Haemophagia of Crushed & Grinded “music”


Haemophagus is one of Italian’s biggest prides. Their first record is just from five years ago, but after some time to get it started they began to release a great series of simply GREAT stuff. This record is one of their peaks, without any doubt, and features three songs of amazing old school death influenced goregrind. First of all, take a look to the lyrics (fully provided in the inlay) and drool in the filthy and cheesy atmosphere they managed to create. While the songs have strong early-90’s goregrind parts (with Carcass and Repulsion being the strongest inspirations) they inject their sound with an enormous amount of old school death metal. Autopsy, Asphyx, Mantas, Dismember, Entombed and so on are not just influences, but strong presences you can’t deny while listening to Haemophagus. If I have to pick a “modern” band with a very similar sound I have to chose Machetazo, which resembles Haemophagus in thickness and muddiness. Rhytmn is almost always pretty fast, with a lot fo up tempos and pure headbanging mayhem parts. There’s also a good abundance of the classic chainsaw guitars, for the delight of swede-lovers. Guitarwork is really amazing and displays a band in great shae, with inspired riffs and with a strong personality, managing to stand tall and recognizable despite being so heavily influenced by a lot of well-kown bands. Vocal wise Giorgio sticks to an acid growl, really tied with good ol’ Chirs Reifert (Satan bless him) style. The three songs on this record are all great but if I have to pick my favorite I must choose the second one, Cannibal Whore, with its amazing groove and awesome riffing, not to mention the ultra face melting solo in the last section. Amazing old school death metal/goregrind, for fans of Metal Ov Deth legends and Machetazo! Haemophagus are without any doubt one of the best Italian bands around nowadays, support them!


Some time ago I was quite surprised about finding a grindcore band from Norway. That band name was Parlamentarisk Sodomi and now they’re a huge name in grind underground, but still a rarity. Norway is msotly known for black metal and grindcore scene is still small, but something is moving and now we can talk about the amazing Grind Crusher. This split EP is the first record by this Oslo based power trio, but they’re everything but naive. Kai, the bass player, played also in Whip, while Hans Jorgen, the drummer, played in Infanticide, Endwarfement and Diskord. The main surprise comes from lead singer/guitar player Deathanie, who shared her path with Endwarfement and Black Dementia, but also with big black metal bands such as Natterfrost and Taake. This amazing background makes clear why this debut is so intense and well composed. Before this split EP Grind Crusher released a demo Cd-R and provided tracks to the tributes to Nasum and Repulsion. Looking at those whom they played their tribute is a easy way to describe their sound, which dwells both in the proto goregrind full throttle madness and in the modernist way to mince notes. Each song is composed in a GREAT way, with awesome riffs and a very good taste in licks and rhytmn. Guitar parts are well balanced, with simple riffs that bursts into groovy parts that will make you headbang like there’s no tomrorow. The drumming is pretty linear and straight to the point, focused mainly on heavy blasting and thrash-influenced tupatupa (eheheh) instead of the classic crash galore used in a lot of Scandinavian bands. The resulting sound is a thick mass of pounding notes and fat blasts, which explains the Repulsion influence. Bass guitar is in the background, mainly, but sometimes comes out in an awesome way, like in the last song, Disbelieve The Bowels. One of the strong points of Grind Crusher is surely the use of vocals, shared by Deathanie and Hans Jorgen, who switch between a deep growl and an acid screaming, reminding me a lot the Symphonies Of Sickness-era Carcass. If you loved bands like The County Medical Examiners, Super Fun Happy Slide or Insomnia Isterica you will sell your soul for something new from Grind Crusher!


co-released by




ZAS! AUTOPRODUZIONI (HUGE thanks to Marco for the record!)


~ by petetheripper on December 3, 2010.

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