Dovunque tu sia, dovunque io vada, saremo sempre unici : Frammenti Di Vita Pt. 2


Bulldozer – Mysoginist (Milan – 1988)

“Get the ideas then get ready to erupt
Fast hand: that’s what you need
Don’t risk to be a father you’d better spread off your seeds”

Declino – Le Regole (Turin – 1985)

“Riempi il bicchiere, non voglio capire, giocati la vita,
Hai già perso”

[Fill the glass, I don’t want to understand, bet your life,
You have already lost]

Impact – Solo Odio (Ferrara, 1984)

“Per voi
Tutto il mio odio.”

[For you
All my hate]

Upset Noise – Asfalto (Trieste, 1985)

Strappare quella maschera”

Tear off that mask]

Schizo – Violence At The Morgue (Catania, 1988)

“Dying on the table of death
Morgue my eternal home
Terminate your butchery
Will I ever be…Alone”

Indigesti – Sguardo Realtà (Vercelli, 1982)

“Immagini confuse
Età sbagliata”

[Confused pictures
Wrong age]

Negazione – Qualcosa Scompare (Turin, 1986)

“Dovunque tu sia, dovunque io vada
Saremo sempre unici”

[Wherever you are, wherever I’ll go
We will always be one of a kind]

Nerorgasmo – Tutto Uguale (Turin, 1993)

“Me ne frego di sapere come riempi il tuo tempo
Fanno ridere le cose che fai
E quando giocate voi avete già perso
Condannati a non vincere mai
Tu non puoi capire
Io voglio solo farti male
E ciò che mi circonda
E’ tutto uguale tutto uguale”

[I don’t care how you fill your spare time
What you do is ridicolous
And when you play you’ve already lost
Condemned to never win
You can’t understand
I just want to hurt you
And what surrounds me
It’s all the same, all the same]

Necrodeath – Mater Tenebrarum (Genoa, 1987)


Raw Power – Factory (Poviglio, 1985)

“Crash his head,beat him,beat him
Crash his head,beat him,beat him
You’ll never regret it”

Blue Vomit – Mai Capirai (Turin, 1982)

“Lame nella carne mi fanno forse stare bene
Lo faccio per me stesso non certo per chi mi sta insieme
Posso fare ciò che voglio non voglio essere giudicato
Me ne frego delle critiche di chi crede di non essere malato
Mai mai mai capirai
Cosa penso e cosa faccio”

[Maybe the blades in my flesh will make me feel better
I do it for myself, not for who is with me
I can do whatever I wwant, I don’t want to be judged
I don’t care about critics from who thinks that he’s not sick
You’ll never, never, never understand
What I think and what I do]

Jester Beast – Clausotrophobic Autogamic (Turin, 1988)

(I couldn’t find the lyrics, so here’s a sentence from one of their promos)
“The lyrics don’t speak about muscles, women or the devil, they are the vision and thoughts of a beast that observes, with his jester eye, the stupidity of man.”

Wretched – Finirà Mai (Milan, 1984)

“Sempre scacciati sempre umiliati
Ma rifiuto una vita di menzogna e paura!
Rifiuto una vita stabilita da loro!
Rifiuto una vita senza futuro!”

[Always thrown away, always humiliated
But I refuse a life made of lies and fear!
I refuse a life ruled by them!
I refuse a life without future!]

Nabat – Asociale Oi! (Bologna, 1981)

“Niente e noia per te
E per gli amici tuoi
Ora un posto ce l’hai […]
Pensa solo per te
Asociale, asociale.”

[Nothing and boredom for you
And your friends
Now you have a place for yourself
You think always for yourself
Antisocial, antisocial]

When I think about 80’s Italian hardcore I think about poetry. Even if some of the bands covered, like Nabat, Schizo, Necrodeath and Bulldog are more into the gang vocals and occult/cheesy horror/funny side, most of Frammenti Di Vita dwells into the poetry environment. I think bands like Negazione or Nerorgasmo really fulfilled to describe the frustration and the struggle that seized Italian youth in those years and still keeps its hold to a lot of guys and girls today. Cripple Bastards is my favorite band and I’m not gonna hide that, but I think they made a GREAT tribute album, because, even if playing in a recognizable way, they remained stuck to the original ones, playing a faithful and humble tribute to the great bands of Italian past. They invited a lot fo guests on these recordings, like Saverio (Woptime, Concrete Block), Ivan (Skruigners), Pier Gonella (Necrodeath), Guasco (Cain, Bang Bangalow) and CC Muz (Jester Beast), giving to this record a very cool and bringing-a-smile-to-your-face vibe. They added two re-recorded versions of two great tunes of their past, Italia Di Merda and Polizia Una Razza Da Estinguere, like Cripple Bastards were trying to put their name among HC legends of 80s and early 90s. I think this effort is useless, because they were already among them…


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