Birds of Prey over a Burnt Church


Burnt Church is a Canadian band which features member from various other acts, such as Existench, Thy Flesh Consumed and Sloth. Let’s check this thing up. We have a band with :
– A raunchy name
– Members from various cool bands
– Chtulhu references

I think I can start with a little bonus for Burnt Church, but, as I will say later, I don’t think they need it. The record I’m gonna release is their self titled EP, which is downloadable for free and features the printable and foldable cover art. Artworks that depict some random killers that attempts to behead the Pope with an axe are always good for me. On their MySpace they describe their music as grindcore, but the list of influences they wrote down includes names like Capitali$t Casualties, Dropdead, Spazz, Crossed Out, His Hero Is Gone, Bathory, Absy, Infest and No Comment, quite a good bunch of bands, isn’t it? I think Burnt Church managed to arrange their sound in a very cool and somewhat original way, mixing grindcore with old school powerviolence (and that’s nothing really new) and adding a stinky old blackened thrash metal not different from the early Quorthon’s attempts to create music. On a first approach you will be amused by the swarming brutality of riffs, the ciclopic bass tone and the simple and obsessive drumming but the dark side of Burnt Church is just around the corner. You will suspect something when the hope-smashing approach of these songs will start lurking in your ears and the ghost of Rorschach’s Protestant will begin to haunt this EP. Listening to Burnt Church is like receiving a free sandwich. You can smell the smoked ham, the refreshening salad, the tasty tomatoes and all the sauces. You start to drool and bite it. And after a couple of seconds of good taste and pleasure you sink your teeth in a rotted piece of meat. The filthy liquid in it will fill your mouth, forcing to gag and puke. Burnt Church is the same. The filthiness of their music is the Satan driven old school thrash that pops out here and there, sometimes in a clear and strong way of playing (listen to Social Sickness!!!), often in a subtle feeling of malice and rotten feelings. So, if you want your grind to be full of tempo changes (just because you love powerviolence) and you love how Nunslaughter can call a song Inverted Churches and still sounds amazing, I think you can spend a bunch of minutes listening to this EP.

“Kill the shepherd to save the sheep
there will be no resurrection this time
we’ll cut off the heads of all the apostles
and cement shut the door of your holy shrine
gasoline will flow like wine from the pulpit
coupled intent and desire  will ignite
the cleansing fires will burn
we shall find freedom in the ashes of the house of your lord”

Burnt Church – Fire In The House Of The Lord


~ by petetheripper on March 17, 2011.

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