2010 : a retrospective through the eyes of a fatty with sideburns


The year is ending and I won’t buy or receive new releases untile January, so it’s the right time to post the final analysis of 2010, a shady year, with a lot of good and bad events. I don’t want to bother you with personal struggles but this year started in the worst way for me, since I’ve lost my grandpa and during the last 12 months a lot of abd things happened… On a personal level my grilfriend lost her beloved dog, she lost her work, there was a lot of personal issues with some friends, diseases in the family and so on, you know the deal. On a wider level I started to lost all my hope in humanity and I’ve also started to lose faith and ties with some once-close friends. There were also a lot of bad events worldwide and politics and society are going deeper in shit, but that’s something you should already know. BUT there were a lot of great moments during this year. I marked my first year living with my girlfriend, my dad managed to get out from a glaucoma diagnosis, my girlfriend found a new job, I’ve made my first tattoo, I’ve met a lot of great friends, I’ve made my long time friendships stronger and, last but no least, I’ve made this blog. Let me say that this web page is one my greatest pride and the amount of feedbacks and support I’ve gained in just one year stuns me. I’m HONORED to met a lot fo great people from great bands and each visit I see, each word I read about my work, each comment, everything is making me really pride and happy about it. I’m not a scene king or whatever and, Satan forbid, I don’t want to be one of those brainless fuckers, but I’m proud of the little addition I can make to a great and passionate scene. This blog is not mine, it’s everyone’s, so thank to each one of you, you’re the energy that moves my fingers on this keyboard. Someone I know already knows, but in January I will release a free downloadable compilation featuring as many bands I can that has been on this blog, like a party for the first year of Sore Throat, Nausea & Headache. Stay tuned for that!



Concerning about my “awards” : the main category will feature my top 10 records of 2010, including only EPs, splits, full length, whatever but NOT collection of singles/EPs/blablabla, live albums and cover albums, there will be separate categories for those. I don’t want to make a grindcore/noisecore/sludgecore top 10, you can find dozens of them around the net. I want to make MY top 10, so don’t be scared to find some records that won’t fit at all in the concept of this blog, since I listen to a lot of differenties music styles, including the all time fan favorite POP PUNK! Also, this doesn’t wanna be some kind of “this better then that” or “that sucked balls compared to this”, it’s just a personal retrospective of my personal favorites, no more, no less!



10 – ALL HEART – There’s No Place Like Home

This record has been the soundtrack to my holidays. All Heart hails from Hawaii and delivers a melodic hardcore full of catchy riffs and heartwarming hooks. At the first listening I wasn’t amazed by vocals but they slowly grew on me, with the usual emotional ties of this style of music. The first song and the last two are simply amazing and can suddenly throw you on a cold beach of Kauai in a winter late teen drama on the seaside. I love late teen drama.

09 – PTAO – 4ka part 2

My ears were still bleeding for the first part of this collection but PTAO managed to destroy the last shreds of them. I’ve always thought PTAO was an amazing band but this time they grew a lot on me, with a noise galore of pure genius. Maybe the best 3″ of this year!

08 – AGATHOCLES – The Peel Sessions

Amazing tracklist. Amazing recording. The amazing John Peel (may Satan have his soul in glory!). Agathocles released this eardrums-melting bunch of great songs from their past, including a lot of super classics and with one of teh best line ups of their career. Jan abuses a little bit too much of his pitchshifter but who cares? Have I to mention that it features the best, imho, version of my favorite Agathocles song, Kill Your Idols?


I love Psychotic Sufferance and they know it, but let me say this tape features one of the best session from Insomnia Isterica and displays one of the best usages of multiple vocals I’ve heard in a lot of time. Amazing songs, amzing approach, amzing passion, this band rules and makes this split tape in this top 10.

06 – DISLEKSICK – London.Ontario.Canada.

This tape sucks. I mean, it’s almost perfect, probably one of the best releases from this noisecore commando from Canada, but the fact that only nine people in the world can enjoy this mayhem it’s an ENORMOUS shame. Dave & co are awesome guys and this tape is one of the best way to appreciate their amazing talent.

