Splattered Splitter. The embodimenti of mistery. The incarnation of evil. The epitome of satanic noise. This duo is cloaked in darkness and this demo, coming from 1988 represent the best way to channell the obscure power of hell in a spiral-carved slab of vinyl. This 7″ of pure black power features the same songs that previously appeared on the ultra rare split 10″ lathe cut with Sloth last year, so if you already have that little gem you will find the same stuff, otherwise this is a great way to upgrade your collection with a faithful rappresentation of the bastard son of satanic proto death metal and noise attitude. Songs are quite linear, usually moving in the hazardous territory of the mix of noisecore bursts and old school thrashing death metal riffs. While the merging of those two elements can sound a little bit awkward, it comes out great, so stand up and bang your head to the pounding drums and crazy vocals of Big Balls of Satanic Thunder and let your face be melted by the violent riffing of Goat Fucker. For more infos about the original tracks you can spend  a couple of minutes reading my original review. There’s a bonus track on this 7″, the last one on the B-side, which is called Keep On Bombing, which follows the trend of the other tracks, but features a very nice and funny almost clean guitar hook at the very beginning.


[Thanks to Jeffrey for modeling]


This repress doesn’t feature a cool vinyl as the original one (well, lathe cuts are tough rivals in a “design” contest), since it’s pressed on a plain black vinyl with big holes and no central stickers. On the 10″ you had the classic Splattered Splitter drawing in two different sizes, in this 7″ you’ll find a small sheet with the tracklist and the usual drawing in A3 format. Splattered Splitter must love that piece of art!
So, this is the last chance to have Splattered Splitter’s 1988 demo on vinyl, act fast, because this gem of Satanic anti-music is pressed in just 200 demonic slabs of vinyl!


~ by petetheripper on April 10, 2011.


  1. molto molto interessante porco ladro!

  2. Thanx Jeffrey!!

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