Shipwrecking in the Black Sea

This is not my usual dish. And I bet a lot of the readers of my blog will find this review a little bit out of place, but tonight, with a boiling hot cup of black (and bitter, of course) coffee in my hand I want to talk about a band who can deepen its roots in the genre we all love to hate : postcore. Well, I’ve never been a postcore fan, but I started to grow interest in it after listening some cool bands from Italy, like Viscera///, Dyskinesia, The Infarto Scheisse! and the subject of my latest review : Marnero. I haven’t listened to them until January, when I went to see their gig in Milan. I was there mainly for the opening act, Vulturum (a post/drone band with double drums), but I was blown away by the performance of Marnero. I call their music postcore to tell a long story short, because they mix a lot of different styles, from classic hardcore, to some drone and stoner elements, all framed in the huge environment which is post-labelled music.  Naufragio Universale is made by five songs in a little more than half an hour, all of them dealing with the concept of sea, a recurring reference in Marnero’s music. The sea is a big metaphors tank, in which you can put almost everything, from freedom to drowning, going through discovering, travelling and shipwrecking. I think shipwrecking is the best way to describe the feelings delivered by Marnero, with their pompous way to travel between wide and cyclopic droning riffs and nervous faster high pitched chords. Each instrument has its equilibrium, with guitars floating on a mesmerizing pattern of bass lines and almost tribal drumming. They sound like an experimental hardcore band (La Crisi, Un Quarto Morto anyone?) enhanching its sound with drone and new school stoner. The result is an oniric mix of ethereal atmospheres and death-stenching urban views, fading to a sense-denying feeling of loss. They sing in Italian and that can be a huge dropdown for non pizza-speaking, because lyrics are a HUGE factor in Marnero music and they are the main thing that hooked me up. There’s a strong classic Italian hardcore influence, with cryptic lines thrown among sentences that reek of sarcastic nihilism. Society is seen as a big, black mass of mindless and numb entities, from which you have to flee, even if fleeing will result in a journey into solitude and despair, an emotional shipwreck. This feeling are described with pure rage and illusion-free realism by Marnero, with John Didonis Raudo singing his way switching from spoken words to screaming. I think the best song on this record is Zoster (la parte sbagliata – i farmaci giusti), but each song has a strong personality and can stand out very well. I don’t want to preach, because I’m the first who has a lot of prejudicies about post music, but I think growing up, at least in a musical way, means opening your own views and trying to give everyone a chance. I gave a chance to Marnero and, damn, if only I gave it before. One of my favorite discovering of this 2011.

“Tutta una vita a sabotare i binari,
poi tracci un confine e la ricetta è già pronta
Solo il dolore conta “
(A whole life spent in subverting railways
then you track a border and the recipe is already made
only pain matters)
[Zoster (La Parte Sbagliata – I Farmaci Giusti]
“Solo i pesci morti seguono la corrente
Ritorna dove sei nato, il meglio è passato. “
(Only dead fishes go with the flow
Go back where you was born, the best is already gone)
[Tanto Ride Tanto Piagne]
“E ho smesso di essere deluso, per essere deluso bisogna averci creduto almeno una volta sola. “
(And I given up being let down, for being let down you must have trusted at least one time)
[L’Isola dei Serpenti]

This record is pressed in an amazing gatefold, you can listen it all for free here, if you like it buy it!


~ by petetheripper on May 3, 2011.

2 Responses to “Shipwrecking in the Black Sea”

  1. accidenti che sorpresa! sono nella mia lista “da ascoltare” già da un po’ e mi sa che a sto punto provvederò. bravo bravo!

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