Noisecore in Small Doses : 100 ways to support your scene

On The Extreme Noise Forum Niels from CSMD/NFL wrote that Small Doses is for those who loved the Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh! series. I think he was true, because this compilation (aside the huge amount of band involved) really manages to give a perfect picture of noise scene today. The bands on this CD are really various spanning from noisecore, to death metal, goregrind, grindcore, pornogrind, hars, HNW, ambient and so on, all driven by the strong power known as passion. The booklet is AMAZING with some room for each band and five pieces of really cool commentary. Reading it was very interesting and somewhat sad, because it contains the words of people who has been in the scene since ages and can see the difference between before and now, And it was just like when I was reading it that I’ve decided how to do this review. At first I wanted to a classic compilation post, describing Small Doses in its overall and poiting out the highlights. But then I’ve read this, from Andy Mortville :

“People are content with downloading a folder of mp3 online instead of buying something a label and 100 diferent bands have poured so much energy and time into it”.

I couldn’t pass on. So I try to show my support and say a good and heartfelt GOODBYE (which hides a hopefully SEE YOU SOON) to Mortville by doing this review as much as accurate and BIG I could. And since Niels was so kind to send me a copy for free I also wanted to pay a tribute to him and, by extent, all the co-productors and noise freaks out there by writing this review with a lot of booze, coffee, lack of sleep, passion and without any kind of filters.

They kick off the compilation, having the heavy due to give the first impression. Starting this amount of noise with a cool Sergio Leone’s movie music is great, but when they start destroying everything with a cool explosion of noise it gets even better…

02 – AKBK – After Kidnapping Before Killing
AKBK hails from Japan and took me by surprise with their weird jazzy noisecore/grind with a very, very, very chaotic approach to that subject. If you like your noise when it can do math but with a freaky factor you’ll like this tune.

03 – NECROLYTIC – Assclaw
Necrolytic comes from Portland, Oregon and delivers one old track from their 2001 demo. Pretty short and generic death metal/grindcore with some noisy edges. The vocals are low and guttural and stick more to the gore/death environment. Not bad, but gets lost in the bunch.

04 – PENIS GEYSER – Untitled
No titles, just a statement in the booklet : MUSIC IS FOR PUSSIES. Yeah, I love that. Being the stars of one the best EPs of 2010, Penis Geyser didn’t fail in making a good impression to me. Ultra downtuned and distorted messy noise with a low tempo vibe, for fans of Permanent Death.

05 – CACA SONICA – Mucha Mierda Para Mas De Morir
Here it is, the legends from Ecuador! Their track starts with a weird WitchDoctor-like vocal part, then turns into a punkish riff and finally explodes in the ultra-sharp noisecore madness Caca Sonica is known for. Pretty cool track, with a very clean sound that makes clear each instrument without losing the noise vibe. Very good indeed.

06 – STAB! – 7 Minutes Of Nausea Cover
Good cover of 7MON by these tongue-in-cheek blatantly racist band from USA (or at least I think so). Nice one, with nice sound and pretty intense playing. If you like mid-90’s Anal Cunt you won’t get disappointed by this band.

07 – PTAO – Untitled
Untitled session by these noise freaks. I’ve already talked a lot about their latest efforts in other posts and this track, even if I don’t know from which session comes from, sticks to the quality evel of the 4ka series. Short songs, 1-2-3 NOISE attitude and the usual schizophrenic approach. You just can’t get wrong with PTAO.

A totally unfamiliar name to me. Makua Valley Blast Test begins with a very cool sludgy part that bursts into a noise mayhem. It reminded me a lot early Man Is The Bastard and this is surely one big up for them. This track is obviously too short and not enough to judge them, but I will write name their monicker for future releases. Oh, just one more thing, they come from Hawaii. Holy shit.

09 – THE NATURALS – Four Songs With Mike Complaining
Hailing from Las Vegas, this power trio delivers four songs (with Mike complaining, I know) of messy and feedback-filled grinding noisecore, not too far from a more “musical” version of Deche-Charge. Nothing too original or exciting, but funny and enjoyable noise indeed, not to mention the fact that they suggest everyone to “Smoke dope and listen to GG Allin”. KVLT.

10 – GORGONIZED DORKS – All Trax Untitled
It’s always funny to listen to the Dorks and I find it even more funny when they stick to the noisecore instead of the harsh noise. This is a small and harsh session of saturated strings+sticks noise with horrific grunts and strange electronic bleeps. Brutal and freaky, like Gorgonized Dorks like it. Nobody will get disappointed.

11 – ABLACH – An Unforgiving Disposition
Hailing from Scotland, Ablach features members of Filthpact and Bonesaw and play a raw and downtuned kind of grindcore, heavily influenced by mid-90s classics. Growl/scream alternation makes vocals quite enjoyable, while music-wise they sound like a bass-oriented version of Denak. Quite good effort pals!

Cedrics Lettuce is an obscure USA based harsh noise project, which delivers a, well, harsh & noisy track full of distortion and rubber sounds. Cool stuff to shake your ears after eleven tracks of core kind of noise.

