With this post I really wish to start a new trend : a weekly column about what I listen, what I think and what I suggest. I’m a very avid listener and I pick up a lot of stuff I don’t review, so this is a way to talk about them, giving the space they deserve. So, let’s (fucking) go!

First of all, I want to stand up and clap my hands for Weekend Nachos’ latest effort, Worthless, released by Relapse on CD and by Deep Six on vinyl. I’ve never been a big fan of the Illinois based band, but I have to admit that they really topped their discography with this record (at least imho). They punched enjoynment in the face and forced it to haunt their songs, creating brutal songs with musuclar riffs and face pounding drums. Italy was infected by the horrible fashion of metalcore and deathcore bands, with a SHITLOAD of people starting to listen to that whiny shit and thinking that their breakdowns were FOOCKIN BROOOOTAL. Damn. Worthless clearly displays one thing : more than ten years of deathcore breakdowns are not worthy the one in Black Earth. There are two really long songs, Worthless and Future, that focus more on the sludge side, with a lot of feedbacks and distortions. They may sound a little bit too heavy and, well, maybe they break the atmosphere of fastness and overall brutality too much, but I think they’re fitting well. Even xBrainiax put a long song in their latest (amazing) album and it fitted very well. I don’t know if those songs will be played live, but if they are I hope that WN will put them in the middle of the set and not oo much at the end. Come on, enjoy a couple of tracks :

Some days ago I received a copy of Nessun Posto Per Me by Porcodio. This is a project between the USA and Italy, featuring the singer from Anti-You. Well, I think every Italian who bought this record was motivated by the name of the band, which is a common swearing in Italy and means God (Dio) Pig (Porco). Well, I’ve bought it for the same reason. I was realy surprised to listen to four very good songs, displaying a band that doesn’t relie on its name but instead focus on a very good songwriting style. Musically wise Porcodio is very similar to old school Italian hardcore, leaning mostly to its 80’s side, but there’s also a little bit from the 90’s one. Think a mix of Wretched, Indigesti and Sottopressione. If you’re into Italian HC you will surely like this band. Out on Lengua Armada.

On a sidenote, I re-discovered Dystopia. Hate life with me


~ by petetheripper on June 18, 2011.

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