Blessing Offals is for those who are dealing with death

What is my favorite dish? I really love lasagna, grilled meat and baked potatoes but men, if I have to pick the winner of my all time hit parade of epic meals, I have to go for fried offals. So, receiving a tape of a band called Blessed Offal touches my senses in a lot of very different ways. I don’t know if there’s a subtle meaning to their monicker, but this American trio managed to clash together two terms which have strong (and very different) meanings without making them sound ridicolous. Yeah, maybe thinking of a priest blessing a veal’s brain stew can sound a bit funny, but I think that the first word brings the esoteric aspect in, while the second one smashes it gore and disgusting pictures of purulent and decomposing pieces of flesh. And, well, I think that esoteric purulence is a good way to describe the music of Blessed Offal. They hail from Boston, but they are one of the farthest bands of local offering of hardcore. The music you’re gonna hear once you put this tape in your deck comes directly from the entrails of the Planet, the soft belly of the beast called Hell. I’m not a huge metal fan, but I totally love when it mixes with doom, creating that tomb stenching blend of extreme music that I can’t do anything but love. Blessed Offal is huge, is monumental, in a word : cyclopic. They are slow but unstoppable, you can say like lava going down the cliff of a vulcano, I’ll say like the tentacles of Chtulhu rising from his abyssal tomb. Riffing will strangle you slowly, reducing the amount of hoxygen going to your brain little by little, with its muddy and discomfortable way of crawling through the songs.

The classic influences on this band are pretty clear, you can drag them back to classics like Autopsy, Repulsion, Asphyx, early Amorphis but there’s also a bit of Cathedral’s Forest Of Equilibrium. Everything here stenches of early 90’s, with old school productions and a very cool taste in sound choice when it comes to solos. Fast facemelting notes will rip the tunes apart, making their way through the monolithic wall built by guitars, bass and drums. Vocal wise Blessed Offal sticks to a classic deep growl, which reeks of 91 like few other things. Reek. There’s a pretty good way to describe this tape. There’s almost an odorous feeling coming through these five songs. Like opening a tomb, or snorting a dacayed skull, or walking through a dying forest. I know these are pretty standard statements for a doom death band, but I think Bleesed Offal stands out with personality and GREAT taste in songwriting, creating a great mix of breathtaking slow tempos and groovy brainsplitting faster parts. There are awesome moments, like the soulless shrieks in the second half of An Unnatural Ending In Excrement or  the solo during Ancient Realms Of Anti-Anthropocentrism or the amazing bass droning notes at the end of A Means To An End. When I listen to bands like this, the first feelings I can point out are death visions, pessimism, drowning and lack of reflexes, but with Blessed Offal I feel fatigue. Yeah, fatigue. I feel like a bunch of full iron balls are tied to my legs and arms, with a huge load on my back. Awesome. You like Coffins and Anatomia? You think that Dead by Autopsy is one of the best songs on Earth? You want to smash the face of the likes of Amon Amarth? Give Blessed Offal a listen and you can put again death in your Death Metal.

This tape is released by No Visible Scars in a short run of 100 handnumbered copies (mine is 59), it’s pro-printed and packaged in a very cool 7″ cover. A pin is also provided.

Thanks to Bill NVS for the tape.


~ by petetheripper on May 2, 2011.

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