Interview with Doug from BRODY’S MILITIA

Brody’s Militia is an awesome band. They’re fast, they’re dirty, they’re sleazy. They took the filthy power of the last punk rock stars, like GG Allin, the Murder Junkies and ANTiSEEN and thrown it in a faster and harder context. Sharing their path with bands like ANTiSEEN, Rupture, Ghoul, Widespread Bloodshed, Nunslaughter and Netjajev SS, they created a very wide bunch of cult releases for a cult following. I had the pleasure to get in touch with Douglas, guitar player, backing vocalist and founder of Brody’s Militia, who also gave his passion to the mighty Hellnation. He was so kind to answer to some questions, so, enjoy them!




Q : Hi Doug. Thanks for accepting to do this interview. Is everything fine?

A: Hola! Thank you for asking. Everything here is good as hell. How’s things in Italy? [Italy is a shithole, as always XD ndPete]

Q : Tell us a small biography about BRODY’S MILITIA.

A: The original drummer and I started playing together about twelve years ago out of a shared love for dirty rock n’ roll, punk rock and fast hardcore. After a couple of weeks playing together and really digging the tunes we were coming up with, I bought a four track recording machine and we started making a demo tape. The line up has changed a bunch over the years but things are relatively the same.

Q : Why a reference to Bruiser Brody?

A : My other long-standing joy in life has always been professional wrestling. Bruiser Brody was to wrestling what MOTORHEAD or NAPALM DEATH were to music. Bigger, meaner, uglier and delivering a big boot to the teeth with no fucking rules! The image of Bruiser Brody also made a really good icon for the band.



Q : You have just released your new split EP with BREATHILIZOR. What can we expect from that record?

A : Our side is a continuation of the “Cretin Slaughterhouse” EP. Lots of rocked out riffs and bursts of crappy guitar solos but stuffed to the gills with hate. This new record is the first batch of tunes since back in the demo days that I recorded myself in the garage so its got a properly ugly production. The guitars are mixed up too loud as they always should be! It’s one of the first of our records that I think sounds perfect. I guess I’m a slow learner?

Q : How did you get in touch with BREATHILIZOR and Give Praise Records?

 A: Food Fortunata from BREATHILIZOR is one of the first people that I started writing with when I got into punk and hardcore in the late 80’s. All of the weird bands that he and Poopy Necroponde are involved in have always been the best and most listened to stuff to come out of the toilet of underground punk rock for me. I enjoy humor. It was an immediate “yes” when the opportunity to do the split came up. I got in touch with Paul from Give Praise Records via doing a split with BLACK MARKET FETUS on his label a few years ago. Paul is one of the few examples of genuine enthusiasm that I have encountered in a long time. He doesn’t have that self-important prima donna attitude like a lot of fuckheads I have encountered in recent years. No ego-stroking, shit-talking or ulterior motives going on with Paul. He’s a shining diamond of awesomeness and it has been a real shot of adrenaline for us to work with him.

Q : You have worked with a lot of different bands including the mighty NETJAJEV SS and your band is liked by a lot of different kind of listeners. What is your formula? Who are your inspirations musically and ideologically?

 A : Pretty much all of the bands and labels that we’ve worked with have been out of my respect and admiration for the other party involved. I know some of our split records probably don’t make any sense to people with limited imagination. We got lucky hooking up with labels like Rescued From Life and Haunted Hotel that had similar bad taste and wanted to do weird stuff that is destined to failure! There really isn’t any formula other than trying to make tunes that I would enjoy listening to myself. I personally dig all kinds of shit like VENOM, DEEP PURPLE, DAVID ALLAN COE, GORE BEYOND NECROPSY, FLESHREVELS, COCKNOOSE, HERESY and so on. Mix all that together and filter in the fact that we’re not very good musicians and you get whatever we come up with.



Q : You have also played in HELLNATION. Can you tell us something about those days?