05 – ELECTRIC WIZARD – Black Masses

This position and the next one can be easily switched, but I’ve decided to keep them like this. The Wizards managed to concentrate all their career in an unique release and the result is this amazing album. Haunting atmosphere, hatred for mankind, dark feeling, alienation, drugs. Everything is perfectly packed in Black Masses with the awesomeness peaking in Scorpio Curse, a song that can easily challenge super classics like Funeralopolis and Another Perfect Day.

04 – FOUR YEAR STRONG – Enemy Of The World

The last year Set Your Goals released an amazing sophomore album, directly challenging friends/rivals Four Year Strong, which were prematurely declared defeated by webzines and magazines. These guys from Worcester managed to create an amazing gem of melodic hardcore, with unbelievably good vocal lines and an awesome mix of cool riffs and unrelenting drums. I can’t imagine what they can do next.



And, like in olympic games, I have to assign three gold medals, so no third and second places, just a common FIRST PLACE!

1a – CSMD – Japanese Sci-Fi Monster Funk

Can you imagine what is going on this EP? CSMD has always been a band without limits, exploring all the corners of noise, but with this record they realized their dream : the perfect fusion of noisecore and Z-series sci-fi movies. As soon as your needle will hit this 7″ you will be sucked in a world of starships, crazy monsters, distortions, drugs, deep space, flying monkeys, surf and well, you name it…


Talking about creativity in noise… I’ve made the review of this record in the previous post, so you can read more about it but hell, let’s try to make a long story short : Final Exit are playing surf music mixed with noisecore, Deche Charge are putting some long grindcore songs in their usual stop & go noisecore. The result? An amazing EP full of fun, energy, passion and limit-ignoring music.

1c – DISPEPSIAA / SAKATAT – Split 7″

Holy shit. THE old school grindcore release of this year. Dispepsiaa was the fan favorite grind commando from Brazil that we learned to love and, sadly, miss. Sakatat is probably the most growing band in grind environment, making each EP better than the one before it. Both doesn’t fail to unleash an unbelievably unforgiving fury of grinding madness and passion.


LAST DAYS OF HUMANITY – Goresurrection

Well, we all have bought Rest In Gore, right? So, musically speaking, this record is quite useless, right? Wrong. Listening to LDOH’s sold out and rare singles and EPs on vinyl is a mind blowing experience and, if you’ve managed to buy the limited edition, listening to them on a pink record is even more astonishing and weird. The only complain? Maybe it deserved something more in the inlay but I won’t to dismiss this collection for this little flaw. Great one!


BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN & THE E-STREET BAND – London Calling Live in Hyde Park

In a general lack of good live albums, I find this latest output from The Boss a great example of how you can be a great musician and showman even at his age. When you start a gig in London with London Calling you pave the way for a great show and, well, that’s just how everything turned out. The amazing versions of Badlands and Jungleland are there to prove that both Bruce and the band are in an amzing shape aven after all these years!


CRIPPLE BASTARDS – Frammenti Di Vita

Easy choice. My favorite band covering some of the greatest bands from the long gone golden era of Italian extreme music. Nerorgasmo, Impact, Declino, Blue Vomit, Eu’s Arse, Nabat, Raw Power, Necrodeath are all here among other legends and Cripple covered my fave Italian HC song ever, Qualcosa Scompare from Negazione, the perfect example of how you can talk about personal feeling without sounding ordinary or mellow.



Another easy choice. Do you love grind? Do you love noisecore? Do you love sleazy punk rock? Do you love harsh noise? Do you love all those one thousand bands old school comps but you can’t afford them? Do you love dedication, passion and sweating for a bigger ideal? You will live this piece of plastic, believe me.



Ok, I admit it. I’ve made this award just to tell everyone how much I love the songs from Lack Of Interest from the This Comp Kills Fascists compilation. Damn! Listen to them!


