ADVERTISING : Bloody Beast Fest March, 25th-26th


Ok, let’s start saying that free entry festivals are something so uncommon today that you MUST consider to travel for this one. These two days of madness will be hosted at the Mezcal Squat in Collegno, a town near Turin, on the 25th and the 26th of March. Book your plane, put the fuel in your car, do whatever you want but you shouldn’t miss this one. There are a lot of bands that will be playing, as you can see from the flyer, but I want to spend a couple of words about some of them.

Among the bands playing the first day I really like You Suck! and The Cyclops. The first one is an hyper fast hardcore combo who delivered a very good 7″ not so much time ago (…And You Know It’s True!) and now is featuring mighty Pulce from Death Before Work / Zio Faster on vocals. You Suck! + Pulce = neverending stagediving fun!
The Cyclops hails from Spain and plays a very tight kind of thrashing hardcore, so if you look your music to be sweaty, fast and face melting, you shouldn’t miss these guys. They released a split EP with the legendary Violent Headache, so you know they’r no joke.
During the second day there are more bands that can tickle my interest, like ZeitGeist, Primordial Sounds, Repulsione, Yattai and Suppurated.
I saw ZeitGeist a couple of months ago and, even if they’re not too much my cup of tea, they delivered a very good show. For fans of moderning sounding contaminated grind.
Primordial Sounds shouldn’t need any introduction, since they have already been a couple of times on this blog. For those who don’t know Martry’s band, they’re a project born to pay tribute to Permanent Death after’s Tony suicide, so you know what to expect.
Repulsione is the synonimous of powerviolence in Italy. Their brutality, the great sound they can build with two bass guitars, their experience. Everything sums up to create one of the best Italian bands around nowdays.
Yattai is a noise combo from France and they have released a couple of good 7″ with Fantasikolhole and Grunt Grunt not so much time ago. If you’re into hyper noise grindcore you will like them!
Suppurated is an institution in Northern Italy grindcore. Everyone who lives here has seen them a lot of times and each time they had the ability to create a funny and enjoying concert. A great way to end the festival!

There are, obviously, a lot of other bands but I’m not much into them. Also I have to add Suicide By Cops (ex N.I.S.), which are featured on the flyer but I don’t know when they will be playing…. As you can see, there’s music fro everyone’s tastes, there will be a djset all day long, vegan food, distros and, goddamn, IT’S FREE!
Sadly I won’t be there (I hate you, boss) but you will feel my heart beating among you!
Support Giuse/Distrozione and all the labels that will be there and broke their backs for making this festival coming true!


~ by petetheripper on March 21, 2011.

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