Sore Throat, Nausea & Headache like Blabbermouth pt. 2 : exclusive LAST rehearsal session from DISPEPSIAA!

You must know by now how much I love those crazy minds from Dispepsiaa and how much I’m sad about the demise of the band, even if it spawned a great and promising new act. Anyway, I think the world misses some Dispepsiaa so I was BLASTED, yeah, BLASTED, when my friend Rafael sent me this bunch of songs, coming from the very last rehearsal session of his former band. I was told that an official re-recording of these songs will be featured on a new release in 2011. Can’t wait for it!

Sadly, no cover art this time, but enjoy this sheer blunt force trauma of pure, unrelenting, pounding, unforgiving, raw and harsh old school grindcore, the Brazilian way!



~ by petetheripper on December 13, 2010.

5 Responses to “Sore Throat, Nausea & Headache like Blabbermouth pt. 2 : exclusive LAST rehearsal session from DISPEPSIAA!”

  1. grandissimo!! ascolto subito!

  2. Just one thing, Simone. This rehearsal session was never meant to be used on the Wadge split. We mostly recorded this session to help Eric (Bastard Noise) to learn how to play them. Eric was supposed to be the bassist on that record, but unfortunately, almost nothing concerning that record happened for real. The official recording was recorded (and not mixed and mastered) even before this rehearsal session. It took so long to get done, because one of the reasons that it didn’t work out for Eric to record his lines, was the he was passing through lots of things on his personal life + lots of work with his band. So it got into a point (delay) that i felt obligated to cancel that collaboration. For those who are interested, that official recording will be used in something on 2011. You can listen to one track from that recording which is “Restos”, the first one on that Myspace nowadays crap box ( And yes, a Dispepsiaa / Wadge split didn’t happen for real, but a Frustrazione / Wadge split is already planned for 2011. Once again, thank you so much for everything, Simone!!! And thanks to Attila as well!

  3. ahah, anyway, good news!

  4. When was it recorded?

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