EYEHATEGOD – Live @ Magnolia, Milan

A stunning show. Eyehategod is my fave sludge band and that was the first time seeing them live. The venue was packed under a plastic tent, covering everyone in humidity and sweat, recreating the perfect environment for the music of these sickos. Mike Williams told us that it doesn’t matter if we were feeling well, because we are all fucked. He was true.

FOUR YEAR STRONG + A LOSS 4 WORDS – Live @ Land Of Live, Legnano

I went to the gig with very low expectiations, preparing to receive a big delusion from the live rendition of FYS and without knowing AL4W. The latter shocked me. Passionate, intense, with blood chilling vocals and amazing stage presence. FYS destroyed everything, with a fucking mind blowing show, creating the perfect context for a whirlwind of stage divers and moshers. Amazing show. Uh and they played the main riff from Raining Blood during the breakdown of Beatdown In The Key Of Happy. Not bad, isn’t it?

NIGHT OF THE SPEED DEMONS – Live @ CSA Dordoni, Cremona

Death Before Work was pure fun. I’ve missed Jester Beast, but Ghost Rider was AMAZING. Cripple Bastards delivered an amazing show, probably one of their best of the ones I’ve seen, full of fun and passion, closing the set list with a bunch of amazing cover songs. Wehrmacht showed that you can be old, you might have broke up, you can be tired for the tour schedula but man, if you ruled 20 years ago and you kept that fire in your heart you can still rule today.


THE POGUES – Rum, Sodomy & The Lash

Oh, fuck off, sometimes I just want to dance shakind my head as fast as I can while I drink some beer mixed with whiskey. And forget about everything. And remember that pure genius is often found at the bottom of an empty double malt beer glass.



“What it is, only God knows. In terms of matter I suppose the thing Ammi described would be called a gas, but this gas obeyed the laws that are not of our cosmos. This was no fruit of such worlds and suns as shine on the telescopes and photographic plates of our observatories. This was no breath from the skies whose motions and dimensions our astronomers measure or deem too vast to measure. It was just a colour out of space – a frightful messenger from unformed realms of infinity beyond all Nature as we know it; from realms whose mere existence stuns the brain and numbs us with the black extra-cosmic gulfs it throws open before our frenzied eyes.”




Now I just have to wish a VERY happy new year and hope that evry bad thing will turn out good. Keep it noisy!


~ by petetheripper on December 28, 2010.

8 Responses to “2010 : a retrospective through the eyes of a fatty with sideburns”

  1. nice and long post mate!
    first of all thanks eheh. I’m not used to do a best of list but I agree on some of the releases and gigs you listed: the split 7″ dispersiaa / sakatat, electric wizard and EHG above all.
    have a noisy new year simone!

  2. I think that the last Electric Wizard is really sterile. No new ideas, so they decided to record it like it was recorded in a small room and with all this phaser/flanger sounds and samples to make it psychedelic. The only thing that makes this great is the hype it received. If you listen to Come my fanatics then you could see E.W. were capable of releasing awesome psychedelic stuff with some melodic parts too, withoud being a copycat of the past album. But that’s my idea!
    Why don’t you make us a present and rip the Dislecksick tape??:P

  3. Uhm. you’re not the first with that opinion fibro, so I think it’s an album who breaks people in two big parts, the ones who loves and the onws who despises it… It really hooked me on multiple levels but, for example, I’m not a big fan of the first two albums, so we have different tastes in EW career ehehehe.
    For the tape, if Dave wants, I surely can!

  4. YOu should really get ya hands on the Gas Chamber LP, it might be a new entry on this list eheheh 🙂
    Inoltre:buon nano nuovo.

  5. Hi,
    What is this picture at the header of the main page? Where did you get it from? I’m very interested in the history of this picture.

    • Hi!
      I got it from /x board on 4chan about two years ago… I don’t remember quite well, but there was another picture of the same scene, apparently about a woman killing a bunch of babies… I think it was in the Balkan region but I’m not sure if I remember well!

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