I won’t Rejekt Nessun demo!

Rejekts is a young band hailing from Saronno and Garbagnate,two towns north of Milan, consisting in five members who deliver seven songs of hardcore induced grindcore plus an intro. The first thing I have to state is that I’m really happy to see another band playing this genre in the Milano area, since lately I saw the rise of a good amount of people that starts to play extreme music instead of classic and more marketable product. Well done! This demo starts with an intro and then bursts into a groove drenched guitar riff that blasts your face with all the unsatisfaction and frustration of these guys. Musically wise Rejekts sticks to high frequencies, giving a strange black metal effect, which reminds me a lot Deprogrammazione, expect, high pitched guitars and acid screams. Drums are very good and even if sometimes they’re not that prominent, sometimes they grind their way without mercy, blasting away everything in their path. For example there is a GREAT drums section in Soliloquio with an amazing solo that bursts into a great blastbeat ending. Vocal wise Black sticks to screaming, spitting his hate with an acid approach to vocals, enhanching the feeling of cold and nihilistic way of seeing reality and everyday life. Bass lines are too often lost into the mix, but when they stick out they sound very well done, like in the beginning of Fango. Guitars are also well done, even if sometimes they sound a little bit too awkward and they mime each other too much. I think that with two guitar Rejekys could make something better, my advice is to try to enhanche this factor and make your sound thicker…

I really have to make my compliments for lyrics, they are really personal and display a very good attitude and ability in hate-spitting-words-assembling! In Italy when you sing in Italian about hate, misanthrophy, sociopathy and so on you are always compared to Cripple Bastards but these guys are not that similar to the hate snipers and, even if they cover the classic 1974. Rejekts sounds very personal and reminds me more the long forgotten Corey, with their screams, their dystopic riffs and their nihilistic attitude. I also have to make a special mention for Profondo Rosso, with guitars playing the main theme from the movie! Even if sometimes Nessuno sounds a little bit too naive, Rekekts managed to display a lot of good growing points, so I just can’t wait to hear something from this band and hopefully see them on stage really soon!


~ by petetheripper on January 4, 2011.

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