Almost Flexi

Two weeks ago, on the 22nd and the 23rd of April, CSA Dordoni in Cremona hosted the second Cremona A Mano Armata festival, featuring eight bands. On the first day there were Buffallo Grillz, Raza De Odio, Cripple Bastards and Ratos De Porao, on the second one Terror Firmer, Skruigners, Dropdead and Larm. Big names indeed, especially for a second rate country like Italy… Anyway, I could attend only the first day, marking it a big personal objective : since my first grindcore gig was Cripple Bastards with Ratos De Porao, going back to my roots was a great moment for me. The first 200 who bought the two days ticked at the door were homaged with the official compilation of the festival, pressed on a flexi disc. Flexies are so rare nowdays and this is the first one pressed in Italy, so I’m very proud to hold it in my hands. The compilation features one song from each band that played at the festival, with Ratos De Porao, Dropdead and Larm providing unreleased songs from their huge production.

The first band is Ratos De Porao, which delivers Peste Sexual, a fast and ripping thrashcore song in the way of their latest releases, so if you liked Homen Inimigo De Homen or the split with Looking For An Answer you will love this fast fest by the Brazilian legends (and go see them live, they are one of the most enjoyable bands around, and, as always Ratos > Sepultura). The second band is the almigthy Dropdead with What Could Be; you know what to expect from these legends, fast and ripping hardcore with screamed vocals and restless love for speed, amazing as always. Then it’s time for an Italian fest of bands, with five acts from the Mafia country in a row. Buffalo Grillz is a band featuring members of Tsubo, The Orange Man Theory, Undertaker and Dr Gore. Double bass and no guitar is usually fine for me and the track provided is short but effective, even if I didn’t like their full length. Give ’em a try! I’ve already talked about Terror Firmer, another all star band in fact, and their track is the cover of Siege’s Starvation, already featured on their split 7″ with Humus. Good version indeed. Skruigners is surely my favorite active HC band from Italy and they provide Tra Le Fiamme from their acclaimed latest work Niente Dietro Niento Davanti. This is pure punching-your-face Italian hardcore and I really reccomend you to give these guys a listening because they are REALLY good. Cripple Bastards is my favorite band, you should know it by now, and they are featured on this compilation with Sottoposti Al Taglio from Variante Alla Morte, their latest full lenght and, in my opinion, their most mature and complete work. Then it’s time for Raza De Odio, a band which features members from Necrodeath, Cadaveria and Zorn, providing a mix of gang vocals fueled thrash metal and flamenco (!!!) parts. This is quite funny even if I don’t like them that much…(even if shouting SAREMO ODIADOS is always funny) The last group featured on the compilation is mighty Larm, with a rehearsal version of their classic tune O.S.L., coming straight from 1984. That one is like a great extreme music classic so I suppose everyone knows what I’m talking about, anyway, expect great proto grindcore drenched in lo fi galore!

The compilation is released on a cool looking clear red flexi, squared, of course, with limitations and number written by hand (and, looking at the writings I can say they were written by Giulio The Bastard). This is also a “gift” for the 15th anniversary of the occupation of CSA Dordoni and both the title and the graphics are tied with good ol’ Italian’s poliziesco movies.
So, what can I say? This is surely an interesting compilation, even if those who live in Italy surely have strong familiarity with five tracks out of eight. The Ratos De Porao and Dropdead tracks are surely the best reasons to keep listening to this compilation, in my opinion, so this can also bring good time and it’s not just a collectable item. Collectable factor is surely important, since it’s limited to 250 copies, 200 of them were given away at the gig, and they’re all gone, so keep an eye open on eBay or Discogs for this little gem!

Released by FOAD Records.


~ by petetheripper on May 4, 2011.

4 Responses to “Almost Flexi”

  1. mi viene solo da bestemmiare e basta porco!!!!

  2. minor correction, ‘what could be’ is previously released on the dropdead/lbal split ep, and ‘peste sexual’ on rdp’s “cada dia…” lp. both killer records!!

    • Uhm, quite strange, they were credited as unreleased stuff…maybe they’re different versions, I have to check out!
      Thanks anyway man 😉

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