Tape Of Apocalypse Ruled By The Law Of Iron

Ok, let’s go back to middle 80’s, in an era made of sweating thrasher with long hair, denim vests full of patches or leather jackets and flying V guitars used without shame. Take three of those fuckers, dress them like a county medieval fair and force the trio to watch Conan at least 30 times in a row. What you will got is the prototype of what twentyfive years later will become Elders Of The Apocalypse. Let’s check the names, Sadistik Slayer, Plague Bearer and Bestial Tormentor. Ok, you can figure out that we are talking about some dirty, smelly and gore drenched war metal! Blasphemy, Black Witchery and also a bit of Bewitched are all smeared on a strong pattern of music taken directly from the deep and dark woods of the rural Germany. Kreator after Flag Of Hate? POSERS. Post Mortal Way Of Live Sodom? SHIT! If you approach this tape with that spirit you will surely LOVE what you are going to hear. Pounding and berserking induncing drums, faceripping fast guitar shreds and earth shaking bass smashes. Vocals are stuck to a deep bark, resounding like the screams of hate of a horde of mercenaries swarming through a battalion of orcs. There’s no originality here, not even a single pound, but Eleders Of The Apocalypse shouts its personality strongly, without letting the enemy pass. You can listen to this album without noticing that, but each song is a nice mix of old school classics, or you can deepen your listenings craving for solos, nice bass lines or amazing sound samples, everything drenched in a deep swamp of lo fi loving and overall messy production.Plague Lords and Spell Of Desecration are little gems of battle metal and ending the album with the cover version of Blasphemy’s Atomic Nuclear Desolation is really sweet. I’m not a big fan myself of this kind of music, even if I really love some of the bands that inspired it, first of them being early Sodom, but I’ve quite enjoyed The Law Of Iron, even if I think it can grow boring very fast if you are not a big fan of thrashing warmonging metal. I think that’s mainly a genre’s limit instead of being band’s bad, so I won’t throw down Elders Of The Apocalypse for the genre they’re playing. As for Blessed Offal, this pro printed tape is released in a very good looking 7″ layout, so it can also be a nice addition to your collection.

Extra point : being raised among metalheads who thought modern epic metal is great, I’m always happy when I see bands like Elders Of The Apocalypse who can talk about that subjects without sounding weak, plastic-made or, simply, laughable.

Released by No Visible Scar. [Thanks to Bill!]


~ by petetheripper on May 5, 2011.

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