Sowing the Seed of Rape

Seeds Of Rape is a band hailing from Las Vegas (coolness factor!) and plays powerviolence, often leaning to its more sludgy shade. The band is a project from Andres Wade, who also is the man behind the very good Cogs & Sprockets one man band. This Demo is their first official release after a rehearsal recording and it’s listenable for free on their Bandcamp page. The nine songs of this go from fast and ripping to slow and crunching, with a very wide spectrum of speeds and intensities. I think the best part is at the beginning, with the first songs beinf very intense and overall violent, while the speed tends to decrease going on listening to the Demo. The bands that pop into my mind while I listen to this are mainly Iron Lung and The Endless Blockade in their first years, being more precisely on their Life.Iron Lung.Death and Turn Ilness Into A Weapon albums respectivately. The slower parts are sludgy but still sticking to the classic powerviolence style, so if you loved when Man Is The Bastard or Despise You slowed down, well, you will really like this bunch of songs. Vocal wise Brett sticks to a classic (for the genre) barking voice, not too far from the one used by Lack Of Interest or Spazz, while Andres focuses more on a nearly desperate screaming, leaning more on the grindcore side of the band. This is pretty good stuff, probably just a bit too much similar to some other bands and can sound like something already listened for newcomers. For all those who really love powerviolence and are always hungry for more, Seeds Of Rape’s Demo 2011 is a really good way to spend less than ten minutes of pure fun in the name of speed changing rage. Keep Seeds Of Rape on your radar.


~ by petetheripper on June 22, 2011.

One Response to “Sowing the Seed of Rape”

  1. Gonna blast this demo when it gets here. These guys need a blog.

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