13 – FUNERAL MONGOLOIDS – El Morto Porno
The booklet says “Authentic Finnish Noisecore Stupidity” and well, I don’t know if they’re stupid, but Funeral Mongoloids sounds Finnish and noisecore without any doubts. Messy, freaky and with the classic touch of the other GREAT Finnish bands, that’s the way Funeral Mongoloids will assault your ears.

14 – FUNG TUNT – 8 O’ Clock Butching
High pitched sounds. Distortion. Cracks. More Distortion. Straight forward drumming. That’s all you’ll receive from this one-man project named Fung Tunt. Kinda weird.

15 – SMG – Self Esteem
Oh, good ol’ SMG. They recorded this song with a 2 piece line up and managed to delivery their usual amount of noisy old school grindcore. I love this band, they are always one of the best bands to play raw grindcore today and I think it’s a shame they’re still so unrecognized by a lot of supposed grind followers. Long live SMG!

16 – BEARTRAP – The Closed Art Of Exhibition / Penetrate The Ketchup Bottle
Beartrap is a name which I came across a lot of times but never managed to listen to anything. They deliver two songs played in a very weird way. After saying the title they start playing like they’re very far away, then burst into a full volume noise mayhem. The songs are very short but also enjoyable. Beartrap is a name to keep in mind for the future.

17 – ZULANWAR – Chemical Slave
Another new name for me! Zulanwar is an obscure duo which delivers a strange digi-noise track with distortion loops and far-away-sounding vocals. Of course this track is very short, but if it was longer it could be called a pseudo-HNW session. Cool. (And let me say it, I love the way these HNW/Harsh tracks fits so well among the more core ones!)

18 – RATTENKRIEG – Untitled
Slow and pounding muddy noise. Expect a cool kind of downtempo grindcore/noisecore, with growling vocals on the sludgy parts and screaming on the fast ones. Cool way to pave the way to faster bands. The only thing that can be a put off is the very low volume, but fuck off, turn up that speakers and enjoy this noise galore.

19 – DISPEPSIAA – Donos De Verdade
Aaaaah, Dispepsiaa. You should know by now I much I loved this band, so hearing something from them after they disbanded is always cool. This is a track by a rehearsal session and delivers the usual amount of raw & old school grindcore awesomeness. Great guitar work, amazing vocals and top notch drumming. Dispepsiaa is dead, long live Dispepsiaa.

Eehehhe I fucking love Iron Butter, They’re funny as hell and very personal as well. This track is almost only bass and drums, but I think I can hear some very low vocals in the mix. Very cool and quite weird. I think this bass-only track it’s a great way to work your way between the fast hatred of Dispepsiaa and the punk attitude of Pottersville.

21 – POTTERSVILLE – 2 Fisted Shit-Fuck
Punk rock. With a selazy and raunchy attitude. That’s it. Do you like GG Allin? Of course you do. Do you like Rupture? Of course. Well, you’ll like Pottersville. Simple and straight to the point guitar work and anthemic choruses. Enjoy!

22 – MEET THE SQUIDABLES – Handlebar Mustache Pubes
Weird. This trio from the USA delivers one short track of what it seems environment recordings, with strange noises, a carillon and an eerie far away melody. It grows quite haunting and, well, weird!

23 – CSMD – Space Eye
Oh, my CSMD. I’m getting a little faboyish here, but these freaks from Dutchopia are absolutely a major happiness factor in my life. They play a short track, full of bass slams and theremin madness. It fits perfectly the mood of the great Japanese Sci-Fi Monster Funk EP. If you like your noise to be space influenced, you’ll love this track!

24 – AMNOGOMUSIKIMALO – 24 Traxxx About Voices In Your Head
Amnogmomusikimalo hails from Russia and spawns 24 tracks of pure noisecore galore in less than 29 seconds. The track starts about some weird voices and then the noise starts kicking in, so you can’t say the title fooled you. They sound a little bit “digital”, but they manage to sound enojable and really entertaining. Very cool noisecore!

25 – COGS AND SPROCKETS – Pass The Buck
This band was new to me, but I can see they have a quite wide discography! Anyway, Cogs And Sprockets hails from Las Vegas and play a very cool kind of noisy grindcore, with pounding drums and simple and straight to the point riffing. The vocals span from an acid and rancid scream to a low and guttural growl. Pretty standard stuff, but nicely executed. For die hard fans of old school grindcore.

26 – DEEP FRIED EMBRYO – Homemade Sex Change / Pissed In Mouth
After a funny sample the Iowa based Deep Fried Embryo kicks in with two harsh and rotting songs of pure downtuned noisecore mania. Vocals destroy guitar, bass destroys guitar and drums destroy everything. Cannibal way of songwriting! The final result is a utterly great kind of messy and frequency-fighting noisecore, enjoy!

27 – THE EARWIGS – Untitled
The Earwigs is a living legend of harsh noisecore and with this untitled session they put their trade mark even in this compilation. Great disgust & disease filled harsh noise session, full of white noises, distorted vocals, whistle, blows and screams, everything minced up in some whirlwind of blades and gravel. No joking at all.

