Reviewing is fake!


Everything is Fake is a cool compilation on pro cd-rs compiled by Giuse from Distrozione, a good friend and great supporter of underground scene. In this task he was helped by some label around the world like Syro GxExTx, Jerk Off and No Tomorrow.



One of the bad aspects of the internet era is that a lot of people lost the value of compilations. I remember when I started listening to grind, even if internet was already spread around, compilations kept their discovering value, giving the pleasure to listening to new bands or unreleased songs. Now you can just open Google type some random band names and listen to it. Even if that’s surely an easy task and lets you discover new music without spending money, listening to a compilation it’s always a pleasure, because if it’s well compiled and, mostly, well balanced, it can blast its way through your usual listening and become one of the best way to spend an hour with a fine picked selection of noise. Luckly Giuse is a good compiler and managed to fit a lot of cool bands (28!!) with an huge amount of great tunes, even if there are a lot of differencies between each act. It’s also an hard task putting together more recognizable bands with less famous ones, helping smaller bands to gain a bigger spot in the audience. Another good point about this release it’s how Italy is really well represented with a very nice selection of bands, like Bestial Vomit, Compost, Conviction, Cristo Negro, Dust Cult , Repulsione, Skarsfuckers, Slaughter In The Vatican, Suppurated, Terror Firmer,Yesterday Deceased and Zeit Geist. Just from this little list of Italian bands you can find out the variety of this compilation, spanning through grindcore, harsh noise, powerviolence, crustcore and so on. It’s also a very nice surprise to find heavy weights of international extreme scene like Lycanthrophy, Gorgonized Dorks, Neuropathia and Sakatat, plus some realitevely new bands like Yattai, Komatoz and xAOAx. I have to admit a was very surprised to see good ol’ Nydoom starting this compilation with Anal Penetration, since I used to love this band a lot in the old days and it has been while since I’ve listened to something new from them. Giuse is a brave guy and he also managed to put flute masters of noisecore Menso Noise!


[Jeffrey supports Everything is Fake!!!]


Everything is Fake is solid, passionate and sounds like a monolith of noise drenched extreme music and I think this is one of the best stuff I can say about a compilation. Each song flows in the next one, creating a long stream of grinding consciousness, avoiding the usual patchwork mood common in too much compilations. This disc is assembled with logic and great knowledge in what each band provided. If I have to point out the best episodes in Everything is Fake I have to choose Decomposted by Compost, Torino Lover from Neuropathia, Vomit and Celebrities from Lycanthrophy (also featured in their amazing split with FUBAR), Adim Adim Elerki from Sakatat (check the groovy riff in the second half of this song!) and On The Road Again from Yattai (keep an eye on this band!). A big surprise was hearing the harsh noise version of Lust For Power by Doom destroyed by good ol’ Fibro in his Dust Cult project, amazing! The fun factor, but only for Italian speaking people who like serial killer and almost-white-trash killing adventures is the delirium from Vanni (of Florence Monster fame) used during the eponymous song by Cristo Negro.

Well, all I have to say is that this compilation rules, it’s well composed, well balanced and with a lof of great “music” moments. Support Distrozione and buy your copy!


~ by petetheripper on January 20, 2011.

4 Responses to “Reviewing is fake!”

  1. Cazzo, pensavo le grafiche fossero uscite peggio. Mi aveva detto Giuse che le cover erano uscite male, invece qui non sembra, tu che mi dici? Io ancora la mia copia non l’ho presa, ce l’ha un mio amico che non so quando vedrò ahahah

    • mah, mi sembrano nella media, venute abbastanza bene anche se non ho idea di come doveva essere il progetto originale…

  2. Il progetto originale era quello, volevo capire se i caratteri si leggono e cose varie. Inoltre, sai se la tua copia ha la copertina serigrafata???

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