Gorgonized Dorks / Paregorik split TAPE!



Another Gorgonized Dorks review in a very little time! Everyone should know this amazing duo from California, and everyone should know that they have two different sides of the coin. One displays their love for noise in its -core acception, delivering an unforgiving amount of old school noisecore filled with strange instruments (for the genre) like theremin and keyboards, creating a mess of notes for fans of bands like Stench Of Corpse or CSMD. The other side shows their lvoe for experimentation, taking the electronic side of noise, for fans of milestones bands like Bastard Noise or legendary solo projects like Maurizio Bianchi or Merzbow. On this split with Paregorik Ben and Katz chose the latter, putting together 20 minutes of harsh noise splitted in two long tracks called Telemetry Of Rogue Satellite and Of Silverfish And Jazz. As I’ve also spoken in other reviews, I prefer the core side of Gorgonized Dorks, but I think their genius is also displayed in these harsh recordings. This time they don’t focus on sheer brutality or blind rage channeled in distortions and feedbacks, but the duo managed to create a disturbing mass of unpleasant lurking noise, full of anxiethy and injected with a weird sci-fi feeling, especially in the first track. There’s an haunting feeling in that song that reminds me a lot what I felt listening to the CSMD side of their split with Spoelstra. The fearful sensation of something watching you, with the unpleasent idea of something really bad coming to you. The second track is harsher, with Katz screaming in the background adding the anger factor to a couple of songs dominated by distress and uncomfortableness. The second song is more similar to the early Bastard Noise recordings, so you know the deal, some sawtooth noises, bleeps, bent circuits and so on. Very good effort.

On the flipside there’s Paregorik. This is the first time I actually listen to this project from Pardubice , Czech Republic. This solo band is run by M/S and made splits with acts like Disleksick, Kenji Siratori and Torturing Nurse. Besides the classic voice+electronics approach of harsh noise, Paregorik adds the use of a bass guitar, managing to create a very cool subtle pattern to the two songs featured on its side (Feel The Pyramid / Out Of Oil). The mix of these two world (analogue strings / digital sounds) is very interesting, creating a strange and weird feeling of claustrophobia in an open and wide space. Liek travelling insde a cyclopic building. Pretty Lovecraft-ian, isnt’ it? Call me a weirdo, but the closest thing my mind associates with Paregorik is the sight of the middle stages in the first Doom videogame, when you can see the world outside but you’re still trapped inside the building. The reference to a Pyramid in the title of the first song makes this feeling very clear. This is like standing in front a pyramid, alone. You are in a very open space, the desert, but the humongous dimensions of the building squash you. The monotonous usage of bass guitar enhanches the feeling of loss, because a never ending cycle of notes is like telling you that there’s no beginning  but even no ending. When I listen to harsh noise is like when I listen to drone music : emotions transcend music and what I feel is often stronger of what I listen. This means Paregorik made a great impression to my ears and, mostly, to my whole body. Great band, I really want to hear more!

Thanks to Marty for the tape!


~ by petetheripper on June 17, 2011.

3 Responses to “Gorgonized Dorks / Paregorik split TAPE!”

  1. thanks for nice review!! check my page for more paregorik stuff! http://www.paregorik.blogspot.com
    all the best

  2. glad you enjoy the noize! 😀

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