GRIDE interview


Gride, for me, is a legendary band. When I started listening to extreme music they were one of the first groups I was in to. Happy Birthday Gride, the first collection CD and the 12″ split with Mrtva Budoucnost were my dailt treat and Iìve always thought that Gride was a band who earned the 1% of what they deserved. Being a band so loved by my poor ears having the possibility to interview their historical singer and frontman Iny was a blast. All the inserts they added in their releases have already shown a band really tied and concerned to the underground but the answers Iny gave me confirmed my idea : Gride is a GREAT band, both musically and personally. Support these veterans and bang your head to their high speed riffs, they deserve each drop of your sweat and each second of your time.



Q – First of all, thanks for accepting this interview, is everything fine?

A – You are welcome. We are delighted with your interest in GRIDE. I love doing interviews and I also do a zine, so I know how pleasing can be, when band answers your questions.
Everything is fine, we have changed line-up recently – concretely bass player. Maxeek, who played with us many years, left the band because of busyness. He has a little child and another band and he want to give himself to his family and another band. We have invited Michal, guitarist of thrash death band PRESSBOIL, to play bass in GRIDE and he has accepted it. So we rehearsal with him now, even we have recorded one song with him already.

Q – Can you tell us a small story of the band and why you chose the name GRIDE?

Well, it’s a long story, so I’m trying to tell only main milestones. GRIDE has played since 1996. The name of band though out one friend of us for his band and we stolen it to him. J It is English word and it means “scricchiolio” in Italy. Better name of fastcore grind band you cannot find, can you? We had started as a two bass – two guitar – drums – vocal band, later line up got settled as 4 piece band: Cert – drums, David -guit, Zdenda – bass and me (Iny) as the vocalist. We played first gig in July and we were pretty nervous. It was first public display for all of us. I remember, that Cert had some intestinal problems, we couldn’t sleep night before gig etc. But gig fell out well and people were with our show excited. We recorded first demo in the end of this year started regularly playing alive.for example we played our first short tour abroad in 1997. The tour was organized by our friends from MRTVA BUDOUSNOST fast hardcore/power violence band from area around Brno. The tour consisted of gigs on Austria, Slovenia and Italy (Udine and Turino) and it was big experience for us. This era was closed, when we kicked off Zdenda, because of his complicated character. Then we played some time as a three piece band, without bassplayer. Later in 1999, we found new bassplayer David Z., who played in many bands before.for example PLASTIC GRAVE, CLOSING, MARTIRIUM CHRISTI etc. Also we invited second guitarist Michal and started practicing hard. This line up was relative fixed and we played many gigs and recorded our first longer stuff: split LP with MRTVA BUDOUCNOST. Then occurred some problems with David Z and his unreliability and we had to change bassplayer again. The new one was old punk Dedek. This era is one of my favest in GRIDE’s history: we played many tours, recorded split EP with COCROACH and enjoyed many fun. I think it ended about year 2002, when Dedek got hurt during some pub fight and seriously injured his finger. We trap Paaya into playing bass in GRIDE. Paaya was our friend from regional punk/hardcore band UCHAZIM. He is normaly guitarist, but he is very talented, so playing bass wasn’t any problem for him. We again played many gigs and tour, even the longest GRIDE’s tour (16 days) with SEE YOU IN HELL in 2003. Then things went to shit. Older members (not according to their age, but according to playing in band) got tired and fed up with routine. They didn’t go to rehearsals, cancelled many gigs shortly before their dates etc. The crisis took one year and I and Cert lost endurance and changed line-up drastically: David and Michal were kicked off, Paaya started playing guitar and Maxa brothers (Pufffy – guitar und Maxeek – bass) from old hardcore band DEZINFEKCE assumed freed positions. I think I can say that this line up was the best in our history: we recorded many stuff and played many awesome gigs. This line up attacked USA during two weeks tour in this year and it was the best tour, we have played ever!!! But live goes on. as I wrote, Maxeek’s wife gave birth their daughter in spring and he decided left our band. He finished his activity in GRIDE last month.


Q – In a lot of your records there are explanations about the scene and the situation in Czech Republic. Do you feel really tied with the scene? How is it now in Czech rep.?

