Fantasticheskaya Zhaba or how hard is to translit from Latin to Cyrillic PART II


Do you remember Fantasticheskaya Zhaba? I’ve reviewed their first demo some time ago and I was very surprised about the contest they were moving into. No internet infos, handwritten letter sent along with the tape, very cool approach to noisecore, female fronted stuff, exceptional attention in packaging a good looking release and so on… When I’ve heard they released another demo (their third one) I was very excited and I’m very glad that Siggi sent me one copy of it. I was also surprised when I’ve read he didn’t played on this tape so…well….how many guys do you know that send you for free a release of a band they are not playing in? Big ups for Siggi!



Anyway, I was a little bit (but just a little) disappointed by this release. Even if almost all of the good stuff I’ve told about Матвие́нко иди со мной are intact on this third effort (called Цветы зла Стаса Намина) I was expecting the almost experimental vibe of the former one. This tape is very solid, with a lot of strong noise explosions and a pure and unrelenting feeling of destructive intention. So, no female vocals, no weird incursions in tribal or folkish music, just straight to the point old school noisecore, with a shitload of feedbacks, distortions and saturated guitars. The 7 Minutes of Nausea and Deche Charge vibes are stronger than ever, with the Permanend Death chaotic side enhanched to its extremes. Even if sometimes Fantasticheskaya Zhaba sticks to a classic noise-stop-noise-stop-noise-andonandonandon solution, there are a lot of ultra messy part, where you can figure an embodiment of music being drowned in the quicksands of noise and each effort it takes to breath, a new noisecore burst pushes its head down. Even if the “music” is very good and displays a great taste in noise, vocals are what stand out the most, Zaec raping his vocal chords in every possible way, from low grunts to super high shrieks, without giving mercy to the listener , who ends up annihilated by such wide range of vocal tyranny. I think this release is more solid than the former one, focusing more on a strong punching-your-face vibe instead of experimenting in new environment. What I can suggest is to hit Siggi up and ask for both fo them, because this band is very talented and deserves a lot of attention in both its forms.


Contact Denis/Siggi here :


~ by petetheripper on April 5, 2011.

One Response to “Fantasticheskaya Zhaba or how hard is to translit from Latin to Cyrillic PART II”

  1. Hey mate – thanks for reviews. Just in case, Zaec isn’t a bloke 🙂

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