Terror of Eating caused by a Firmer Machine


Terror Firmer is a band formed a couple of years ago by members of Jesus Ain’t In Poland, Repulsione, Cancer Spreading and Ride Now Work Later. Everyone inside Italy knows these bands very well, since they played a lot fo gigs and their members are deeply rooted in the scene. This all star band released a couple of records prior to this split EP, sharing the first one with crustcore heroes Humus and the latter with thrashcore alcoholists Minkions. On both of those records they delivered their trademark high octane thrashing grindcore, full of pounding riffs and influences by old school grindcore bands. I’ve received all their 7″ in one shot, catching a good offer by COPSA Records, so I could put all of them one after the other, feeling the evolution of the Terror Firmer sound in just three years. In the first two sessions they sounded almost the same, so expect a good grindcore band, highly inspired by classic bands like Agathocles and Napalm Death, but slowered down by a lack of personality. I think that finding the right measures in an all star band isn’t an easy task, so I suppose I can blame the too generic approach of the first two splits to a need of finding the right approach between the members of the band. I was really surprised when I put the needle of my turntable on this split EP with Eating Machine. Terror Firmer found their sound, with a face ripping approach of old school grindcore, empowered by an amazing and modern sounding production that doesn’t spoil the old school vibe of the compositions. Like a lot of their colleagues, Terror Firmer doesn’t invent anything, don’t expect the 2010 CSSO, but they manage to create a personal and enjoyable sound. Jolla put a lot of his talent in creating ear smashing riffs, a skill that made Jesus Ain’t In Poland one of the best Italian bands of the last year. The rest of the band plays with a strong and manic urge of speed and even when they slow down a bit, like at the beginning of Pera Is The Dog Sitter, you can feel the fastness storm rising. This side ends with a very good cover of Agathocles’ classic A For Arrogance, surely one of my fave songs by the Belgian legends. I’m very happy to see another Italian band finding its right place in the underground and managing to create a great sound after, topping an evolution that saw them growing from a generic grindcore band status to a “ehi, here’s someone you HAVE TO listen to” one. Put Terror Firmer’s name on the map, you will hear it a lot in the near future!



On the flipside there’s Florida’s Eating Machine. If you’re a follower of my blog this name won’t be new, since I’ve reviewed their self titled EP and interviewed Phil not so long ago. On this record this duo delivers seven songs of powerviolence infused grindcore, even if with some differences from the debut. Their fist EP was a great one because was full of tempo changes and managed to create a strong feeling of alert while listening to it. The slower parts took away your breath, preparing your face to be punched by the faster ones. On this record Eating Machine took away the breakdowns, focusing only on speed, throwing away, de facto, the powerviolence vibe in their sound. That’s not necessarily a bad thing of course, but they lost one of their unique outstanding features. There’s a lot of talent flowing in these notes, because Eating Machine is capable to create a thick sound without a bass guitar and with simple and ear ripping riffs, coupled with a fast and moshpit inducing drums playing. There are some drum patterns that sound too linear and a little bit boring here and there, especially on some of the faster parts, but that’s not terrible at all. As I’ve said before, songs are almost all fast and in the grind environment, with vocals shifting from growl to scream. Eating Machine plays a classic kind of high speed grindcore without bass, so you know what to expect. Less Extortion, more Wormrot, if you know what I say. So, not a bad side at all and surely not a false step (remember that these guys are still at the beginning of their hopefully long career), but I have to say that I find the self titled Eating Machine’s effort a stronger one, thanks to its more various approach and its fresher sound. I want to hear more from these guys, since I put a lot of faith in their releases. See ya Eating Machine!


Obi #1

Obi #2 – Showing the handnumbered numeration, only for the 100 yelloe copies


~ by petetheripper on March 5, 2011.

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