Hip(ster) cop : taking pictures of your crime with a Lomo


I admit that the first time I’ve ever listened to Hip Cops the band slipped away in the whirlwind of sounds and stuff I was doing while listening their 4 way split tape with Archagathus, Violent Gorge and Pancreatectomie. I have also to admit that my attention span went lower and lower after listening to the Archagathus songs, my first reason to buy that tape. Pity me.


Will from Bullshit Propaganda (and, I think, also from the band) was so kind to send me this full EP by Connecticut noise mongers Hip Cops called In The Shadow Of A Grinding Death and, believe me, it’s a HIGHLY appreciated gift. What you have here is less than ten minutes of pure grindcore, full of amazing influences but yet personal and very passionate in its crystalized form. Everything on this record is amazingly classic and old school, with song structures that can be tracked back to legends like Terrorizer, Agathocles, Unholy Grave or early Napalm Death, but everything is melted, destroyed and recreated looking through the eyes of guys who know that there were a lot of cool bands even in modern times. Thhere is a very nice dualism in Hip Cops, because while their sound is deeply rooted in the old school it comes out really fresh and somewhat modern. It’s also cool to jump from cool post-2000 solutions to early 90’s taste for fast and facemelting solos in the same vein of bands like Super Fun Happy Slide. Songs are all very well structured, with a lot of tempo changes, old school dualism between screaming and growling vocals and prominent bass pounding. But if I have to choose one trait that can put Hip Cops in the “must have” section of your new year’s records is surely how drums rule the scene. Sure, riffing is very good, vocals are great and bass lines and very well done and don’t get lost in the mix (not a bad feature for a grindcore band), but drums, oh man. They’re not too prominent or particulary fast or technically awesome, but they manage to put everything in place in a great way, switching tempos, pouding simple patterns with an amazing rage and acting as a glue between all the different styles and influences that appear on this record. Hip Cops can switch between almost death metal parts, to mid tempos or groovy section or pure punk blasts and, believe me, the drum work is great in jumping from one genre to the other, making everything fitting perfectly in the frame. This record sounds just like late Dispepsiaa stuff, not in a strict musical way, but it manages to reach the same quality and attitude level, making Hip Cops a name you wont’ forget. In The Shadow Of A Grinding Death will grow on you after each listening and can please every true fan of grindcore out there and, for one time, it doesn’t matter if you like mostly the old or the new school. If you love your grindcore to be, simply, AWESOME, don’t miss this one!


And, because fate’s favorite sport is laughing at me, Hip Cops had disbanded and this record is posthumous, but (fate, eat this!) they decided to do some gigs this year, so maybe the band will be ready to record something again!


~ by petetheripper on January 27, 2011.

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