Holy shit, Kurt Russell ate god!

A couple of months ago I’ve received a package from TVG records and Axrl was so kind to include a copy of his latest release, the split between Godeater and Kurt Russell. Both bands are from Columbus, Ohio, I think they both share some members and they both play powerviolence, even in two slighty different forms.



On the first side we can find Godeater and, just staring at the logo -coming straight from the classic Infest one- you can bet you’ll find your daily dose of discomfort and anger distilled in a classic extreme hardcore form. The main influence we can drag out these seven songs is Neanderthal, with their manic and primitve form of powerviolence, still strongly devoted to classic fast hardcore from the late 80’s. Rhytms are quite various, going from fast bursts of pissed off rage to slower parts full of groovy riffs and headbanging inducing drums patterns. Bass is, clearly, in a strong position, with cool and recognizable explosion of notes here and there. Vocal wise Neumann sticks to a classic bark that comes straight from the first 90’s, with the Fighting Music EP and the first efforts from Lack Of Interest clearly in his mind. I want to spend a couple of words about lyrics, because they’re very cool and span from classic rants against the fake guys in the scene to alcoholic dramas. I really have to mention Sarlacc Pit, a tribute to the classic scene in the Return Of The Jedi movie and, being a Star Wars myself, I really loved this reference and the R2-D2 whistle during the song just enhanched my amusement. There is a strong feeling of rage and love for the good ol’ powerviolence days in this record, so Godeater doesn’t fail to make its humble tribute to a scene that forged a lot of bands in something like 20 years. Maybe these Columbus guys didn’t invented anything and may sound a little bit too derivative to PV experts, but they surely managed to record eight minutes of really enjoyable music.



On the flipside there’s Kurt Russell (not to be confused by the Swiss heroes Gokurtrussell), also hailing from Columbus, Ohio. This band is still making its way in the realm of powerviolence but lean a lot to the hardcore side, sounding more like a very pissed off hardcore act than a classic PV one. The first difference between this side and the A one is the sound, because Kurt Russell sounds way more raw and “dirty” than Godeater, the second one is a slower approach to their music, taking more breath between one blast of speed and the other. Vocals are also a little bit more various, spanning from a classic MITB bark to screaming and growling. I love the fact that Kurt Russell play all their songs without a second of silence between them, making ’em sound like a fuckin long ear massacre fest. Songwriting is really cool, with a lot of groovy parts that will make your neck snap after so much headbanging and a very good taste in riffing, with simple guitar chords nailed on as linear as effective drums patterns. Kurt Russell puts all its efforts creating a bunch of classic yet adrenalinic hardcore songs that will get stuck in your head for a lot of time. As I’ve already said for Godeater this side can also sound a little bit too derivative for long time fast hardcore/powerviolence followers, but it can give a lot of delight to those who can enjoy good ol’ face punching music.  And don’t forget to turn on your lightsaber when Kurt Russell starts covering the intro theme from Star Wars in the middle of an hardcore assaulting song!


[The HUGE poster, courtesy of my evil girlfriend]


~ by petetheripper on February 26, 2011.

3 Responses to “Holy shit, Kurt Russell ate god!”

  1. Ahahah vedo della pubblicità occulta nella prima foto xD

    • ahahhah tra l’altro quella tape generò gran bordelli vero? XD

      p.s. amo le tue mail casuali, vuoi sposarmi?

  2. Diolà meglio non pensarci!! A proposito di casini, vai con le royalties per la pubblicità ahahahahah 😛

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