Pointing A Gun At Your Head : Six Brew Bantha Demo 2009 7″ review

Six Brew Bantha is a name that is coming out pretty often in the last months. I started being aware of their existence when Dave from Disleksick released their two split tapes, one being a split live performance and the other a noise collaboration. Apart my usual love for Disleksick I was really blasted by the power and the anger infused in the tunes from Six Brew Bantha. Their style is intense, full of pissed off riffing and blasting drums.
When I was surfing Bullshit Propaganda web store searching for the new SMG EP I stumbled upon this demo 7″ and I couldn’t stop myself for spending some bucks for this tiny gem. First of all : releasing a demo on vinyl is way far beyond the coolness factor, putting one of the symbols of underground movement on the best sounding material displays a great concern about the media and a solid faith in the recording. Well, I have to admit that Six Brew Bantha was right, this stuff deserved to be on vinyl and can be seen as a regular EP and not “only” a demo, since its quality is pretty high and shows a band in great shape.

The first aspect I want to discuss is the layout of this EP. The front cover depicts an anonymous naked lady full of scars and cuts, which I assume are the results of some sort of beating or lashing. The contrast between the picture and the ironic title Testosterone Effect is really strong and sets the mood for the EP. The inlay is adorned with pictures spanning from siamese babies, salvia, drugs chemical structure and crossed notes. Everything, lyrics included, are assembled with a disturbing cut and paste technique, reminding me a lot the classic Eyehategod’s Confederacy Of Ruined Lives album layout.
All these aesthetic choices set the mood for music, which can be described of some sort of lucid chaos injected grindcore. Songs are clearly dwelling in the grindcore environment, but they display a strong nervous and spastic approach, which sometimes reminds me Man Is The Bastard from the split with Aunt Mary, even if I just can’t describe Six Brew Bantha as powerviolence. It’s not a matter of style, it’s a matter of feeling. I can sense the same urge, the same desire to smash a hand through the listener’s belly and shake his liver with their music as someone like Wood would do. A lot of times during these ten minutes of noise galore Six Brew Bantha just goes apeshit, speeding up and smashing instruments like there is no tomorrow. These more chaotic parts are anger driven explosion built upon a solid structure of old school fast as fuck grindcore, and I have to say that there aren’t many differencies between these new Canadian heroes and super-fast bands like Gride or Yacopsae, at least music wise. But when it comes to an attitude level, Bryan and friends part their way from the abovementioned bands and choose to overdo the disease and nihilism factor, enhanching the sense of alienation and pure hate that started to crawl into the listener’s mind starting from the cover artwork. Sometimes they decide to slow down a bit, creating some cool groovy riffs but mostly leaning to sludge, smashing your face with cool and monolithic guitar parts. I know that what I’ve written above may sound chaotic and even unclear, since I put together Gride, Man Is The Bastard, Eyehategod and Yacopsae trying to talk about an EP that, at a not in-depth listening, may sound like a fuzzy ordinary grindcore slab of vinyl but, let me tell you, this is anything but ordinary. Just like I’ve said at the beginning of this review, what stands out about Testosterone Effect is the URGE, the need to scream, to spread the seed of alienation, uncomfortableness and sickness about the world. Listening to Six Brew Bantha on this record is like looking through the barrell of a shotgun. You can choose to live in the darkness or to pull the trigger. As I’ve already said, this is not my first time with this band, but the other recordings don’t share the same sentimental approach. They’re noisy, greatly composed and can entertain you for a lot of time (especially the collaboration tape) but on this record Six Brew Bantha sounds like coming home from a bad trip weekend with Mike Williams IX. This was unexpected, I have to admit that, but it’s surely a GREAT surprise.

It’s time to add another name under the section : “Awesome Canadian Bands”.


~ by petetheripper on January 23, 2011.

2 Responses to “Pointing A Gun At Your Head : Six Brew Bantha Demo 2009 7″ review”

  1. i drew that logo on the record sticker.

  2. […] Brew Bantha is a fucking rad band. I’ve reviewed their demo EP not so much time ago and I was blasted away by their power when I’ve listend both the split and the collaboration […]

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