A nemesis is like an enemy, just more complex

It all started with the cover of Scum by Napalm Death. The monicker, the way it was turned into a log, the collage of socially awkward pictures, everything described perfectly the way the album sounded. After twenty years Insect Warfare released World Extermination, creating one of the best records of recent years and managed again to recreat the perfect visual feeling of how it sounded. The logo was a perfect mix of old school grindcore and Nuclear Assault-legacy thrash, while the grim reaper is creeping over a dead city from which a swarm of cockroaches is running away. Well, Nemesis Complex‘s third effort sounds just like that infinite stream of chitinous bodies filling the Earth. This EP, called Enemy,  is made by thirteen songs, including an Assuck’s cover of Civilization Comes, Civilization Goes, of pure and unforgiving old school grindcore the new school way. What does it mean? It means that these guys have deeply learned how the classic worked, but they managed to enhanche the formula with basically everything that happened between Scum and the release of this EP. That means that thse New Jersey freaks know how to deal with grindcore, with a surely strong dose of Napalm Death, Assuck, Rot, faster Agathocles and Unholy Grave, O.L.D. and so on sent up their ears, but they kept their ears open for bands like Discordance Axis, Enemy Soil, Flesh Parade and the above mentioned Insect Warfare. Expect this EP to sound ripping, fast, unrelenting and, most of all, breath.taking, with the few slower parts releasing the clutch to your troath just before the stronger grip. Tempos are mostly very fast, with a great drumming a very original yet classic guitarwork. Vocal wise they stick to the old school way, so growling alternated with screaming, with the one being the most predominant one. There’s a very cool choice sound-wise, with very fuzzy guitars and sharp drumming, while bass and vocals are more diluted in the mix. On almost very song there’s a thick layer of noise, a constant shade of blurr that keeps the composition in the realm of dissonance, enhanching the feeling of annihilation and distress. The concepts used in this album are mostly dealing with urbanization, modern man diseases and a cool dystopic view on society, economy, personal issues and, well, you got the deal. Philosophic post atomic grindcore! Anyway, this EP kicks major asses and it surely is a very good way to spend your next 12 minutes. Did I mention it has a very cool cover art and the minor fact that it’s downloadable for free?

Grab your ZIP dose of brutality for today!

~ by petetheripper on June 7, 2011.

2 Responses to “A nemesis is like an enemy, just more complex”

  1. where’d you find the title picture for this blog? the creepy kids? I’m really curious.

    • H! I’ve found it on the /x board of 4chan,I don’t know where is it from, for what I know displays a child massacre in Eastern Europe…

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