Dorks Gone Wrong!



Some weeks ago I’ve posted a review of the split Tape/3″ CD between Gorgonized Dorks and xAOAx, explaining it was sent to me by Katz as a Xmas present. Well, that tape and that CD were not alone in the package as there was this nice tape which features noisegods Gorgonized Dorks and the obscure project named Con Gone Wrong. This split is called Serial Noize Murderer and features a masked guy on the cover…ehi Katz, is that you? Eeheheeh.


Anyway Gorgonized Dorks opens the releases with ten minutes of mayhem and pure noise attitude. On this tape the California duo delivers a lot of cool sounding classical noisecore bursts, full of stops and gos and noise explosions. Musically wise they stick to a classic Gorgonized Dorks sound, so if you love tha band you won’t be disappointed by this release, otherwise, this session reeks of old school noisecore, so you can get your idea about how it sounds if you spin some old records from bands like Sore Throat or Stench Of Corpse. a lot of songs starts with  a slightly musical intro, which suddenly explodes into a shitload of noise and reverb. Oh, yes, reverb. This side of the tape is FULL of reverbs and echoes, making it sound even more as an early 90’s relase from some obscure South American noise soon-to-be-legendary band. A high pitched whistle will pierce your ears from the first note to the final one, creating a uncomfortable situation that will keep your attention level very high. So, nothing too new or strange from Gorgonized Dorks but surely a nice addition to your special legendarynoisecoreduofeaturingbenandkatz collection!


Con Gone Wrong is a very obscure project by Tony O. and features no infos in the inlay of the tape. I’m a lurker so I’ve easily found his MySpace, but the lack of information is stronger even on that. Anyway, this one man band features only drums and vocals, creating a strange kind of rhytmic and almost tribal sounding noisecore, way different some similar projects like Nuclear II. Vocal wise Tony sticks to a loud bark, which is usually suffocated by the sound of the drums, making me think this session was recorded in just one take. Musical wise the lack of other instruments made me curious at first, but grows pretty boring easily, especially because Con Gone Wrong can’t be described as brutal or blistering fast. Drums are played with a good taste in variety, but they lose on the aggression side, making this side pretty boring after a couple of listening. If I can make an advice I have to say that Tony should try to tight his drumming style and focus more on the wall of sound, creating a more effective aural punch in the guts. Even recording drums and vocals in two different takes should help in making Con Gone Wrong’s offering more  convincing.


Co-released by Jerk Off Records, Rauha Turva and Desgracia Records.


~ by petetheripper on February 14, 2011.

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  1. yup, that’s me on the cover… LOL >:D

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