The hardest review of it all : short running drone vs weird electronic music!

Oh my fucking god this is strange. I’m just ending my destroying weekend and my head is numb and tired as hell, so listening to this stuff is kinda mindblowing. I have my senses slowed down, my eye reflex is just gone and my head is pumping with headache and sleepiness. I could let my tired brain be cuddled by gentle sounds and mellow melodies, since it’s blasted by noises and blasbeats since yesterday evening, but no. Tonight is the night and I’m gonna destroy my last braincless with the new output by No Fucking Labels. You just can’t go wrong with that label. Its dedication, its open minded range of releases, its pure and passionate way of destroying your concepts about noise. Everything is just amazing. When I’ve heard that this new EP was released I just couldn’t wait. Come on, everyone knows how much I love CSMD and seeing that incredible band teamed up with an act described as Freak Electro/Exp./Noise made me curious as fuck. I didn’t expected something like this.

Crowd Surfers Must Die side is called The Invasion and features three tracks, even if they’re melted in an unique droning assault, so I can call them “chapters” instead of classic separated songs. Well, you read right, I called this record DRONING and that’s exactly what CSMD is doing. Instead of their classic freaky dose of jazzy and sci-fi fueled noisecore they’re focusing more on an eerie and hope defying approach, perfectly recreating the feeling depicted on the cover art. Taking aside their noise madness classic assault, CSMD focused more on a droning and wall creating long session, full of bass frequencies and haunting passages. It’s quite strange because you can clearly tell that this composition is from CSMD, even if it’s not noise, because you can feel the same craziness that made the Dutch commando so cool. The last part speeds up a little, starting gaining vocals and an overall -core addiction to the pack. I’m quite stuck in a awkward condition, because I fucking love this band and I want to talk about CSMD all day long, but in drone I think that the songs should be the longer the better, because you (or at least me) have to build up a huge series of subtle emotions and deep mental conditions. A drone track condensed in five minutes is cool and reflects a great noise approach to the bunch, but some what feels like it’s incomplete. I hope they will use something like that in a full length one day, because it will rock!

[this is a cover art of one of their releases but I couldn’t find a logo ;_; ndPete]

Aahahaa Spoelstra….no wait, I just can’t laugh about them. Because I’m failing. I’m failing at reviewing, because I just can’t find the right way to talk about them. Spoelstra is a one mand from The Netherlands and plays a weird kind of electronic/power violence that, in my ignorance, sounds to me a lot like 50 Ways To Kill Me, just without the silly vocals. It makes me wanna dance. And well…ehm…that’s all I can say about them XD
Sorry about that but, even if I’m enjoying A LOT this record, B side is just not my cup of tea, so while I can listen to it with a big smile on my face and having a good time I just can’t find a right way to review it…
Anyway, this record rocks, is super funny and can be one of the weirdest addiction to your collection. Not to mention that it’s super limited (you should expect it from NFL) and it’s going fast. This is just one of those records you spin when you’re drunk/high and you want to destroy some of the last brain cells in your skull!

p.s. the colored cover version is limited to 32 copies (like showed below!) so be fast!


~ by petetheripper on November 30, 2010.

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