28 – DOKTOR BITCH – Stupid
After all that noise Doktor Bitch sounds like the most melodic band in the world, while they deliver a short but cool crusty punk song, with a simple lick and a linear but spit in the face vocal part. I like their style, reminded me a lot a polished version of super classic Rupture!

29 – JOSHUA NORTON CABAL – Images Of The Floating World
The disturbing image in the booklet warned me, but the music frightened me without premonition. I think this is a duo, but I may be wrong, and they deliver a very disturbing mix of concrete music, harsh noise, ambient and industrial, everything topped with super pissed off screaming. Pretty interesting stuff!

30 – TEENAGE DESIRES – Sexual Exemption
This five piece hails from Tokyo and play a very raw and chaotic kind of electronic influenced noise. I personally think this song doesn’t fit well the style of the band and it’s used as an intro or soemthing like that. The fact that it lacks of vocals just emphatizes my thought. Anyway, this tuff is quite interesting and, since the band features members from Flagitious Idiosyncrasy Of The Dilapidation, Butcher ABC, Nikudorei, Shigai and many other, it will be surely checked again in the future!

Dysmorfic is from Italy and play a New York Against The Belzebu cover. I’m really proud of this, because no one talks about that amazing band from Brazil and seein a tribute to them by an Italian band is a really good thing. Classic pounding drums + sleazy guitars and corish vocals. Expect your usual dose of Brazilian noise dressed up by Italian stylists!

32 – CHOCOLATE CRUCIFIX – Unholy Ghost
Pounding drums and heavy bass notes are the appetizer for an unmerciful beating of vocals and noise. This song by these Texas fuckers is a very nice blurr noise assault, in the vein of old school Anal Cunt and 7 Minutes Of Nausea and the contrast between the slower beginning part and the faster ending one is simply great. Keep an eye on them!

33 – METROPOLIS – Bong-O.D.R.I.
Total demented noise by Metropolis, a fine three piece from Japan. They fill their sound with feedbacks and bass distortion, generating a thick wall of noise that will assault your ear. Think a muddy and more straight forward version of late 90’s Final Exit and you’ll get the picture. Really cool stuff.

34 – FACIALMESS – Pricktease
A ridicolous voice with a strong Spanish accent will introduce you by the noise made by Facialmess, a one man project from Chiba, Japan. His sound is a disturbing combination opf bursting noises, loops and high pitched bleeps. If you like your noise to be nervous and unrelenting, you have found half a minute of pure pleasure!

35 – TxQxBx – More Sickness Than Meets The Eye
Here they are, TxQxBx, the noisecore masters from Norway. They stick to their classical style, so if you have loved the Spontaneous Death tape you will like this song. Straight forward full throttle drumming, with distorted low tuned guitars and growling & screaming vocal assault. Amazing stuff, really a band to keep an eye on!

Ladies and gentlemen : the legends. Violent Headache can turn a shit to gold, their approach is simply GREAT and they have the gift of the “perfect grind songwriting ability”. This song was recorded in their rehearsal room and even if vocals are too much distorted and overpower instruments, it still kicks ass. Violent Headache are simple, way too “regular” for grindcore elitists, but screw them, Violent Headache KICKS ASS.

37 – PSYCHOTIC SUFFERANCE – Perhembaan Kelas Satu
Malaysia gave birth to these fuckers and Psychotic Sufferance never failed to stand proud in the noise universe. They play a fucking thick of grinding noisecore, with a super-acid screaming that pairs with a from-the-cave growl, all shouted upon a super messy and unrecognizable wall of harsh noisecore. For lovers of blurr and spaztic noise!

38 – RUPTURE – Eraser Evasor
If GG Allin was still alive he would have travelled to Australia to take the place of Gas Chamber. When I try to describe Rupture I say that they sound like a scratched Ramones records, played at double speed with a man pouncing on the throat of everyone who tries to sing. Mmmmm, this song sounds just like that! Rupture is dead, long live Rupture!

39 – MUMMIFIER – Full Blast
Mummifier features Andy Mortville on guitars and plays a fast paced kind of old school mid paced death metal. Yeah. It sounds just like a death metal band with doom influences played at wrong speed. Just listen at those guitar leads! Very cool stuff, you will heabang at thos AMAZING bass lines. Really cool stuff!

40 – SAUERKRAUT – False Images Of Supersociety
Sauerkraut is a really funny band, but this song is not convincing me enough. I prefer what they’ve done on other releases, this sounds just too much linear for me, with a too “thin” sound and with a song structure that, well, let’s you know that won’t happen anything. Super fun approach and noise attitude at its best, but I think that have done a lot better!

41 – COMPARATIVE ANATOMY – Banana Grinder
Digital grindcore with animal samples. It sounds quite funny isn’t it? Comparative Anatomy surely took thos shitty bands like Canine and Hatebeak and took their idea to a decent level, with nice songs and a more various approach. While a little bit annoying at first, this song will grow on you and became a personal favorite. Cool stuff!

