Primordial Sounds is a band you must love. It’s not so common to find a bunch of guys that start to make noise “just” as a tribute to a gone band and a passed away good friends, but Primordial Sounds used the grief for the death of Toni and the subsequent demise of Permanent Death as fuel for their noise, managing to induce it with dedication, passion and, last but not least, a shitload of BOOZE. Martry was so kind to answer to some questions I’ve sent him and here’s the result! Have a nice reading!



Q : Hi Martry and thanks for answering this interview! Is everything fine?

A : Fine overhere drinking some champagne , smoking Cuban cigars, 2 girls massaging my back and waiting for our Grammy award with Primordial Sounds , how is life even can do better??? No fucking hell!!! Just some beers and some crazy old school noisecore in a cold dark room is enough for me.

Q : Can you just give us a story of the band and who does what?

A : We started in july 2009 Nikos, my brother Dio and me , just 3 idiots who wanted to bring bleeeeughgh kkhhhzhzzhz tjingggggggghhhh  so first rehearsal was with Nikos on guitar , Dio on vocals and me on drums, the second rehearsal I changed with Dio and so he was the drummer. Now we played some shows, released the most off our stuff in that line-up , and later Nils (AGx) joined the band as our new drummer and with Dio on bass we played a couple of times together and we decided to stop this line-up. Then we found a new drummer Nils he played in Kopzeer, The Mask most punk/psychobilly orientated bands so we started to jam again and since a couple of weeks Nelson joined the band as second guitar player so now we are trying to create a bit more our own sound , so we have to check things out now but I think you can expect soon some Grindpunk wih really messy gore vocals ……….

Q : What are your main influences?

A : Permanent death absolutely !!! That was our reason to start a band in memory of Tony because we missed some good old Blé noisecore since he died. For the rest I can call a thousand of bands that influence us but we don’t bring it !!! Just some irritating noise we want to bring.



Q : How do you get to record on a vinyl and what do you think about the result? There will be more on vinyl in the near future?

A : Was a couple of years ago that I organised Social Chaos here in Belgium and still we had some contact through MySpace and this year they were planning to come back to Europe so I said I will organise again some shows for you guys,  and it was Borella that asked for doing a split together, he said he had some stuff recorded and if I wanted I could bring something out so we did , for the result absolutely Social Chaos side rules !!!!!!!! Our side has nothing to do with grind or music that was just the plan a big fuck off to the whole scene , no music, no rhythm, no mxing, no effort in doing some expensive recording crap just a small cassette recorder; you don’t have to bring the most technical stuff and put it on LP or CD, and it’s not about being the loudest or the fastest, or what the fuck I know, it’s about the idea of a campaign for musical destruction and hopefully a lot of bands get it and do things like that a lot of people come to me also saying we want to release LP and stuff but blablabla….  No just do it and don’t be scared what people say about it if they don’t like it it’s their problem ……

Yeah maybe some vinyl someday, again there were plans for split 7” with Agathocles maybe split 7” with Mucus or a CD we don’t know yet but you can expect some vinyl someday…

Q : Belgium gave us a lot of great extreme bands, how do you see the new generations?

A : I see it sober but not like the music but the ideas behind. For me it’s crap, I really  think it comes like with the whole world people starting to get assholes no more respect for others and stuff like that.
I’m also in the new generation but if I meet the people, bands of the older generation there is much more appreciating between it, you have a lot of great bands that are still around like Mucus, Hybrid Viscery, Agathocles,…(the older generation ) they support ,they’re helping people out…
Like example I organise a lot of shows in Belgium grind/crust/punk/noise/….for me it’s all the same and if there are other diy shows I try to come as many as possible for supporting touring bands,organisers…. You have a lot of people you only see when they have to play and on others’ shows you don’t see them or sometimes I only have this scentence for it : clean the scene !!!
But for bands check Hybrid Viscery, Mucus, Vettige Kanarie, VRV, Nahende Vernichtung, Silence Means Death, The League of Mentalman, Ekzeem-a, Kasatka, Chaka….

Q : What is your favourite release from your band?

A : That’s the split tape with Caca Sonica in which we released our tribute to The Gerogerigegege that’s actually the first and probably the last thing that I liked of us we did a lot of work into that …

Q : How do you record? It’s just something like “push record and make some noise” or you write something down?

A : Sometimes we just push record and make some noise. Now the last months we are trying to write somethings down before we start but It all depends on our moods and the beers that we drinked that day, we record with a small cassette player from Nikos, it’s good enough for us we don’t need all that shit with computers and recording studios



Q : Talk us about your side projects!

A : I’m also busy with Jerking Off Coma Patients we make some weird noise. I started this alone making some ear damaging harsh noise but after a couple of releases Bekie joined me and now we do because off the influence of him a lot of different things like we recorded noisy nu wave, ambient oriented stuff, some noisepunk, rock and roll but the most we did is not released actually still standing on tape but too lazy to bring that shit out. Also soon there is Violent Spasm that will be my one man cybergore project that soon will be released further the rest off the members are busy with lots off other bands Nikos is also involved into VRV, Vettige Kanarie, Anale Bezem, Trend Basher, Ga Toch Kapot, The Benders and a lot more; with Nikos you’re not sure, every week he comes up with something new.

Dio is also in The Benders, Nils is busy with The Mask and another band which name is slipping me more psychobilly stuff and Nelson is also busy with Bataklan.

Q : You wrote a lot of rants about sell out bands and the general situation of music, can you tell something about that shit in your country?

A : It’s maybe not directly an answer to your question but that is on my liver for the moment. A lot of morons are in it for all the wrong reasons for success , the popularity, someone for  the money and other shits, like in Belgium you have some people that only do it for pumping up their popularity for myself I think it’s getting dead in Belgium…. I talk about a grindcore /crust…scene. Like on shows they only show up when they have to play or organise or otherwise you don’t see them, also the not supporting from other organisations. I fucking hate I try to be at as many as I can be on shows and stuff because I think how many you support how longer it all can stand but for the moment I have a black view over it all …..

Q : What are your main sources of inspirations?

A : Like I said before Permanent Death. I just love that band; like a young naïve metaldude I went to a death metal show and also Permanent Death whas playing their no idea what they played, I tought death metal and there where playing over and over the same it was like they were soundchecking I tought but they were playing their show and I totally loved it after then they stopped and they packed their stuff  and were gone, so I had to know everything off that band and it took like months till I found something more off those guys and so I rolled into all that stuff ….



Q : What about your gigs? Any chances to see you in Italy?

A : We don’t play much gigs  but if we play it’s always a fucked up shit with too many booze and we mostly are not able to play anymore hahaha but yeah maybe someday we can play in Italy hopefully together with the friends of Kazamate from italy we will see maybe someday we terrorise your stages

Q : Close as you want and thanks for the intie!

A : Bbblleeeuuuurrrrgggghhh time for a new  beer this interview took longer than expected for me

And Simone good luck with sorethroatnauseaheadache!!!!!!!!!! [Thanks Martry! 😉 ndPete]


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