Sauerkraut delivers eight untitled track of grinding noise, at least I think they’re all without name because no tracklist is provided. Their style is a combination of old school grindcore and noisecore dementia, both of them injected with an extremely high dose of punkish approach. The songs are quite different and the average lenght clocks far over the minute, so you can fin a bit of structure in the composition. The, apparent, lack of improvistion puts noisecore in the influence corner instead of being a strong component of Saurekraut’s sound. Almost every song follows the same pattern, with a simple and punky drum pattern that tends to explode in fast burst of mindless smashing. Trifon is the man behind the drumset this time and he also does vocals. Ivan delivers a never ending amount of classic riffs, no one of them is really fast or brutal and sound like a mind numbing series of stand-alone contribution to the songs. At first it can sound somewhat strange, but the combination of droning and almost “isolated” riffs, somewhat monotonic drums and chunky bass lines makes this disc a curious experience. I think Saurekraut always does a great job when it comes to numb your brain with grinding noise, the split tape with Anal Massaker being a good example, even if they can sound a little bit awkward or difficult to manage for first time listeners. For noise lovers!

Rotten Imbeciles Burnt By Triple Anal Penetration Of Mother Nature (from now on RIBBTAPOMN) starts with the wrong step with me. I hate this kind of monickers. BUT I’m a man with no preconceptions so I started listening to their contribution to this split 3″ without judging to soon. This isn’t my first approach with this Russian 4 piece, since I’ve already listened to one of their demo tapes. Their songs are all melted in one long track, clocking at eleven minutes. I think this is their best material, at least of what I’ve listened, because it’s really intense and features a good bunch of style shifts and approach changes. They play a strong kind of noisecore, heavily influenced by bands like Permanent Death and Deche Charge, plus a touch of Bastard Noise. Their noise is messy, loud, raunchy, full of blasts, screams, growls, barks and brainsmashing drum patterns. There is a lot of effects going on here, especially in the second part of the track, with strange noises, bleeps, bumps, samples and I think there’s also some drums played backwards. Russia is a big country and starts to give us a lot of cool noisecore bands, so keep an eye open for RIBBTAPOMN, because I think they will deserve your attention!


The first band on this 4 way split is Dissensate, a guitar/drums duo hailing from Indonesia. They deliver five tracks and after a long specch used as intro you will get blasted by the old school grindcore attitude displayed by these guys. The songs are in a strong early Agathocles vibe, with a tighter approach that makes them sound like the last outputs by Unholy Grave or Rot. The holy trinity is always a great input for every band, so you won’t get disappointed. The lack of a bass guitar is not too much hard to swallow, even if sometimes it will be missed, like during the groovy section of The Oath. There’s a great and passionate way of bashing drums by Wahyu, while his partner in crime Ferry delivers a very good amount of inspired and well constructed riffs. Songwriting is very good, even if there are some mistakes here and there the intense passion that flows from these song is amazing. I have to admit that I’m very stoked by this duo, I really hope to hear more from them in the future! (and, by the way, Education Is Not Stupidity is one of the best old school grindcore songs of the last years!)

Next band is Agamenon Project an almost one man band from Brazil. I’ve said almost because on some recordings (like the first five songs from their offering on this CD) the constant member Arthu is helped by Guigows on vocals. Their style is a darkened grindcore, with a quite eerie almost death metal approach to guitars. There’s a mesmerizing and haunting feeling about them, which fits very well with the pouding drums and straight to the point vocal style. I think Agamenon Project is like the Lymphatic Phlegm of grindcore, mixing grinding structures with relentless and dark sounds. There’s a very good songwriting going on here and songs like Black Flowes are here to prove it. From the sixth track things start to change, with the sound quality going a bit down the drain and Arthu returning as the only member of this project. These five songs are very short, with the longest one clocking at sixteen seconds, and are all featured on the split with Agathocles. There are a bunch of cover at the end of the Agamenon Project session, the first two are No Gain, Just Pain and Earth 2500 by Agathocles, then a very good version of Napalm Death’s classic The Kill. The last two are homages to Brazilian legends like DxFxCx (Vou Carcar/Carquei) and Ratos De Porao (Caos). What can I say? This is a good band, even if I think the first (and I think newer) songs are WAY better than the last ones.

Sauerkraut kicks in as always, so expect your usual amount of almost nonsense borecore. Their classic old school induced linear grindcore with noise attitude is here to stay, so prepare to be hypnotized by the obnubilating songwriting of these Bulgarian freaks. The style of these songs is very similar to the one used on the split 3″ reviewed just above here, so you knwo the deal : linear simple drumming with occasional bursts of rage, mesmerizing punkish guitar riffing and dislexic vocals. No bass is used on these recordings and I think it can be missed by many. There are some faster parts here and there that could gain a little boost by a bass injection. Anyway, there’s nothing new on the Bulgarian side, since there’s also a bunch of classic Agathocles tunes covered here (Squeeze Anton, Mutilated Regurgitator, Thy Kingdom Won’t Come and Threshold To Senilty), but I have to admit that I was surprised to find In Advanced Haemorrhaging Conditions by Last Days Of Humanity covered by Sauerkraut. Even if it’s not credited in the infos, there’s also a cover of Napalm Death’s seminal song Scum, just to state once more where everyone of us comes from. Even if Sauerkraut puts social messages in their songs, I just can’t listen to them without feeling a strong sensation of pure FUN. They just have the ability to bring a big smile on my face and that’s not something you can find everywhere these days…

The last band on this 4 way split is Psychotic Sufferance from Malaysia. They’re not new to this pages and since their early days they’re gaining more and more occasions to stand out and I’m really happy for that. Their noisy grindcore is getting better with each release and the recordings on this CD are very good, even if a little bit dragged down by a very messy “production”. Sometimes it sounds like it’s played from an old and messed up tape, making frequencies clash together at a very high ration… Anyway, let’s talk about music. Psychotic Sufferance makes songs mixing together three improtant ingredients : fast and fuck blast beating drums + far away sounding frenzy vocals + ultra fuzzy guitars drenched in heavy as fuck distortion. Usually I’m always blasted by Omar drummign style, which is both linear and fast and sharpened as a scalpel. Amazing! Sound wise drums are also on the frontline, so you can enjoy them in all their glory. Vocals are cool, but they’re almost always suffocated by the ridicously high level of destruction used for guitars, which create a pure concrete wall of unbeatable noise. Well, I’ve always liked this band and you must know it by now, by I think this time Psychotic Sufferance managed to deliver their best work so far!

What can I say? When I’ve opened the package from Trifon I couldn’t imagine that this 4 Way was SO good. So thank you man for the discs and for this little gem!


~ by petetheripper on April 19, 2011.

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