Braid Of The Black Smoke is a nosie project from Connecticut and I assume is a one man band (or at least is my idea!). It delivers a quite linear drumming which sometimes speeds up in a blastbeat fest topped with ultra disturbing guitar high pitched distortions. It sounds very, very ear-piercing and disturbing, which isn’t a bad way to sound, I think. I hope to listen more from this man!

Melanocetus Murrayi is a personal fave of mine. This Greek freaks deliver another lethal dose of their Gore Beyond Necropsy injected analog harsh noise, full of echoes and reverbs, topping a super thick white/blue/pink/brown/whatever noise + drumming base. Quite mesmerizing and evocative kind of noise, if you ask me!

44 – NIKUDOREI – 28 Seconds.
Another legend! Nikudorei is surely one of the best known name in Japanese noise scene and with these 28 seconds they stick another nail in the coffin of music! Amazing nervous and relentless harsh noisecore, with pissed off “vocals” and menacing noises shredded among a mental diseas inducing song “structure”. The weird feeling you’ll get is like seeing something so messed up and grotesque that still looks right and fine for you. Great stuff!

45 – NIHILIST COMMANDO – Howls Of Repression
Respect this project, because the man behind it is one of the biggest spreaders of the word of noisecore through his website! Nihilist Commando is a pissed off version of unstructured noisecore, full of blasts, guitar distortions and utterly GREAT screams. Vocals are one of the best stuff from this band, which sound so desperate, so distant and cynic that will make you think again about your whole life!

46 – BONESAW – Transylvanian Plunger
Bonesaw features members from Ablach and are also from Scotland. They play a straight to the point kind of death metal, with huge Autopsy influences. They sound like a less thick version of Haemophagus and they won’t be strangers in a Razorback roster. Fucking great doomish and old school death metal. The vocals are very catchy and they break the song in two with an amazing guitar lick. Very nice band!

47 – JOHNSTOMPER AKA BEN IS THE BASTARD – Jesters//Clowns//Ventriloquists//Stilt Walkers + Other Important People
Here it is, the band with one of the most hilarious name in extreme music history. These two weirdos are spawning from Mancruel and as their original band and their monicker can suggest, they play powerviolence. Fast and nervous drums + bass (I think) kind of powerviolence, with a slower part at the end. Nice stuff indeed!

48 – GRAND OLD LADY – Slow Dance
This is weird. Grand Old Lady plays a strange kind of jazzy grindcore, with an intricated clean instruments base topped with a fast and pissed off screaming. The music is also quite happy, which is very strange to me, ehehehe. The closest band I can compare is Cause For Effect, I think, so if you’re into that kind of stuff you’ll like also Grand Old Lady!

49 – HARSH SUPPLEMENT – Untitled
Drums + bass awesome noisecore from this duo coming from Canada. They are not the last arrived, so you can relie on their ability to create very cool old school noisecore buried in a super lo-fi recording. This session starts with a pretty classical one-two-three NOISE attitude and then explodes in a mayhemic whirlwind of distortion and pissed off vocals. Cool stuff!

50 – MUTWAWA – Mutwawa
From the dark caves of Virginia here they are : MUTWAWA! This crazy duo delivers a very alienating and psychotic hallucinosis inducing power electronic track. Loops, bleeps, sampled druming, fading, pedals, you know the deal. I’m not too much into this stuff, but the almost ritual nature of this track makes me listen to it in a very good mood!

51 – PATISSERIE – Throbital Udosite / Castralizitaized
Oh, Patisserie. I really like this band and with two songs they didn’t failed to make me confirm my love for them. The Japanese grinders sound just like the full throttle son of Regurgitate and Dead Infection, with a lot of cool riffs and amazing super fast drumming. They’re taking goregrind back to its extreme roots, so if you think Last Days Of Humanity are too slow for you, grab these two songs (one of them being the worst spelling one EVER) and you won’t be disappointed!

52 – 2 MINUTA DREKA – Ass Busters
Here they are, Bologna pride, 2 Minuta Dreka! With this very short track (just 8 seconds!) they jump back to their noisecore roots, beginning the song with a drum line that flows into a super distorted riff and pitched vocals. Cool stuff, just not far from LDOH and Meat Shits early recordings.

53 – CHADBURGER – Shut The Fuck Up
Another new name for me! Chadburger is a four piece from Korea (!!!) which plays a grinding fastcore that reminded me a lot one of my all time favorite PV band, Straight Edge Kegger, especially with those pissed off vocal lines! The quality is low, because this song was recorded live with an mp3 player, but they seem very intense and passionate. Keep an eye on them!

54 – SCREWTAPE – Extreme Unction
ANOTHER new name for me! I think they’re from Australia and well…mmm…I don’t know how I can review 4 (yes 4) seconds fo harsh noise. Their track is a linear track with a short bass drone and a little variation in the end. Not so much to talk about…

55  – SETE STAR SEPT – Lost In Time
I remember this band from my early days in grindcore but I’ve never listened to it. What a mistake. They play a really cool power violence induced grindcore with a very messy production. Music-wise they are very intense and nervous, playing without guitar and letting bass gaining all the attention. One of my favorite things about this band are vocals, splitted between pissed off vocals and grunts very similar to Lack Of Interest. Cool band!

