly from the depths of Telemark. This tune is breath-taking, punishing, asphyxiating. It’s even not too long, which is very good since a song in this style can easily grow boring. The second tune starts in a more melodic way, with an eerie arpeggio that reminds me a lot some classic albums by Earth, then the guitar explodes in an heavy and dissonant drone coupled with the usual screaming. There’s always a somewhat cyclopic feeling to Hedorah’s tune, which gives justice to the bands’ name, with slow, pounding drums and tons of power in the guitars. I think that ten minutes are not enough to judge this kind of bands, but I have to say nonetheless that this two parts that creates The Pain Of Life are surely very good and can provide a good listening to all the droning music fans out there.

On the B-Side we can find Marlee Matlin, a four pieces band hailing from the USA. They deliver eleven songs of fast and simple grindcore, with a SHITLOAD of samples. Their music style is quite simple, with straight to the point riffs and linear drums. Maybe TOO simple. Almost every riff and drum pattern have already been heard, making this side grow old really fast. The only two songs which are somewhat interesting are Aquaman, Turtles In Time and the long, instrumental ending called The West Wing. There’s a persistent joke feeling going through this songs, which can be funny for the first two listenings but then grows old and can easily put this recordings in the “forgettable” bin. And that’s a pity, believe me. Their style is quite good and I always like when vocals are somewhat disjointed from the rest of the music, like the Disleksick’s ones on their split with Agathocles. And then there are the samples. A lot of great bands used a lot fo samples (Spazz? Last Days Of Humanity?) but not as much as here and with a stronger songwrting to provide inside one sample and the other. Just to give you an idea, Marlee Matlin puts samples EVERYWHERE, often at the beggining AND at the end of the songs. Boring. I really hope to hear something more from you and change my mind, but for now I’m sorry to say that this side of the tape is a bit weak for me.

Released by Hair On My Food in 100 handnumbered copies.


~ by petetheripper on July 6, 2011.

One Response to “HEDORAH / MARLEE MATLIN split TAPE review”

  1. I ordered this tape yesterday, and reading the review makes me more excited to get my hands on it. I actually was able to find the B side on the bands bandcamp, and I have listened to it over and over, I do have to say I’m not much a fan of some of the samples, mainly because it’s “Family Guy” but the style reminds me of Man Is The Bastard a bit, and that’s probably why I love it. Given that they’re NO way as good as Man Is The Bastard, they are in their own terms, good enough for me. They show potential. As for Hedorah, reading this review, I can not wait to hear the tape. My usual process is to find a sample of something I’ve never heard of before making a purchase. Nonetheless, Marlee Matlin was the reason I decided to buy it. I didn’t double check this post so I probably didn’t say enough.

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