Here I am listening to Sociopathic Behaviour from Rot and trying to put down some news about a lot of cool stuff I’m witnessing around me right now.

First of all I’m really proud to announce the new release from my label Wizard Of Noise. It’s a split seven inch between two big new bands from Italy, Hungry Like Rakovitz and O. Both sides rip ass, HLR delivers their usual amount of modern schizophrenic grindcore with two cover songs by Burzum and The Melvins. O releases their first output, but if you loved Deprogrammazione you will love their new style, with Sam on vocals enhanching the core factor in their music. If you’re interested in trades or buying it contact me, we have very few copies so act fast! Co-released with Aima, Frohike, Ground Grinder, Jennifer Grind, La Defense, Unnamed and Weirdo.

Talking about new releases you should ABSOLUTELY check out Insomnia Isterica split 7″ with their side project Gokurtrussel. Both bands deliver an incredible amount of full throttle hysteria, expect a review very soon!

Another new release I want to point out is the new compilation from Distrozione on CD-r, featuring a shitload of amazing bands : Anal Penetration. Bestial Vomit, Biotox, Conviction, Compost, Cristonegro, Dissiped, Dust Cult, Dosa, Execuaco, Gorgonized Dorks, Komatoz, Lycanthrophy, Menso Noise, Neuropathia, Repulsione, Sakatat, Skarsfuckers, Slapendehonden, Slaughter in Vatican, Suppurated, System Shit, Terror Firmer, To-Die, xAOAx, Yattai, Yesterday Deceased and Zeit Geist. I’ll get my copy this Tuesday, so expect a review very soon!

Distrozione has also booked a really cool gig in Milano on 13th of January, at Villa Vegan, that was meant to feature gore mongers Neuropathia from Poland, but they were caught in a bad event, so they had to delete the tour. Instead of Neuropathia you’ll get Awful an historical band from Milan grinding since 1989. If you’re around here don’t miss this slab of violence!

Talking about live violence I’m really happy to say that Skruigners, one of my all times favorite HC band, is back in business, with a bunch of live dates around Italy from now till summer. I will surely attend the Cremona gig, but I think I’ll go also to the Settimo one. Hope to see some mate in the pit!




Closing this post I want to state loudly that MYSPACE SUCKS nowdays, so here are a couple of great Italian labels that decided to migrate to a personal website leaving MySpace forever (?). I have to say that Brandy from Grind Block made a GREAT job for his new website, really worth to check it out!





Hoping that everyone had a good start of 2011, I’ll salute you till…well…I think tomorrow evening with a new review. Cheers!


~ by petetheripper on January 10, 2011.

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