Gawj are not enough far away from Japan for not seeing it

Ok, this record should be bought even just for the title. So Far Away From Giving A Fuck That We Can’t Be Seen. Holy shit, THAT’S  a title. Gawj hails from New Zealand and I’ve already said How much I’m amused to listen to a band from such an uncommon country. While Coffee Rage focuses on the powerviolence/grindcore spectrum of the core music, Gawj deepn their roots in the mid 80’s hardcore/metalpunk/protogrind scene, making their way with chaos and dissonance. I think everyone knows GISM (I REALLY hope so) and how they changed the meaning of the acronym of their monicker on each record, well Gawj starts the list of things that reminds me of that era changing the way Gawj is spelled on the layout for at least foure times : Gawj, G-awj, Gäwj and G-äwj. Yeah, I know, It’s a very tiny thing, but I was immediarely caught by it and got stuck in my mind. Gawj focuses on a chaotic bland of mid 80’s hardcore, mainly in its Japanese version, with the classic frantic and blistering fast drum lines covered in a dissonant and fuzzy wave of guitar riffs. Feedbacks are used quite often, while a good bunch of facemelting solos can be enjoyed throught the record. Vocals are delivered in a ultra classic and old school sleazy barking, which sounds a lot like Chronos singing on a Repulsion cover made by Gai. Gai, GISM, Gastunk, Gauze (Gauze and Gawj…mmmm…just a coincidence?) are some of the names that I can use for describing the sound of Gawj, even if the NZ’s band follows a somewhat more aggressive path, like all those bands combined and reloaded after twenty years of extreme music.Sometimes they lean to a more grindcore environment, even if they are not touching it, because feet are steady on an hardcore ground. Thrash metal, expecially its more contaminated version, is also recognizable here, with a little bit of the early efforts of bands like Sodom or Kreator popping here and there. Lyrics wise you can figure out what to expect just to read the bands I’ve quoted above and than looking at the cover art. They mix an apocalyptic and often dramatic view on society and humanity, sometimes filtered with a nice dose of black humour. This record can sound a little bit too derivative and, well, I think it is, but it’s indeed enjoyable and even if it may sound like the billionth time you’re listening to this stuff I think it’s a kind of music that can never grow old. I want to reccomend it to all the classic Japanese hardcore (I KNOW I don’t have to call it Japcore, I know) fans, who can find twelve minutes of good old school fun, for the newbies of the genre I think they can have more fun with the classics before switching to Gawj.

As all of the Idoneum Bello releases expect a very good packaging, with full color artwork, a booklet with lyrics and the always appreciated obi strip that seals the package. Also for this one, huge thanks to Mat!


~ by petetheripper on May 16, 2011.

One Response to “Gawj are not enough far away from Japan for not seeing it”

  1. GAWJ = pronounced as in “to gouge your fucking eye out”

    and on a side note: their drummer Sean handles the vocals in COFFEE RAGE

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