A – Yes, I think we are tied with the scene a lot. We have played many years, so we have many friends all around Czech Republic. I think that scene have started dividing to many genre sub-scenes in last years. It’s normal process, which has run even in rest of Europe or USA, but many years ago. It was a bit delayed in Czech Republic, but I think that the scene is the same like in others European countries since 1999. Maybe better, because there still many music freaks, who goes to gigs and an attendance of gigs is higher than in Western Europe. at least according to my experiences. The scene of last years has been also influenced by virtual space a lot.. Myspace, facebook, mp3, internet portals and its discussion forums. Running of the scene is faster and easier with these tools than in the past, but it brings a lot of problems. Laziness, detraction, disputes etc. On internet everybody is the strongest, the cleverest man in the world and it’s very easy to make virtual image of “king of hardcore” than to do everything in real world. The young kids, who have grown up in internet era, cannot imagine world without these tools and it is hard to explain him, that facebook or myspace isn’t centre of world. But again, it isn’t problem only in Czech Republic, but worldwide. I suppose, you know it too.

Q – Can you tell us howeverything developed after the end of the cold war?

A – The regime of communist party collapsed 21 years ago, in November 1989. I was 16 years old, so I remember that atmosphere of freedom and change very well. The communist regime hasn’t anything common with communism or socialism, as many idealistic western revolutionaries can fantasize. It was normal state capitalism, which was led by Czechoslovak communist party. All cultural and political activities had to be controlled by its bureaucrats: what you read, listen to, look at, how you dress, how long hair you have etc. Everybody had to have job. When you didn’t have any job or job’s certificate you could be arrested for sponging. There were many opposite groups in underground: political, cultural and social. Many members of underground were criminalized and spent many years in jail. The PLASTIC PEOPLE OF UNIVERSE case is most known. Their members were imprisoned many times; some of them were banished from Czech Republic etc. The secret police called StB (State Security) controlled everything and when you were suspect, you could be kicked off your job and you had to do only second rate works. You could have problems with study. children of suspect people couldn’t study high schools. There were sophisticated system of manipulation, control and governing. So you can imagine that fresh wind after collapse of this regime. First two years after revolution were interesting – the country woke up, people and bands got off underground. They released many records with huge presses and played gigs for thousands people. There were huge exciting for libertarians ideas in society. For example, there were real discussions about abolishing army. Many people imagined new system like a compromise between social guarantees of last regime and consume offering of capitalism. But after two years of this state the situation changed. The power was taken by liberal capitalists and the economy has been started in Euro-American style of free trade ideology. There were period of wild capitalism with privatizations of states factories and enterprises to private hands. Many current heads of economy and Mafiosos got rich during this era. The social security system has been slowly deconstructed. Nowadays, the Czech state is similar to the other European states. We have some specifications, which are connected with communist and wild capitalist era. corruption, tendency to authoritarism, low wages and level of living. But when I can choose between old communist regime and current system, I vote the second one, because of personal freedoms and better possibility to choose way of your live.


Q – You recently released a really cool compilation of your works, how do you see your career after all these years?

A – Normally, I don’t think about it, but sometimes I and Cert remember old times, when we went to shows on train, when we released first stuff etc. I thought about it a lot during our tour in USA this summer. When somebody told me in 1996, that GRIDE will tour USA 14 years later, I would tell him he/she is crazy. But it’s reality and it’s evidence for me, that we have done it well during years and that some hard decision, which we had to do, were right. When we had played on INGROWING’s 15 years celebration party two month ago, I appreciated, that we will celebrate the same anniversary next year. It’s horrible, that our band could be old like some our fans and that we started playing, they started their lives.

Q – Do you have any side project?

A – Yes, we do. It’s a bit weak point of current line up. Each of us has another band (bands) and so it’s hard, to find some free time for rehearsals or gigs. We have to schedule many weeks or month in advance and we have to refuse many show offers.
Paaya plays in UCHAZIM – interesting an unorthodox hardcore/punk and in RETROPROTEST – band, which plays only cover songs of old Czech punk and hardcore bands. Pufffy plays in DEZINFEKCE – old hardcore band from Ceske Budejovice and from time to time in SVINE! (punk) and P.B.J.P. (similar cover band to RETROPROTEST, but they plays mainly foreign cover songs. DEAD KENNEDY’S, EXPLOITED, UK SUBS, DYAGLO ABORTIONS.). Michal plays in PRESSBOIL – death/thrash metal. Cert plays drums in RADIOLOKATOR (thrash metal) and AVENGER (black/death metal). I sing in RADIOLOKATOR too and do zine called Trhavina. And now, try to imagine our scheduling.