56 – PARLAMENTARISK SODOMI – Statsmaktene, P-Piller Og Universitet I Sin Hellnet
From Norway, the wonder boy who destroys music under the name Parlamentarisk Sodomi. This song is just like a series of 4 short blasts played in a very cool way as you can clearly hear the talent this guy has in composing grind tunes. This session reeks of old school noisecore, with short songs HUGELY inspired by 7 Minutes Of Nausea and with that very cool echo effect at the end of each burst. Great.

57 – JOE PESCI – The Nightmare Continues
Joe Pesci is one of my favorite actors. I’ve never liked that much the band Joe Pesci. This song is a super fast grindcore track, with pretty canonic alternation between screaming and grunting. It reminds me a lot early Denak, with the speed factor that we learned to love, Not bad at all!

58 – DIS-EASED – Cancerous Habits
Dis-Eased hails from Canada and played a pretty regular crust influenced old school grindcore. I say played because they’re no more, always sorry for band splitting up! Anyway, their style is as standard as it can sound, but they still manage to sound fresh and interesting! Live recording.

59 – LED BEASTIES – Gay Muslim Abortionist
This band is very obscure, on Moderate Noise Wiki all that I could find is that they PROBABLY are from Alabama. Anyway, they play a very harsh kind of noisecore, with what it seems some actual instruments melted with bended circuits, bleeps and vomiting vocals. Pretty cool mix that will surely make some of your brain cells die!

60 – BLACK MARKET FETUS – Rocktober Blood
Horror flicks  + Iowa fuckheads = instantly win! Black Market Fetus always hit my soft spot, they’re hard, they’re sleazy, they’re raunchy, they’re everything some rock n roll induced goregrind should be! This track is really cool, even if it’s very short, with amazing pounding drums, great vocals and a super catchy guitar riffs. Surely the BEST band outta Des Moines (are you listening, Slipknot?).

61 – SLAUGHTERGRAVE – In Mince We Trust
And now it’s time for my friends from Slaughtergrave. If you love your mincecore to be simple, straight to the point, bass driven and crust influenced, you’ll love this band. They play a raw mincecore SUPER INJECTED by punk, with simple riffing, shouted vocals and front row bass picking. This song is not one of their best, but when they speed up and let the groove flow, you’ll know they deserve your attention!

62 – TEA PARTY VIOLENCE – Smashlee Simpson
Tea Party Violence is a project which features the man behind Xanax Feast, so I’m happy to hear something from him again. This song is a digital mayhem of square waves, loops and a strange loop in the end. Vocal wise it delivers an harsh and pissed off bunch of vocal lines, which remind me an effect driven version of the ones from early Total Fucking Destruction. Amazing violence and nevrotic mood inducing!

Juhyo is an USA based collaboration between Brian (Surrounded) and Bill (Oblong Box), which dwells in the soundscapes/ambient realm. This track is very short but manages to put you in a very bad mood, with a sort of paranoia and unpleasent feeling crawling on your spine. Amazing way to go through the digital nervous breakdown of Tea Party Violence and the following noise from Kusari Gama Kill.

64 – KUSARI GAMA KILL – 1000 Blasted Bodies
Back in the golden era of MySpace Kusari Gama Kill nominated me one of their sideburns bros. Amazing. Bleeps, bent waves, noises, distortions, digital drum patterns. Everything on this track is well balanced and co-operate to create a funny and entertaining song, topped with a metal sounding (not the genre, the material!) vocal line. Amazing, as always!

65 – GODSTOMPER – Infiltrator / French Prison / Anarchist Cops / Blackbox
We had the parody, now we have the original band! Gostomper manages to fit four songs in eight seconds, playing something like drum blast+couple of bass notes+grunts. Great stop and go galore! Godstomper is a really cool band and keeps up the great “trend” of amazing duos which plays amazing music! Can I say I really like the way the bass acts as an ending note between noise and silence? Poetic.

66 – BLAST FEMUR – Icelandic
Here’s another new one for me. Blast Femur is a pretty obscure band? project? duo? I dunno. Anyway this song is just acoustic guitar with a woman speaking on it. It gets you in something like an alert mode, with the eerie melodies flowing in your ears like melted wax. Strange, at least on this compilation, but really cool sound!

67 – 7 MINUTES OF NAUSEA – Black Death X
I think I don’t have to introduce 7MON. They almost invented a genre we love, so I just have to bend my head and resepct. On this session they feature their usual muddy, pissed off style of the later releases, with an huge amount of distortion, few drums, amazing guitar “riffs” and raunchy, sick vocals. There’s also a drone in the background which adds consistence to the noise wall and inject it with a strange and curious eerie feeling. All hail 7MON!

