NxIxSx is a young thrashcore band from the Milan area and features Red on vocals, Rika on bass, Dani on guitar and Igio on drums. This is their first EP and was released in March 2010.

Ok, this is what you can find by yourselves. You can also hear on their MySpace 4 out of 8 songs from Hate Fast Or die, so you can also build up an idea about their sound. Why I’m sending you to their website instead of spending endless words in explaining how NxIxSx sounds? Well, basically because I don’t know shit about thrashcore, ehehehe! I had my time with bands like FKU and Ratos De Porao and I really like Italian thrashcore kings Death Before Work, but besides that I’m really ignorant about the genre. I started growing interest in this band because we share some friends and when I saw their influences list I was quite caught : among other names were RxDxPx, Cryptic Slaughter, Wehrmacht and Spazz. Tell me what you listen to and I can figure out what attitude you put in your songs! From an outsider to the thrashcore I’ve found Hate Fast Or Die a really, REALLY, funny and interesting display of mosh-inducing thrashcore, whit a lot of fast and face bashing parts along with classic and circle pit invoking groovier sections. Vocal wise Red sticks to an acid scream, maybe not that original but really effective, fueling each song with a pure and passionate eighties vibe. Music is very well conceived, resulting enjoyable and hooking, with simple but addicting guitar riffs, really nice bass lines and a linear but headbanging-inducing series of drums patterns.
Well, I don’t have to make any complain, both because I’m not expert at all about thrashcore and because I really find this demo very enjoyable and funny indeed. After Rejekts I’m having the pleasure to spend somt good words about a band of my area and, just as for Rejekts, I can’t wait to sweat and scream under their stage at the first gig I will manage to attend. So support NxIxSx and bang your head screaming BEER BONGING MANIA!




By the way today was the birthday of the might ERIC WOOD! Cheers man, I’m bowing to the skull as I salute you!


~ by petetheripper on January 12, 2011.

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