Rob Fornicator is coming to town!


I’m quite strange. When I think about American Death Metal, usually I don’t think about Death, Deicide, Cannibal Corpse or even Autopsy (Satan bless them). My first thought when I hear the words USA and death put together is surely about likes of Frightmare, Lord Gore, Blood Freak and Whore. All these projects share the mighty Maniac Neil on guitars and, let me tell you, I really love that man, but Whore also features Rob Fornicator on vocals. That man is a fucking sicko. He is probably one of the sickest minds in the scene and I think his works are all drenched in an unholy bucket of piss/pus/menstrual blood/sperm/filth/ebola virus/vomit/shit/whatever, giving to each song Rob made a recognizable reek of sleaziness and vulgarity. Back in the days I used to buy Metal Hammer (forgive me, I was young) and on an issue it featured a review of the infamous Unfinished Business by Whore,

dismissing it as crap not talking about music but just stopping at the cover art. It was the first I’ve ever sent a mail to a magazine complaining about how stupid and unprofessional they was and I was even featured on the next issue! Whore was the first band I started fighting for, so I was really tied to it.



Now it’s time for Fornicator and I’m pretty honoured to give this demo a review. The career of the band was quite short, with only a split EP with Meat Shits and a full length, which is dismissed by the only review about it on Metal Archives as pure garbage. I don’t know about it, but this demo is REALLY good. If you want your death metal to be original, progressive, technical, philosphy induced or full of ancient populations references, I think you’ll receive a huge blast of “fuck you” from this tape. This DEMO 2000 was recorded, guess it, in 2000, with a three-piece line up featuring Rob Fornicator on vocals, Stroker Ace on guitar and bass and Sexy Necrodeziac on drums. Their style was pretty intense, reminding me a lot early Pungent Stench, which is also covered with their classic Just Let Me Rot. Fornicator’s death metal is pounding and relentless, with the rhytmn session in full front, featuring very good drums and a great taste in bass picking. The song structure is really simple, with straightforward composition and easy to remind and brutal guitar riffs. Just like the bands from Maniac Neil, Fornicator doesn’t focus on technique or intricate songwriting, but prefers to put its effort in an intense and well balanced death metal, with predictable but catchy hooks and headbanging inducing approach to drum sections. Vocal wise, good ol’ Rob sticks to a guttural growl that enhanches the sick and twisted porno concept of this demo, with his menacing and filthy throat bursts. I have also to say that the production is very good and, even if it’s a demo, this tape can display a great sounding bunch of songs that wouldn’t be out of place on a full length album or, maybe, on a collection vinyl (this is a wish, anyone out there?). I’ve preferred to keep the gem for the end, but you will find on this tape and AMAZING version of Running Wild classic tune Under Jolly Roger. When I’ve read the tracklist I was expecting a joking version but what I’ve got is a great sounding and really humble cover of one of my all time favorite classic metal tune. Surely pirates were fornicators, so I think the song can fit very well in the concept too!



This tape is limited to 100 copies and comes with great silk screened tapes and a professionally printed, great looking, inlay full of infos.


Co-released by No Visible Scars and Vaginal Apocalypse Records.



Huge thanks to Bill from No Visible Scars for the tape!

By the way, it’s Xmas night here and I’ve thought that reviewing Fornicator’s demo was the best way to salute all these hypcorite values and fake smiles….


~ by petetheripper on December 25, 2010.

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