68 – KALI YUGA DEATH PARTY – Nietzschean Fuck Off
Ultra obscure French project! I can’t find infos about them, but on this recording Kali Yuga Death Party sounds just like Rupture on a black metal rampage! For what I can hear they sing in their native language, with a very cool dualism : the rough vocals + guitar sounds are just tore out some early Norske BM record, while the structure, the rhytmn and the “clean” vocals are just in a pure Rupture style. Amazing, isn’t it?

69 – CAPTAIN THREE LEG – Exploiting The Hole / Triple Leg
Another legendary project from Andy Mortville! Captain Three Leg has been around since ages and with this recording they’re keeping up their amazing style. They mix in a very cool way grindcore, goregrind and noisecore, with core structures, gore sounds (especially vocals and pounding drums) and noise approach. They can be compared to a more extreme and noise induced version of Super Fun Happy Slide in demo years. Great stuff!

70 – PAPACONIA – Sex & Violence
No, it’s not a Carnivore cover! Papaconia is a Japanese one man project from the sick mind of Gokkun, delivering thirty seconds of eardrums-destroying noise. He managed to build up a solid concrete wall of noise with a guitar, noise effects, a constant fading fx, pissedd off vocals and, from what I can hear, a drum machine. Cool!

71 – SHATTER DEAD – Caro Delta Vermibus / Machine-Gunned To Aplie Of Mush / Cesspool
Noisy old school grindcore from Brazil? You can bet on the quality of this band! Shatter Dead is a new name to me, but they manage to catch my attention and my pleasure, with their awesome grindcore drenched in noise and old school galore. These three tracks display their blind fury used in composing traditional and aswesome early-90s grindcore tunes. If you love Necrose, Industrial Holocaust and Noise you’ll love Shatter Dead!

72 – AGATHOCLES – Abrir Las Puertas
Only Cripple Bastards can make me go more fanboysh than Agathocles. The Belgium grindcore godfathers deliver one relatively new tune, Abrir Las Puertas, recorded during their tour in South America during 2007. That means they should have featured the always missed Tony in their line up… This track is pure mincing grindcore which revels in fuzzy and noisy awesomeness. If you like grindcore you must know what this is all about, so just enjoy this song and bang your head!

73 – BATILLUS – Untitled
Batillus is a four piece from Brooklyn delivering a blackened kind of ultra heavy and lo-fi sludge. Distortions are over the top, covering each note knee deep in noise. They are quite big right now, playing with bands like Naam and Sea Of Bones, so expect to heir the name Batillus quite often in the near future. This track is despising, with its haunting lullabie-like rhytmn and the dark atmospheres it can create. Nice one!

74 – BARBARIAN SCUM – Backward Faeces
Barbain Scum is a very obscure project with just one man behind it, or at least I think so. After a female voice as an intro, the noise starts to kick in, with distorted blasts, noisy frequencies, bleeps and so on. The main feature is the vocals, dominated by a super pitched speech and sampled grunts. This stff reminds me a lot of Bastard Noise, so if you’re into the legends, you’ll also like the apostles!

75 – INTESTINAL FORTITUDE – Squashed / Careers Ended In An Instant
Ok, this one man band has a wrestling belt and Triple H in the logo. Awesomeness. Lyrics deal with pro-wrestling topics. Amazingness. Music wise Captain Chris Andrews delivers a whirlwind of straight to the point drums coupled with AMAZING guitar riffings, full of solos and great licks which reminded me a lot the likes of Frightmare and Fondlecorpse (!!!). Vocal wise he switches from classic grunts to a monotonic cleaner vocal style which reminded me good ol’ Disleksick. Greats tuff indeed.

76 – COLICO – Untitled
Ecuador legends Colico kick back with this absolutely CRAZY session. Everything is created upon a super funny Spanish voice who introduces sexual topics with some cheesy porn music, interrupted by the band which delivers their usual amount of noise, created by guitar shredding, weird drumming and wacky vocals, switching among grunts, shrieks, clean screams and well, you name it… Colico rules and can always bring a smile to my face!

77 – JET JAGUAR KR-3 KILL SPREE – The Adventures of Two-Headed Unicorn and Dead Baby Bird / The Adventures of Herpes Porpoise and Vomiting T-Rex
JJKR3KS is an obscure project which delivers an harsh amount of digital noise, using drum machine, noises, bleeps, strange digital drones, bended circuits, pedals, blasphemies, curses, insects, burps and so on. Music-wise it’s quite amusing, with a cold and digital sound that manages to feel also somewhat warm and life-pulsing. Vocals are really funny, being an acid scream effected to sound like it’s drenched in helium. Good band!

78 – HELLO KITTY MOTHER FUCKERS – Hello Koncho / Hello Kitty For Men
My girlfriend loves Hello Kitty. My girlfriend collects stuff from Hello Kitty. My girlfriend works in the Hello Kitty Store. My girlfriend doesn’t like Hello Kitty Mother Fuckers. This two pieces from Baltimore delivers a cool grinding noisecore, built apon some simple drums blasts, with linear riffing, fuzzy vocals and some noise programming. The final result is a quite regular but enjoyable noisecore, in the vein of early Cripple Bastards. Give em a try!

