PARLAMENTARISK SODOMI SPECIAL! aka Norway & Italy have something in common

When we talk about young bands in grindcore Parlamentarisk Sodomi surely deserves its spot in the “must hear” section. After a couple of demos this one mand band from Norway made the first step in the full length environment with Har Du Sagt “A” Får Du Si “Nal” creating a strong and powerful example on how grindcore should be played : fast, raw and fucking ear ripping. Here are three reviews featuring two releases by these Norwegian soon-to-be-legend and one of its side project, enjoy!


De Anarkistiske An(n)aler + Regnskog, Fred Og Vegetarmat

A couple of years ago Parlamentarisk Sodomi doubled the success of the first album with the mighty De Anarkistiske An(n)aler, a 12″ which gained a TERRIFIC legendary status almost immediately, appearing in almost every grindcore site final top 10 chart of 2009. Now Revulsion Records released that ultra successful LP on tape, adding the more recent Regnskog, Fred Og Vegetarmat EP as a bonus. The first thing I have to say is about the layout, with the two covers and the inlays printed on luxury glossy paper, not to mention the fact that the tape is pro printed, with logos and all that shit we use to love. Just like the Carcass Grinder / SMG tape Revulsion records managed to prove the passion and attention for details that it puts in every release.



De Anarkistiske An(n)aler slightly changes the approach to Parlamentarisk Sodomi in comparison with Har Du Sagt “A” Får Du Si “Nal”. Structures are very similar, so expect the usual Terrorizer and FETO-era Napalm Death approach, with every note pushed to the limits of human body. Drumming is really amazing, with various and addicting sections, full of blastbeats and unmerciful sanre hits. Guitar riffing is powerful and full of changes, with the classic droning riffs on the front row, recreating the classic early 90’s vibe that we all should (HAVE TO) love. The differences start here, from guitars. There’s a more mixed usage of the six chords, focusing also on tempo changes and fast face melting “solos”, reminding also early Carcass or the classics Repulsion haunting high pitched guitar approach. This release tracks back to the origin of grindcore, quoting sometimes a cool thrash way of punching your face, so if you loved how a long haired Kerry King played solos, you will like also the ones in De Anarkistiske An(n)aler. An easy comparison can be Super Fun Happy Slide or their already classic The Undislodgable Nugget Scenario, since these two albums are very similar in the way they mix all the golden age bands’ styles in a powerful and yet modern sounding grindcore. The other difference between this effort and the first album is in the usage of vocals. While the debut focused almost only to the growling style, on this record Papirmøllen changes his styles including screaming and barking parts, adding a cool early Agathocles vibe to the recordings. Songwriting is abosultely top notch, with a great taste in switching from full throttle blast beats assaults to groovy and pure headbanging inducing sections. I think the best examples for the skills of Parlamentarisk Sodomi is the amazing Høyesterettsjustitiarius, Vennligst Detroniser En Minister, a true gem which can be considered one of the best grindcore song in the last year. But. BUT. But there’s a song that you couldn’t expect on a record like this. Klæbukrønikene (De Anarkistiske An(n)aler) is a fucking masterpiece, a pure essence of grindcore, a lesson in violence. It starts with a strange keyboard melody which resembles a circus music, then it kicks you right between the eyes with an amazing association of thrashing drums and odl school guitar riffs, shifting in speed, rhytmn, groove, styles and well, you name it… It goes on for almost four minutes before vocals start kicking in, putting the last nail in the coffin of all the grind-is-dead delusionists. A ten minutes long grindcore song can dwell in the sci-fi environment, this one is the major of awesomeness town.


Parlamentarisk Sodomi – Klæbukrønikene (De Anarkistiske An(n)aler)



As a bonus you can find the six tracks from the Fred Og Vegetarmat EP, which starts with the eponymous track in a strange called Falafelversion. It’s not so different from the original you could find on the De Anarkistiske An(n)aler album, but it’s slightly faster and better recorded. The first thing that stands out in these songs is the speed, much higher than before, with an amazing drumwork which managed to do better than the already awesome efforts of the past. Papirmøllen does also some pig squealing here and there (not a lot, to tell the truth) adding variety in the bunch. These songs are a one way ticket to speedland, with a lot of great moments, like the powerful violence in Terrormål: FRP or the simply AMAZING slower part in the middle of Knus Junaiten (USA Dø) which drools of hardcore attitude with the shouted vocals and the boner inducing stop-and-gos.
This is an amazing tape, which collects two of the best old school grindcore records of the last years, don’t miss it!




