Sometimes they’re back : Gorgonized Dorks VS CSMD (again)


In the summer of 2008 I’ve received a copy of the split CD-r between CSMD and Gorgonized Dorks. I was blasted by the energy of that little optical disc, convincing myself that those two bands were the real deal in modern noisecore. If you’ve read my blog in the last year you should know by now that I’m still of that opinion, putting the Dutch bong maniacs and the Cali deranged duo in my personal top 5 of noisecore. When I first read about this new release I was shocked. The opportunity to listen to CSMD and Gorgonized Dorks together on vinyl was amazing and when I’ve received this disc I was so excited that I’ve listened to it despite the fever and strong (REALLY strong) headache.

This record has the weird feature to display tracklist on the front near the logos, like some old Man Is The Bastard Records and has few infos on the back and no insert. Maybe something more should have been better but let’s not talk about what should have been or not, let’s talk about noise.


On the first side we have Gorgonized Dorks and men, they recorded this side with the only intentions to rip your hears apart. It starts with a weird intro made with strange sounds and, I think, a theremin, creating a really disturbing and uncomfortable feeling, then they start bursting pure noise in your face. The first thing I have to point out is that they melted together their two souls on this record, mixing their core and their harsh side in an unforgiving noise fest. Both Ben and Katz shares the electronic noises while they still play their usual instruments, creating a dramatic wall of sound full of distortion, feedback and earache inducing frequencies. This session is pretty linear, with intense and manic drumming topped by ultra distorted guitars, white noise, raped high frequencies and some weird tribal sounds (like during the second track). Katz growls like there’s no tomorrow and, believe me, maybe he’s true. This side gives me a strange anxiety feeling, even if it drools with a weird funny vibe, especially in the last part where bass and keyboards start to stand out in this swamp of noisy notes. At the end of the record the haunting intro kicks back with a stronger reprise, nailing your ears for the last time. With these two untitled songs Gorgonized Dorks proved again that they’re one of the best bands in underground today, with the rare ability to mix different genres with an ENORMOUS talent and with the experience of two guys that are in the scene since ages. Respect these guys and support them because they’re one of the great noise bands of this talent-lacking years.


On the flipside we have CSMD. Probably CSMD is my second fave noise bands just after my beloved Final Exit and with this record they convinced me even more. After the split with Spoelstra and the track on Small Doses that displayed the experimental and droning side of the band, CSMD are back on track with their classic sci fi induced noisecore. Their side is, predictably, more core oriented than the Gorgonized Dorks one, celebrating Japanese heroes The Gerogerigegege with seventeen songs that follows the styles of the yellow thrash bazookas. I’ve never been a fan of Juntaro Yamanouchi’s project, but I have to admit the Niels & co did a GREAT job, creating great songs in their peculiar style. I always love the way CSMD deliver their sound, showing a terrific harmony between the members, which helps to create a strong style recognizable among thousands of bands. The use of theremin is amazing and in the second parts of their side helps a lot in creating an haunting and somewhat claustrophobic feeling, helped by a strange guitar style that sometimes reminds me even Earth (there’s an arpeggio in Mantango’s  Monster Spore Spreadout that could have perfectly been recorded in Hex or Hibernaculum). I really loved this side, because it goes from a classic pure madness inducing noisecore (the tribute to The Gerogerigegege) to the sci fi fueled noise madness that CSMD taught us to love. No shit. Crowd Surfers Must Die is one band you shouldn’t miss; the way Niels (I think) screams GERO GERI GE GE GE ONE TWO ONE TWO THREE FOUR at the beginning of their side stands in my head just like hearing teh good ol SCREWDRIVER IN THE URETHRA OF THOMAS LENZ! Legendary bands are legendary, that’s my thought.





Out on Noisecore Everyday and Core Records, limited to 200 copies.


~ by petetheripper on February 27, 2011.

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  1. weird and wild is the place to be! 😉

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