Interview with SIX BREW BANTHA


Six Brew Bantha is a fucking rad band. I’ve reviewed their demo EP not so much time ago and I was blasted away by their power when I’ve listend both the split and the collaboration tape with Disleksick, not to mention the free tracks you can find online. This grind outfit from Canada is surely hastily rising from the underground and I’m sure you’re gonna hear their name a lot in the future. I’ve sent some questions to Bryan, the vocalist of the band, who was so kind to answer to them. Here they are!


Q : First of all, thanks for the interview! How are you doing?

A : Doing great, currently sitting around in my basement listening to a bootleg of Slave by Infest I picked up on tour recently.


Q : Can you tell us a small bio about the band, who does what and how everythinh started?

A : Mark (guitar/vocals) and Tyler (drums/vocals) have been jamming together since they were young kids with no idea how to play their instruments, SBB started as a one-off improvised joke band sometime in 2007 and recorded a demo called Punch a Cop in the Fucking Face which has now been buried by the sands of time.  Awhile later they started writing actual songs as a sideproject (for lack of a better word) from their punk rock band at the time Wayne Powerman and the band name stuck, these songs were in more of a weird punk/post-hardcore style with slight grind elements and were documented on the Chapter X – At Bethlehem CD-R as well as maybe two or three shows as a 2 piece.  Gradually the songs started to creep towards more of the grind/crust/violence sound we’re at today, Bryan (vocals and the one answering this interview) started jamming with the band after another grind band Tyler and I had played in together called Cyborg Justice broke up, our first show as a three piece was in January 2009 with Extortion and the mighty Iron Lung (who by the way are one of the best live bands you could ever hope to witness).  Jeff (bass) joined for a few months later that year and was around long enough to appear on the demo that went on to become our first 7” and play a couple shows (including an especially memorable one with Xbrainiax in Vancouver) but ultimately could not commit to the band, it’s remained a three piece ever since.  Our first tour was to Arsonfest in Winnipeg that summer and we’ve since been on a month and a half cross-Canada tour and a two week tour down the west coast of the United States.  We’re very close friends and we love to travel and play shows.



Q : Where does the name Six Brew Bantha come from?

A : Ha, there’s really no answer to this question… I think it was a combination of a couple of names Mark and Tyler had thought up that was arrived at as a compromise or something… it was supposed to be one of those things you change eventually but nobody ever came up with anything better.  Bantha is a Star Wars creature for anybody who didn’t catch that, we’re not a Star Wars themed band or anything but it’s a unique name and we all like it well enough to keep with it.


Q : Almost everything I’ve heard from you is really various sound-wise. How do you record and where?

A : The material on our 7” was recorded in my parents’ basement with a 4 track and one crappy broken microphone and mixed by our friend Dave Morin who’s an older guy with not really any knowledge of extreme music but did a great job with the minimal resources we gave him and the Descent Into Nothing cassette was done in similar fashion (I think maybe with two mics this time?) at our current jamspot and mixed by our good friend Cody who plays for local anarchist black metal heroes Iskra (and is both a totally awesome dude and one of the best drummers in Canada), we like to keep it pretty simple and are proud of how both these turned out.  Our newest recordings were done by Robert Dinino (another awesome guy who doesn’t listen to extreme music) with a way nicer 4 track, a huge mixing board and a whole bunch of microphones in a big empty room of a house he was in the process of moving out of and it’s by far the best out of the three, Cody also gave these his mixing treatment, these tracks will be appearing on a split 7” with Archagathus from Winnipeg by this summer and a split 5” with Wake the Machines from Concord, California.  We’re into keeping a raw edge to our recordings (the way grindcore should be) and while maybe we’d enter a studio one day if the right opportunity (IE a free one) came along we’ve been totally satisfied with how all our recordings have sounded even if maybe some of the non-grinders out there don’t really “get it”.


Q : Canada is returned an important country in extreme music geography. Bands like you, Disleksick, Archagathus and Violent Gorge are rising strong, while old glories like Mesrine and Deche-Charge are great as always. What do you think about Canadian music right now?

