Go, Kurt Russell, if you want you can win your Insomnia Isterica!

Finally Insomnia Isterica is back with another awesome release! The Swiss four piece is not a new name anymore and has become one of the best young bands around nowdays. On this split EP they deliver four song of what they call dystopic grindcore, two of them already published on the awesome Lo-Fi Or Die compilation tape from Tearache Records, ebven if I think they come froma totally different session, since the sound quality is enormously different. As I’ve already explained before, one of the best aspect about Insomnia Isterica is the ability they have to mix different sounds and genre antics in an awesome and refreshing mix of grind drooling mayhem. You can hear muddy and heavy as fuck guitars, not far from what has been by European goregrind masters like Dead Infection or late Haemorrhage. Riffs are pounding, unrelenting, menacing, without fancy harmonizing or melodic flaws. Mirko does a great job, creating amazing patterns with his six strings, delivering addicting and sticking-in-the-memory sharp riffs, you will love that guy! Giulio follows with his bass, sounding very prominent for this genre, thickening the sound with his simple but uncompromising finger assault. Fafo growls like there’s no tomorrow,, sticking to a deep bark that will kick your ass back in the 90’s. There’s a strong fifteen-years-ago feeling in this record, yet it sounds incredibly new and fresh. Amazing! You don’t have to forget that Insomnia Isterica deepens its roots in punk/HC bands and on this record you will hear that attitude a lot, especially from Attila, that here and there stops his mindblowing blasting and injects his tambourines and cymbals with groove and a great punk attitude. The title of their split EP with Agathocles wasn’t out of place. There is no time to breathe on this output from IAxIAx and even lyrics will strangle your troath with nihilism and hate spit in your eyes. As I’ve already wrote about their split tape with Psychotic Sufferance, one of the best features from this band is the usage of vocals, made mainly by Fafo but shared by all members and even if not as good as on that tape, even on this split EP they managed to make a really good work about it. I think they’re one of the best bands around now vocals wise, among with Cripple Bastards and Pigsty…two of three of my favorites are Italian-speaking bands, not bad isn’t it?

On the flipside you will find Gokurtrussell. Ok, there’s GO in their monicker (and for me saying GO = going fast) and they’re named after an action movie hero. If you can sum these components you can easy come up with the idea of dealing with a band that dwells in the fastcore/powerviolence area. No nervous spams, no big tempo changes, no sludge parts, just fast, full throttle assault. Gokurtrussell is a pure extreme pissed off fastcore band from Switzerland and I think this is their second output (if I remember well). I can imagine how hard was from Insomnia Isterica finding a band to share this split 7″ because 3 out of 4 members of Gokurtrussell are the same of IAxIAx. Giulio and Mirko are still on bass and guitar, Attila takes vocal duties and Fabio plays drums. The punk attitude is, obviously, stronger on this side, with groovy and pounding drums that act as a bone structure for fast and thrashy riffs. Attila is a very good vocalist so cheers to him for trying to be a frontman instead of a backline drummer. I always think that drummers who sing are awesome and Attila is no exception. Lyrics are very similar to ones from Insomnia Isterica (I think they’re written by the same hands) even if on this side they are more nihilistic and fatalist, more in a Despise You way. Music wise they go really fast, sounding like the strange son of Gride, with dissonant parts and groovy rhytmn sections. Vocal wise Attila shares his duties between an acid scream and a low bark, like an alcoholic drenched mix of Yacopsae and Lack Of Interest. Gokurtrussell made a very enjoyable side, with fast and catchy songs, but I think their best effort comes in the end, with the less similar-to-the-others song, La Fine Del Mondo, full of punk attitude and great vocals switching, reminding me a lot the You Tube hit Ce L’Hai Il Vibro? from Insomnia Isterica.

Well, what can I say more? This record features two sides of the same coin and it’s not that common to find a bunch of guys that can do two different styles in such a good way. Buy this record, support Insomnia Isterica and Gokurtrussel and let the fun flow through your body from a release that was clearly made with A LOT of fun.

Limited to 530 handnumbered copies.

~ by petetheripper on January 12, 2011.

4 Responses to “Go, Kurt Russell, if you want you can win your Insomnia Isterica!”

  1. Uela Simone!

    Thanks a lot for your review! You got the whole point as always eheh!
    The 2 songs on the lo-fi comp tape come of course from another session.
    The lyrics in IAxIA are written by me and Giulio and in GKR by me and Fabio.
    I sang already for my old death metal band Brutal Martyrium so it was a nice comeback for me although quite different of course.
    Cheers and take care mate!


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  3. Sono impressionato! Davvero bella recensione, siamo così fighi? Ahahah!! Grande!!!

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