This split EP features three old songs from Parlamentarisk Sodomi, two recorded in 2007, one in 2006. The first one features a solo added in 2010, while the last one is a remixed version. Since these songs are from the Har Du Sagt “A” Får Du Si “Nal” era, they are in the same vein of the oens featured on that album, so expect your dose of old school grindcore, played with a raw and unforgiving approach and a GREAT taste in riffing. Sadly these tunes don’t feature the vocal enhanching of the more recent releases but this is a small flaw, since the old Parlamentarisk Sodomi stuff is in one of the most face ripping styles I’ve witnessed. The first two songs relie mostly on speed, blasting their way with full throttle drumming and fast, ear burning guitar riffs, with vocals stuck on the growl direction. The last one is a weird song, full of stops and gos and played like a collection of sentences, in fact the lyrics are made as a list of seven short phrases. Too bad that there isn’t the usual translations from Norwegian to English, because Parlamentarisk Sodomi’s lyrics are always clever and interesting. Anyway, even if I’ve appreciated a lot the evolution Papirmøllen displayed in the latter releases, it’s always a pleasure to hear something from the old Parlamentarisk Sodomi’s days, so if you like their style don’t miss this record!



On the flipside there is Laserguys, another band from Norway (one of the few ones, let me add).  They start with a long intro that reminded me the intro from Catheter’s Preamble To Oblivion (feeling, not musical-wise), then they burst into their mix of grindcore and old school death metal. Laserguys begins with a slow approach, without blasting their way in a too much fast approach, preferrin to creep and haunt your ears instead of piercing them without mercy. The death metal vibe grows stronger or weaker, depending on the songs, but when it’s on lets solos get loose and raunchy riffs gaining the attention they deserve. Structures are clearly grindcore, but there are a bunch of parts where Laserguys lacks of consistency, losing the fat sound they can deliver in favour of a more clean and thin approach. This side is not bad at all, but I think this band can get lost in the crowd, at least if they don’t burst out all their potential (there are guys from Endwarfement, Hellstorm and Perished in the line up!).


This record has been pressed in three versions : regular (black), son of a bitch (red, mine) and motherfucker (white). There are 500 handnumbered copies around, act fast!

Released by Grind Block Records.





Revulsion records sent me another tape, the first full length by PSUDOKU. Planetary Space Unit Directorate Of Kosmik Universes is a side project from Parlamentarisk Sodomi’s mastermind Papirmøllen, trying to put a strong cosmic vibe in his trademark grindcore. This is not the first grind project that deals with sci-fi topics, we can track down names like CSMD, Negligent Collateral Collpase, Gigantic Brain and even scum legends Netjajev SS. PSUDOKU has a strong musical influences from z-movies, managing to create a strong deep space effect with their music, even if heavily bound to grindcore aestethics. The main difference with the mothership band Parlamentarisk Sodomi is how instruments change relevance in the mix. Sodomi has a classic grindcore sound, with all the instruments mixed at almost the same level, with a strong point in the power of the whole wall of sound instead of a single part of it. PSUDOKU, even if not for all songs, has guitars on a very prominent level, played with a very cool almost industrial effect. Riffs are solid, intense and with a very cool retro vibe, reminding me stuff like CSSO, especially for their love for classic rock thrown in the bunch. Another strong influence surely is Discordance Axis, with its dissonant approach to music. There’s a lot of keyboards among the songs, enhanching the sci-fi aspect to higher levels and recreating what CSMD managed to do with the theremin. I think Parlamentarisk Sodomi is a better band, with a stronger approach and better songwriting, but PSUDOKU surely put a lot of passion in this tape, creating an enjoyable release with a personal and original feeling in it. While the almost monotonic guitar sound can grow boring very fast, there are some songs that display the talent of Papirmøllen, like the last two of the A Side, QUantilibriUM and prökPSYch. Space Grind is not a masterpiace or a must have, but it surely is a nice addiction to your collection and a personal reccomendation for all Parlamentarisk Sodomi completists.


Parlamentarisk Sodomi / PSUDOKU contacts :


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  1. […] Three new releases including PSUDOKU’s Space Grind and the Parlamentarisk Sodomi/Laserguys split 7″ EP are all reviewed in a thorough special report at Sore Throat, Nausea and Headache. […]

  2. totally psycho! imagine if he is one day able to actually put a live band together! it will be coming of grind apocalypse! 😀

  3. thank you for the review man!keep on grinding!

  4. Great feature! Underappreciated genius at play here. But I have to disagree about the Psudoku tape being anything less than a masterpiece. I think the complexity and sustained assault of the composition really takes the listener through a psychedelic dystopia. BIG FAN. Anyways- good job!

    • Thanks for the feedback man! I think the Psudoku tape is greatly composed but gets a little bit boring after some listenings but well, maybe is just a matter of taste

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