Thee Old Times : let’s pretend it’s 1980 and we are making a noisecore audition for an HC band!


I have to admit I’ve put in my radar this tape for a long time so, when Katz sent me a surprise package with some stuff from Gorgonized Dorks in it, I was very happy to find three releases, one being the split tape with Con Gone Wrong, the other two being the 3″ version and the tape version of their split with xAOAx.


My surprise was even greater when I started to hear to this tape, because I was assaulted by a strange and very unique shade of Gorgonized Dorks‘ sound. Just watching the line up can give you the idea that they’re not restraining themselves on this release, since Katz is not using just his classical noise set up or the harsh one, but he’s melting them together, so you’ll fin both more usual instruments like bass and guitar, but also his signature usage of keyboards and theremin. On this split tape Gorgonized Dorks decided to leave beside noisecore, harsh noise, power electronics, whatever, and mix their most extreme habits with their multi-decades experience in music. You have to realize that both Ben and Katz aren’t in their prime (eheheh no offense intended mates!) and they went through an enormous amount of scene changes, bands, trends, waves and so on. If you had the chance to talk with Katz you should already know about his ultra-precise knowledge of subcultures and punk music in all its forms, so you won’t be surprised to find in this side of the tape a terrific mix of new wave, punk, hardcore, goth, industrial, noise and electronic experiments. Ben displays a skillful way of playing drums, shifting from one style to another without effort, always perfectly sticking to the mood of the song. Katz does a GREAT job, creating a wild bunch of powerful riffs, mixed with very good bass lines and a perfect usage of theremin and synths, like in the last long and mesmerizing song, Late Night Horror Show. Vocal wise mr Seki ranges from classic grunts to a mesmerizing clean style, enhanching the feeling of listening to the bastard son of a late 70s hardcore band and a noise duo. This side of the tape is very good and can be a very good way to explore some usually hidden sides of one of the best noisecore band around. If you always wondered how could sound a noise jam session between Misfits, Joy Division and NOYFB, well, maybe this Gorgonized Dorks tape is the answer!


xAOAx is a new name for me. This recording is one of their demo tape and the inlay says that the tracklist is unavailable. The band is a power trio, consisting in voice-guitar-drums, no bass and the hail from Needles, California. The sound quality is at a rehersal level and adds some noise value to these songs, which feature a good and intense punk attitude. Punk is the main driving energy behind this band and, even if harsh sounding and covered by distortion and noise, you can call xAOAx an hardcore band. Song structures are clearly inspired by old school HC, with fast and dissonant riffs, double hand snare drums, cymbals inferno and so on, but when things start to calm down, you can clearly recognize the tempos and the antics of a perfect mid 80’s west coast HC band. The sound quality sometimes tends to soften the energy and blood spitting fury of the faster parts, in which the vocals overpower the music, but who cares, this is a demo recording and I won’t complain about that. In the description of this release xAOAx says that they’re continuing where Gorgonized Dorks stopped on their side and I totally agree with that. The whole tape is about great and super funny awesomely conceived hardcore punk concealed under a cloak of noise and distortion. Instead of clean vocals, xAOAx sticks more to a pissed off grunt that sometimes goes in the screaming environment, but everything sounds just full of angry and rage. I really like the way drums emphatize the more nervous parts with the use of a super tight and blistering snare, which sounds just taken from a early 90’s powerviolence record. This demo recording reminds me a lot Cripple Bastards from the split with Carcass Grinder, so expect a perfect mix of hardcore structures and grindcore aesthetics! I really wanna hear something more from this band!




This release can be purchased in two version, tape and 3″ MCD. While the sound quality is a little bit better on the CD version (tape is a little bit more saturated), there’s no really difference between them, even if I think the cover fits WAY better on the tape one and even the inlay is WAY more readable.

detail of the insert of the CD version




Big thanks to Katz for the tapes and the 3″!


~ by petetheripper on January 1, 2011.

One Response to “Thee Old Times : let’s pretend it’s 1980 and we are making a noisecore audition for an HC band!”

  1. glad ya enjoyed one of our recent releases! yeah, we strive to keep doing things differently so that it add to the various flavours of g.dorks! we want each release to have an identity of it’s very own, which is pretty hard to do especially with the prolific rate we have releases out! cheers in the new years! 😀

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