Some days ago I was complaining about the later lack of noise stuff. This is the year of powerviolence, I think that everyone’s got that, but my hunger for noisy anti musical attitude is stronger than ever, so when I’ve received this new split EP by Gorgonized Dorks, this time sharing their efforts with HFSS, I was really curious about it. This time the California duo focuses more on their classical “analog” side, making a great racked with their instruments instead of bending circuits and smashing gear. Their side starts with a long intro, made with a slow and eerie drum line, glued on a very evocative keyboard pattern. With a prologue like that you know the deal : Katz and Ben just want to experiment and explore the neverending realm of noise. When the haunting factor starts to fade out and the anger kicks in, you will remember why you love this band. Pounding drums, terrific level of distortion and pitched vocals that sound like if they’re coming from the deepest part of Hell. There’s a lot of experimentation going on here, but they defintely stick to their classic style. Gorgonized Dorks sounds like they were listening a lot to bands like CSMD or latter Stench Of Corpse, so you know the deal : amazing noisecore filtered in a totally weird and limitless vision of music. Sometimes they sound a little bit more straightforward, but they usually jam with a very catchy yet non-Euclidian form of noise. These songs were recorded six years ago, cacthing up with the Dorks’ releases of those years. If you loved how they played back in the days and you like when noisecore starts getting personal and totally out of limit, well, you’re gonna love this split EP. By the way, I wanna make a comparison with a way more recent record. If you’ve listened to Bastard Noise’s latest 12″, A Culture Of Monsters, you should know how they managed to stay true to their powerviolence roots while experimenting even in the jazz environment. Well, change powerviolence with noisecore and you will describe Gorgonized Dorks’ career. Great band, hands down. DORKS SERVANT!

On the flipside it’s time for HFSS, acronym of Hideous Fecal Splatter Sessions. This band hails from Los Angeles, I think they feature the guy from Nuclear BBQ Party in the line-up and, even if the they have a bunch of releases under their belt, this is the first time I’ve listened to them. They define their music as Lucha Grind, recreating an imaginery not far from legends like Spazz. Musically I can put them in the grindcore section, while there is a few influences by old school powerviolence and even classic American hardcore. The main bands I can point out after listening to HFSS are Denak, Unholy Grave, early-releases Agathocles, faster Infest and even a little bit of Catheter. HFSS sound is thick, fast and raging, with a bunch of catchy and very entertaining riffs, doubled with a very strong rhytmn section. They managed to sound old school but extremely refreshening, with a good taste in songwriting that enhances the nice job made with vocals. They are almost equally divided in two : low and pissed off barks and high pitched sleazy screams. Songs, mainly, are fast, but there are a couple of groovy moments that add variety and the always welcomed headbanging factor in HFSS music. The last song is really different from the others and it sounds like it’s from a completely different recording session. The style changes, both musically and vocally, and HFSS sounds like a perfect clone of Lack Of Interest. I don’t know if that’s an old song, a cover version or an homage, anyway, I do prefer the other songs instead of this one. Anyway, HFSS managed to get a strong grip on me and I’m really looking forward for more of their stuff!

So, a very good EP, pressed in only 320 copies, in splattered red and splattered yellow vinyl (I own both fo them!). The artworks are AMAZING and the record looks really good, the onyl problem is the complete lack of inlays and infos… Released by My Cheap Ass Life.


~ by petetheripper on May 27, 2011.

One Response to “HIDEOUS DORKS!”

  1. killer review! glad you enjoyed our latest platter! yeah, here is a bit more on hfss… sadly, they were a short lived band project of the guys from nuclear bbq/cthuwulf… i only remember them having a cdr demo release other than this. that’s about it. the reason why this release took so long in coming out was that the covers didn’t get printed til now, even though the vinyl was pressed almost five years ago… glad it’s finally out! enjoy! 😀

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