79 – SUPER FUN HAPPY SLIDE – Chunder Blunder 4
Super Fun Happy Slide managed to create one hell of an album in 2009 and with this song you’ll remember why. These Aussie fuckers can destroy everything with their amazing blend of old school grindcore full throttle mayhem and gore-tasting guitar work. No time to breath and the few moments when they slow down a little it’s just for punching harder in your face some seconds later. Great!

80 – PENIS ENLARGEMENT – Some Crappy Songs
Damn, I love this band. They’re probably the funniest one around these days, but if you don’t speak Italian you’ll lose a lot of their charm. Their noise is quite good, in the way of Deche Charge and early 7 Minutes Of Nausea, with their trademark, one-two-three NOISE attitude. Hearing Brandy and Nongio saying NOISE VESH is really funny, but you have to hear and understand Nongio’s videos about the names of the noise subgenres or the interludes in their tapes! Great band, just reformed!

I can say the same things I’ve said for Shatter Dead : it’s just too damn hard to find a bad band when the combination is Brazil and old school noisy grindcore. Ataque Cardiaco is a Brazilian two pieces which delivers a tremendous grindcore track, with great riffing and top notch drumming, while vocals are splitted in classic grunts and pissed off shrieks. This band is really good and I really look forward some of their releases!

82 – BLOODY RECTUM – Hands Up His Ass
Bloody Rectum is a 4 piece from Iowa and on their MySpace they say : “Basically we play different shit at different times” and I can’t agree more with them, ehehehe. They are very chaotic, with drum patterns that doesn’t follow guitar and bass riffing and random pissed off screams. The final result is a little bit disappointing at first but the annoying feeling that they create grows on you and after some listenings you will end up liking this shit. Weird but cool!

83 – CAULIFLOWER ASS & BOB – Drink Myself to Death
Holy shit XD This duo from USA has released an album called Songs In The Key Of Drunk and, believe me, it describes their sound in a PERFECT way. They use an acoustic guitar and a weird trumpet to play booze induced melodies topped with drunk vocals. This stuff is addicting. If you liked crazy shit like 50 Ways To Kill Me, Impaled Northern Moon Forest and, above all, the Picnic Of Love album by Anal Cunt, you won’t stop listening to Drink Myself To Death.

84 – DROGHEDA – Maggots In The Rotting Ass Of Democracy
Drogheda is living since 1992, so they’re not the last arrived. Hailing from Ohio, this four-piece delivers an incredible amount of sheer brutality with their trademark guitar work oriented full speed grindcore. I’ve never been a big fan of Drogheda but I have to admit this song really caught me up- Really good grindcore the brutal way!

85 – FASCIST INSECT – Spectre Of Extreme Violence
Fascist Insect was formed by four freaks from Ohio and plays an industrial influenced powerviolence influenced grindcore. The drummer is really good, with a lot of tempo changes between slow patterns and fast blastbeats. Guitars are quite in the background but the wall noise they manage to create is amazing. Vocal wise they usually stick to an acid screaming, but sometimes a low grunt kicks in adding variety value. Good tune!

86 – MOLECULAR CLOUD – Hydrogen Burst
Molecular Cloud hails from Ontario and delivers a very eerie and haunting short track. The beginning is dominated by a cool bleeping sound that can fit PERFECTLY in a CSMD record, so you’ll know the deal. Despite the project being more about deep space and chemistry, when the melody kicks in the first thought that came to my mind is : western movie. Maybe I’m weird, maybe I’m just plain stupid, but that’s my feelings! Cool project indeed.

87 – NUT SCREAMER – Goat Fucker
Nut Screamer is a side project of Pile Of Eggs, so you know tha demented factor will be very high. I really wanna talk about music but this track is just someone pretending to be a goat and screaming here and there. It’s cool in its own way, that’s for sure!

88 – MESRINE – Vingt Secondes / Moose
Mesrine, the legends! Being one of the best bands out of Canada EVER Mesrine can surely be someone you can put your faith into. This live recording show a band in perfect shape, with the usual amount of good riffs and over the top drumming. Even if these songs are quite simple and surely not the best of their career they display how great bands work : even a perfectly regular song can be played in an amazing way and be a blast for everyone. All hail Mesrine!

89 – ZOMBIE HATE BRIGADE – Fistful Of Entrails
Zombie Hate Brigade is a band from Colorado who loves three things : death metal, goregrind and, of course, zombies! They start the song with a sample from Night Of The Living Dead (right? I’m terrible in sample spotting) then kick in with a raunchy and muddy guitar riff, slowing down and speeding up as much as they can, sounding like a cool mix between mid 90’s Dead Infection and early career Last Days Of Humanity!

90 – V.R.V. – 3 Untitled Tracks
VRV is a one man project from Vomit Eater, the guitar player of Primordial Sounds. This Belgian sicko uses a drum machine to create a solid base on which build a guitar and growling wall of noise. Vocal wise he uses pitchshifted grunts to enhanche the sick factor. Overal this stuff is quite good, with a good harsh approach and pretty enjoyable “musical” lines, but I prefer his split with Agathocles…

91 – CDR – Dfgvbjdsdvksdnlsk
Obscure band, unsearchable monicker on Google, no infos in the booklet. Damn. Anyway, this project is very harsh, using drums, guitars, maybe bass, electronics and weird vocals to create an unclimbable wall of noise nd brutality. The vocals reminded me a lot those of Melt Banana and this idea adds a weird atmosphere to the song, creating a strange cross-genre feeling. Cool song!

