Interview with BURNT CHURCH

I’ve reviewed Burnt Church‘s demo not so much time ago and, since I really dig this band, sending out some questions was the next logical step. Mike was so kind to answer to them and, well, here’s the result! Enjoy the blasphemous noise!

Q : Hi guys and thanks for accepting to answer to this interview! Is everything ok?

A : Hey Simone! Things are going really well for us right now. We’re just getting our first 7″ ready to release. The tracks are all mixed and mastered, we’re just choosing some samples and getting the layout ready. The plan is to have it out for july, and hopefully do a little tour to support it in the fall.

Q : First of all, can you tell us a bio of the band?

A : Burnt Church got started in the winter of 2009. I had just moved back to halifax after being away for 10 months and was looking to get a new project on the go. Gerald and I had known each other for a number of years. My first band when I was 16 played with his old band Disabuse. They all stayed at my parents house, who were out of town at the time and were under the impression i was staying with friends. We had to sneak in the window. Anyways, I digress I love every band he’s ever been in. Especially existench! He and I started jamming and played a few shows as a 2 piece.

That summer my friend Tery who was in Hard Charger at the time moved to Halifax and started playing bass for us. That didn’t really work out due to his life being kind of complicated. But it was really for the best as Myron joining the band really revitalized things.

A few months ago we decided to add a 2nd guitarist to beef up the sound for live shows, so we asked our friend Dan who had been in Thy Flesh Consumed with Gerald for a number of years. He’s been playing with us since December.

Q : You come from a lot of other bands and/or side project, can you tell us something more about them?

A : All of us have been involved in a number of other bands. Gerald’s been in a number of awesome bands such as Existench and Thy Flesh Consumed. Existench is crust/grind. Fairly similar to what we do, although it’s more straight forward. Thy Flesh.. is a death/grind band.

I’ve been in a ton of bands over the years. The last band I was in was called Prisoners. We were a hardcore band, we drew comparisons to bands like Left for Dead and The Swarm.

Myron plays in another band called Fistfight. They’re a wild band, kind of all over the place musically. Kind of like converge or something. They’re really fucking heavy.

Dan’s also playing guitar for Wohedness, who are a really awesome local grind band who stopped playing a number of years ago and have just gotten back together.

Q : How the EP was recorded?
A : We recorded the tracks with our friend Mitch Kelly, who also did our first EP. We tracked the drums in our rehearsal space and the guitars and vocals in Mitch’s bedroom. It’s all pretty diy, we’re all fairly knowledgeable about recording so we all kind of pitch in and are involved in the mixing process.

Q : What about the decision of releasing it in free download? Will us see some physical release in the near future?

A : The new stuff will be physically released as a 7″. We’ll definitely have a downloadable version as well. With our first ep the decision to only print a very limited number of cd’s and mainly promote the download was made for financial reasons. It was more cost effective to work with Rayny and Moshpit Tragedy to get our stuff out there. Plus he’s an awesome guy and a fan of the music, he’s helped a lot as far as getting our name out there. I don’t think giving the music away for free hurts the band or devalues the music at all. If anything I think it helps us generate more interest and get heard by more people all over the world.

I searched our name on Lastfm the other day and it blew my mind that some kid in Germany was listening to us regularly.

Q : Tell us about your live performances; do you often play live? What can we expect from a Burnt Church gig?
A : We play out as often as we can. We all have full time day jobs. I’m 31 and I’m the youngest in the band. We do plan to tour as much as possible once we secure a reliable vehicle. That’s really been our only barrier to playing outside of Halifax.

Our shows are pretty intense, or so we’ve been told. We basically go up and just blast through our set. People mosh and thrash and have a good time.

Q : Starting from the monicker and going through the lyrics it’s easy to see a deep hatred toward Christianity. What is your view upon it and religion in general?

A : It is definitely a recurring theme in our lyrics. I was distrustful of religion from an early age. I just never have had the capacity for unwavering belief. I feel that unwavering belief is a very dangerous thing. I’ve always felt it best to remain skeptical, even about things that you want or believe to be true.

Our lyrics do specifically target Christianity, although that has more to do with the fact that we live in a largely christian country. But when you get down to it, all religions are essentially the same.

Q : I have talked about a lot of Canadian bands in the past and asked them a lot of times about your local scene, but what do you think of nowdays grindcore and powerviolence music?

A : I think the scene in canada is really strong at the moment. There’s a lot of really great bands putting out really good music. In particular bands like Mass Grave, Powercup, Mesrine, Excommunicated, G.O.D, and Poser Disposer to name a few.


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