Q – You’re probably one of the best band in your genre nowadays, how do you see the whole scene? What are the bands you like the most?

A – Thanks for your compliment. It is nice to hear, that somebody likes your music. About scene. I think I told a lot in my previous answer. The worldwide scene is united and communicating due to internet, as never before. It’s easier to organize tour, spread your music and release record. On the other hand, result is flooding of records, bands and gigs. I don’t complain, it’s just opposite side of current scene, so it seems weaker and smaller than in the past.. People visit only gigs of their favourite and “big” bands and so it’s harder to come through for new bands. People and bands are also more trendy. this month I discover thrash metal, so I’m thrash metal headbanger, next month it will be crust, then emo, then. This society is a lot changeable and it’s reflected even in the underground scene. But I have to repeat again, I mean the scene is the strongest and hugest ever, nowadays.


Q – How often do you play live?

A – As I said before. Each of us has many activities besides the band, and when I add families and girlfriends, it’s hard to schedule some shows. I think we play average 1-2 shows per month. There are months without shows (like now, when we aren’t going to play show until end of this year) and there are month, when we play 3 or more shows. In this year we played about 30 gigs, mainly due to tour in US.

Q – When you’ll come back to Italy? What do you know about the Italian scene and what bands do you like the most?

A – We are going to tour South and West Europe next year. We would like to play in Austria, Italy, France, maybe Spain and Germany. We will do a detailed schedule in February. So if you can help us with booking shows in Italy, contact us on our e-mails.
Of course, I like old Italian bands: WRETCHED, IMPACT, INDIGESTI, NEGAZZIONE, RAW POWER. From newest bands I like CONFUSIONE, KONTTATO, older stuff of CRIPPLE BASTARDS, CHILDREN OF TECHNOLOGY, ED, STRAGE, EGOTISMO, DEATH BEFORE WORK etc. The Italy scene is excellent and I can say that Czech and Italy scene collaborate a lot. We played in Italy many times and except one problem with our van many years ago, we were satisfied. Almost shows were awesome and people very friendly. I’m looking forward to our tour next year.

Q – You’re cursed to go fast and you cursed to LIKE to go fast? 🙂

A – Old Czech thrash metal band KRYPTOR had song called “Rychlost vitezi – Speed wins” , so we live according this song.

Q – How is the writing process?

A – Someone usually brings some idea to rehearsal and we are trying to do song. It’s usually collective work; the guitarists bring finished song only rarely. Or we jam and wait for inspiration. When the music is finished, I record it to tape and do lyric. Then we practice new song some time, correct it and then we play it alive. It’s ideal to play song some time alive before recording, because each song needs its time. We recorded some songs shortly after their creating in the past and I’m not satisfied with them.


Q – What is your favorite release so far and why?

A – For me, it’s “Horizont udalosti” LP/CD and split EP with THEMA 11. Of course this stuff has its weakness, but it’s also compact and well-balanced. From nostalgic point of view I like also split LP with MRTVA BUDOUCNOST and…Damn, I like all our stuff. Every our record is interesting in a way, because I don’t listen to only music, but I remember also atmosphere and experience of that recording session.

Q – Why singing in your native language? Is just a way to express in an easier way or taking a stand?

A – Both reasons. My English isn’t so good, to write lyrics in it. You could recognize it during this interview. Czech language is for me natural and I can express exactly what I mean. I also can use allegory, metaphor and so on. My English is on level of basic school, so lyric written in English would be broken and too straight. And another reason is, that I like many bands, who sing in native languages.Spanish, Portugal, Russia, Japan and of course Italy. It sounds great and in different way than English, which use most of hardcore/punk bands. I must say that we have rather positive feedbacks to our Czech sang vocals. People from English speaking countries take us like something exotic and different and it’s fine. I would like Italy band sings in Italy language than Italy band sings in broken English.

Q – End as you want and thanks for your time!

A – Thanks a lot for your questions and interest in GRIDE. I hope we will meet in Italy next year during our tour. Take care.






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This review was originally made to be published in Italian for the (FREE!) paper zine FLAGELLO that will be out ina few weeks.


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