A : Canada has tons of amazing bands, it’s a shame the cities are spread so far apart because pretty much every province has awesome shit going on and if there weren’t so many 8+ hour drives involved everyone would be wanting to tour up here.  I’ll try to keep this list of namedrops from getting too lengthy but some of our favorites include Iskra (local anarcho black metal heroes), Osk (mind-blowing grindviolence), Obacha (small town thrashy old school PV), Young Oppression (young kids playing amazing hardcore punk), Ahna (fucked up bass and drums duo) Rape Revenge (ridiculously pissed off feminist grind), Point Break (ass kicking crusty hardcore), Lab Rat (crazy as fuck animal rights fastcore) Tu Sufres (brutal noisecore), G.O.D. (anti-misogynist goregrind), Soil of Ignorance (french canadians know how to play fast), Powercup (grind with tinges of PV and songs about Tim Allen) Contagium (epic crust), Last Laugh (total thrashcore like Heresy and Scholastic Deth), there’s plenty more but all these bands have tracks online very worth checking out.



Q : Why releasing a demo on a 7″?

A : We really liked the recording and felt it was worthy to see the light of day on vinyl.  Unfortunately we have no remaining copies of that record (only 250 were made) but we hope to do a repress sometime sooner rather than later.


Q : I’ve felt a lot of sickness about society in your lyrics. How do you see today’s world situation, especially in a social aspect?

A : What a question… the world is such a fucked up place right now and the way people behave towards each other and the planet (whether it’s because of the way society and the people at the top condition us or just good old human nature or any combination of endless other factors) can be downright horrifying.  It’s easy to just give up on us and say that humanity has completely ruined itself and that we’re spiraling toward doomsday and I think our lyrics are sort of an outlet for that feeling, but at the same time while it may be impossible for one person to fix everything there’s still a lot of good one can do just by living your life in a manner you see as ultimately positive, even at a time like right now where it seems like there’s a feeling of impending doom embedded into everyone (and seemingly for good reason) there’s also plenty of beauty to be found in the world.  None of us are super negative people, we all try to spend as much of our time doing what we enjoy as possible and making the most out of our time on this planet (or at least trying to), I don’t know if civilization will pull through and maybe a massive collapse is what people need to wake themselves up but who can really claim to hold any definitive answer to these questions?  Enjoy your life and love everyone.


Q : How the collaboration tape with Disleksick started?

A : We met the Disleksick dudes at a two day fest we played at Cafe Chaos in Montreal over the summer and immediately bonded through our mutual love of fucked up noise.  Dave took recordings of our set on day one and their set on day two and being the maniac he is had already released a split live cassette by the time we rolled up to play with them in London about a week later.  Hanging out before the show the idea somehow came up of doing a noisecore set with everyone from both bands together at once.  We did it, tons of gear got broken, everyone in attendance left and tons of fun was had by us… Dave took a recording of this and sure enough before we knew it that came out on a tape as well.  Disleksick are a rad band toughing it out in an area of the country that’s really infertile territory for grind bands, support them and buy all their ltd. 13 split tapes.



Q : Do you often play live?

A : We play probably about once every month or two in our hometown (which has a small but very healthy scene) and nearby Vancouver (which is more happening but because we live on an island and have to take an expensive ferry to get there we don’t make it over as often as we would like to).  We love playing live and would probably just go on an endless tour of anywhere that would have us if it were that simple.


Q : Letting apart political situation (what a shame…), what do you know about Italy? Are there some bands you like from my country?

A : I honestly don’t even know much about Italy’s political situation, although I do understand that you guys have been brutalized pretty badly (even to the standard of the modern world) by corrupt asshole politicians.  We’re all big fans of the Cripple Bastards (mostly their material up until the early 2000s), other than that I honestly can’t claim to be aware of too many remarkable extreme bands from your country, though I’d love to learn of more.


Q : Thanks for your time, end as you want!

A : Thanks for the interview Simone!  Keep grinding!  Anybody interested in obtaining copies of our records and tapes (or if you just wanna say hi) can reach us at we love trades!







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