A : HELLNATION could never find a drummer that just wanted to play fast as fuck so sometime after recording the “Control” LP the current bass player Albert locked himself in his grandmother’s basement with nothing but a cheap drum kit and a stack of HERESY for about nine months. While he was away on his self-imposed banishment to learn drums, I spent my time trying to teach myself how to play bass. We reconvened at some point in 1995 and started playing fast as fuck non-stop. I quit for a year or two to get married and ended up starting BRODY’S MILITIA but then started playing with them again soon after. We released a lot of records, played a lot of shows and then called it quits early last year. I think the “Your Chaos Days Are Numbered” LP and the split with CAPITALIST CASUALTIES pretty much sums up HELLNATION.

Q : Your live shows seem very brutal. What I have to expect from a BRODY’S MILITIA show? Any chances for a European tour?

A : I think our live shows tend to be pretty fun and also pretty funny. Our singer sometimes likes to break a few bottles and shed a little blood but it’s not done out of trying to be imposing or anything like that. You’d be surprised how the sight of a little blood can stir things up. Punks are sharks. The ideal gigs have always been in a basement in some fucked up little town that still has a pocket of freaks and weirdoes who wanna have a good time. Lots of beer. Lots of questionable humor. I doubt we will be going anywhere anytime soon although we’d love to do it someday.

Q : I’ve noticed you really like ANTiSEEN. From a fan to a fan, where the passion started?

 A : For me, it started sometime in the early 90’s when punk rock had started to get really bogged down with pretending everything was a part of some righteous cause. Hearing ANTiSEEN for the first time was a revelation! They have always stood out as this never-changing icon. Just be your own ugly fucking self and fuck the shit talkers. Musically, it’s pretty much perfection in the form of simple, nasty chainsaw punk rock. The guys in the band are among the very best people I’ve met in punk rock and always been supportive of us. They’ve been around longer than anyone and they’ll be around long after all the latest hyped bands have broken up and become respectable citizens.



Q : I’ve also found out an interest in wrestling. What federations do you follow? Who are your top five wrestlers?

A : Been a fan since I was a little kid. I still try to watch but it’s a really low point in wrestling history as far as what’s currently on TV. I think my all-time most loved federation was NWA when I was a kid and of course I loved ECW in the 90’s and a lot of the super violent stuff from Japan like FMW and WING. My top five favorite wrestlers are probably Ric Flair, Sabu, Cactus Jack, Shawn Michaels and the greatest of all time – Terry Funk! [mine are 4 out of 5 the same as yours! cool! ndPete]

Q : In a lot of your songs there’s a bunch of strong influences from very different genres. What are your listenings apart fast music?

 A : I still listen to a lot of the 70’s rock that I grew up with. ALICE COOPER, THE ROLLING STONES, GENESIS, KING CRIMSON, LED ZEPPELIN and all the stuff punks are supposed to hate. I also love THE RAMONES and DEVO a lot. I would rather listen to nothing but “Second Helping” by LYNYRD SKYNYRD for the rest of my life than hear another third rate CROSSED OUT clone or weak ass crustcore band at this point in my life. It doesn’t come through so obviously in our tunes because we’re not great players and we still love the fast and ugly music but the most influential “non-hardcore” band for me is BLUE OYSTER CULT.

Q : What are the plans in the future?

 Doug: We have an LP of cover tunes called “Covered In Violence” coming out on RSR that has tracks recorded from the very beginning of the band up until last year. It’s basically a love letter to the bands that really had a direct impact on us. Very proud of how it sounds even though some of the tunes were recorded a long time ago in very primitive conditions! We’ll have a five song 7” EP called “Cycle Of Hate” coming soon on Give Praise Records. If you enjoyed the more rock n’ roll shit from “Cretin Slaughterhouse” then I think you’ll dig this one even more. Lots of rocked out riffs, dumb solos and it also includes the first love song we’ve ever written! And then a sometime down the road a bit we’ll release an EP of fast as fuck tunes on Rescued From Life Records. It’s twenty-two tracks of SORE THROAT worship and is the most hateful and ugly thing we’ve ever recorded.



Q : Thanks for the interview, man! End as you want!

A : Punk rock is about playing the tunes that get you off. Fuck what anyone else thinks.



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