The Oily Menace is made up by three weirdos from USA, playing unrelenting and blasting grindcore, full of blastbeats, cool breaks and uncompromising growling vocals. They sound just like a heavier version of bands like Phobia or Prett Little Flower, so expect a full throttle harsh & in your face grindcore assault. I really love how drums sound on this song, so pounding and ready to strike you between the eyes. Another band to look after!

93 – MAD EYE DISEASE – Killed On Climax
Surprise. Mad Eye Disease is a band from ZIMBABWE (!!!) who plays a digital sounding human grindcore, with double guitars and no bass. This song is really intense and sounds just like the efforts from Agoraphobic Nosebleed before the crapsterpiece Agorapocalypse, just with a very weird and cool sounding robot-like voice. This band is really enjoyable and I’m really happy to see something moving even in Africa!

94 – RECTAL TWAT – Misogyny is the Way to Be
“I don’t usually listen to noisecore, but when I do I listen to Rectal Twat”, right? Rectal Twat is an amazing band with an incredible amount of releases under its belt. On this song they try to sound more constructed, with 23 seconds of very cool grinding noisecore, with super fuzzy guitars and almost punkish drums. Vocal wise Rectal Twat sticks to a pissed off acid screaming, couple sometimes with a deep barking. Rectal Twat rules!

95 – SLAPENDEHONDEN – Imprecise
Dutch Slapendehonden drags us back to some hardcore after all that noise. Slapendehonden isn’t my favorite band but I have to admit they can mix hardcore, death metal and grindcore in a very cool way, giving to their songs a really cool crust twist that adds that headbanging factor that is always appreciated. Speeding up, slowing down, growling, screaming, it’s all in a day’s work for Slapendehonden, respect!

96 – DERANGED INSANE – Pestilencia
Deranged Insane is another cool band from Brazil, playing a noise induced old school raw grindcore. I have to admit (but probably you made up the same idea) that I really love this way to play grind, ehehhe. Pestilenca is a really cool song, overwhelmed by a terrific groove factor that doesn’t fade out even in the harsher parts. Deranged Insane managed to sound fresh and somewhat NEW in a strict environment like old school grindcore. Really reccomended.

97 – HARD CHARGER – You Will Get Yours
Hard Charger is a cool band coming outta California, playing a cool mix of modern grindcore, powerviolence and crust. This song is fast, pissed off, groovy and yet full of nervous spasms. Guitars are very fuzzy and vocals sounds angry as hell, even if they don’t lose the focus and always sound really appropriated to their context. Not much my genre, but this track is very enjoyable.

98 – GANGBANG GESTAPO – Velvet Fog
Gangbang Gestapo from Michigan is really clever. They try to hide themselves into an huge amount of distortions and effects, but to me they sound like a noise drenched pitcshifted version of a early days grindcore band made up by HUGE fans of Rupture. Their style is based on groove, but not the one that we learned to love/hate from pornogrind bands, but the one that the Aussia most hated band taught us. Nice song, nice groove and capable to bring a smile to your face!

99 – VOMIR – Close. Them. Out.
Vomir is a legend of hars noise wall scene. He hails from France and delivers a concrete wall of almost 30 seconds of unrelenting, hopeless and ear destroying HNW. High distortion level, pure noise attitude and a no-light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel approach. If you love HNW you’ll probably already know him, otherwise I think Vomir is a really good starting point!

100 – WADGE – Last Train To Mortville
Was there a better way to end Small Doses? Wadge is a great band, with an unique approach to their music and a strong personality. Being this compilation something like a fare thee well to Mortville records, I think Last Train To Mortville is an amazing way to salute an amazing label that was never stuck to one genre and always chose the way of experimentalism and passion-driven releases. Wadge track is very, very good and super funny, but probably you already know that by now!







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  2. thanx for the brilliant review!

  3. the video does not work in germany “Content copyright controlled by UMG” could you check this? I would like to see and also link the video at the nausea home/blog…

    • Man, I’m REALLY glad to ahve a feedback from the legends, ehehe! For the video I didn’t put it online, I’ll ask to Niels/CSMD if he can fix it and send you a mail!
      Thanks again man!

  4. […] — Mortville Noise has released something quite interesting that’s getting some good responses. I haven’t heard the thing yet, but even though I haven’t followed the noisecore scene […]

  5. Wow what an awesome review! Thanks for the good words on both bands I’m involved with!

  6. Wow! Thanks for taking the time to write about all 100 tracks. This was an interesting read.

  7. Cheers min fae a’ the loons in Bonesaw.

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  9. Great review !
    Will you do the same with the 100 bands 7″ Vol 1 ?? :DDD
    cheers – christophe

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