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Another band from Canada (Manitoba this time, like Archagathus and Violent Gorge) and another good one! Skatefucked is the second (I think) effort from Hostile Life, after their 2009 demo CD-r and features six tracks of pure old school American hardcore, mixed with a small amount of thrashcore. Starting from the title of this EP there’s a strong skate-core influence in this CD, easily tracking back to classics such as JFA. Even if it sounds very fresh and personal this record is really stuck in the 80’s American hardcore environment. Along JFA I can add a bit of the early Black Flag, the slower side of Youth Of Today and somehow a little bit of Gorilla Biscuit, especially vocal wise. There’s a very strong “everyday life” feeling going throufh Skatefucked, with lyrics dealing with common issues and normal people’s problem. The songwriting, as stated above, is really fresh and you can enjoy it at multiple levels. Personally, I really like the faster parts switched with the very cool bass lines, while the acid vocals are a great addition to an overall pleasant EP. Grab it!

Thanks to Mat / Idoneum Bello for the CD.



I’ve talked about Harsh Supplement in the last post, where I’ve told there was another release in the parcel Rich sent me so, here it is! On this CD-r Harsh Supplement focuses on harsh noise, creating a strong wall of noise splitted in two songs, simply called with their length (16:27 and 11:27). They lean a lot to the HNW side of the genre, focusing on an uncomfortable and stressing kind of frequencies tones, managing to deliver a feeling of deep loss and alienation. I prefer their noisecore soul, but I liked this one as well. I think the two sides of the HS coin combined together on a single release can be very interesting.

The other two songs are by Poland masters Takashi Ohkawa, which deliver their classic harsh and unforgiving kind of noise. The first song is almost 13 minutes long and can be described on a bunch of frequencies switches, going from sawtooth waves to white noise, melted with environmental recordings (mainly thunders) and an eerite and non understandable (at least for an Italian and English only speaking guy) speech, which reminds me a lot Attila Csihar in Big Church (Megszentségteleníthetetlenségeskedéseitekért) by Sunn O))). The second track is taken from their split with Filthynoiseanthrope and is a more classic harsh noise song, with a bunch of cool stop and gos at the beginning and a lot of fucked up shit going on, from rubber sound, to cracks and bleeps, passing by bent circuits, distorsion, pitched vocals and so on. Harsh Supplement is cool and Takashi Ohkawa is already a legend of this genre, so I think that if you know those names you already know what to do.

Thanks to Rich / Harsh Supplement for the CD.


I have to say that Od Vratot Nadolu is a very good surprise for me. This duo hails from Macedonia and Ziva is their first effort. The band is composed by Iceman (drums and vocals) and Maverick (bass and vocals), so no guitars are going on in this record, which means every song sounds downtuned, unmerciful and way darker than usual. Their songwriting style is a great mix of cynic and anti-hopeful hardcore, not so far from bands like Rorshach, with a strong early Man Is The Bastard vibe, mainly driven by the prominent bass lines and the nervous rhytms used on this album. There’s even a kind of metalization in the sound, which can put Odf Vratot Nadolu near acts like Integrity or the more modern Drainland. Tempos are mostly on the slow side, with pouding drums and throat clutching bass notes, even if sometime things tend to go faster, like in the seventh track, Hekoj Ви Ги Eбе Децaтa, where the hardcore soul of this duo stands out in all its glory. There’s a strong feeling of urgency and almost the need to show how dark and unforgiving life is, sometimes enhanched by the usage of cool eerie sound effects, like in Гангстерска Љубов. This disc is released on CD and on vinyl, grab a copy, because if you loved the  abovementioned bands (especially MITB and Integrity) you’re gonna love this one.

Thanks to Ivan / Fuck Yoga for the CD.


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