Disleksick is good for making me think

Do you remember Deche Charge’s legendary demo tape Death Fuck Off? It was a couple of seconds of noise recorded to spit some acid in the face of the elitist death metal scene of those years (it was the beginning of the 90’s). After almost twenty years anothet Canadian band, the super talented freaks from Disleksick, decided to re-do something like that recording the updated version of that output of anger and frustration. Deathcore Fuck Off, depicting the perfect scapegoat, Bring Me The Horizon, on the cover is the perfect way to express the anger torward fashion music and destroying of scene values. Musically is just pure noisecore, if you liked the original tape by Deche-Charge (which, by the way is downloadable for free from the Gocharge page on Moderate Noise Wiki) you will always love this one.




And now, let’s talk a bit. This tape has nothing to do with music. Yes, it’s noise not music and so on, bla bla bla. Yes, of course. But what I want to say is that this tape is WAY MORE than a bunch of sound recorded in Disleksick’s room. Back at the beginning of 90’s doing something like this by Deche Charge was something like a super unconformistic and shocking thing. Those were the times of technical bands, of structured songs, of taking a stand in the right extreme music (metal) against every new trend (from grunge to grindcore). Dan said they were put in the ghetto of untalented musicians and cut off by the live scene of the times and I think his output of anger (even if always with a smile on his face, Satan bless the noise attitude) was the perfect way to express his frustration. But today grindcore is “free”, a lot of bands make big deals with big labels and the noise scene is strong and fully helped by the Net and other easier way to cummincate. There are also a shitload of bands doing extreme noise without shame, releasing conceptual stuff or total anti-musical records. So, whyDisleksick, why?

I’ve made up my idea. And it’s not only about Dave and his bunch of noise mongers, it’s about everyone of us. Blaming deathcore and fashionable bands like Bring Me The Horizon is a shareable thought, but I think it’s like saying religion is wrong because priests touch children. Those are symptoms, not causes and if you cure only them you wont’ get rid of the disease. The main problem about music, musicians and, mostly, listeners is the total lack of depth. I’ve just made an interview with Iny from Gride, a band who never gained the 1% of what it deserved, who says that the main issue about the Internet is that everyone is the cleverests, the strongest and nobody does anything in real life. It’s fuckin true. Nobody wants to sweat for his idols. This trend of cash & carry music is destroying everything, shaking the basics of genres built on cooperation and mutual helping. Numb kids going yo every show their fave booking agency tells them to go, brainless people wearing the same clothes, an huge bunch of sheeps which can’t dare to listen or think something different from each other. In Italy we are suffering this terrible trend of fashion-switching spineless boneheads. Those who two years ago were deathcore followers destroying old school, the last year listened to only brutal, now it’s the turn of post core and the next year will be hardcore. I can imagine the moms of these suckers (because obviously they’re all in their teens and can’t live without parents’ money…) dumping huge amount of clothes each year. Yeah just clothes because the best to support an artist is not buiyng their art, but buying their merch. Who can see you’re the coolest guy around if you don’t wear the latest 20 bucks t-shirt of the most fashioned band? Nobody can see a CD, a Tape or a Vinyl, so just download the music and bury it in your iPod, is the best way to act.

Call everyone who listen to acoustic stuff gay, but hail to the acoustic side projects of your favorite “extreme” artist. Let’s go EVERYONE to a 20 euros gig blaming the scene for its high prices. Let’s leave Last Days Of Humanity in Milan with 20 people in the attendance and stack up a disco for the latest fake hardcore sensation speaking how cool are LDOH on forums the next day. Let’s attend a Black Breath gig, leaving three suckers moshing alone and showing support the band remaining far away from the stage with arm crossed. I assure you, seeing the singer from Black Breath (a band signed by Southern Lord, not the most obscure stuff around) alone at the merch after the gig with no one talking to him was destroying my heart. Me and my friend spent a lot of time talking to him and I could see the passion in his eyes, even if darkened by realizing that todays “scene kings” suck way too much. I write on my blog and some paper zines. By the end of the year I’m gonna start a webzine by some friends of mine. I spend everything I have in records and gigs. I always talk to the bands I love. I show support. Rafael from Frustrazione told me that my support is really appreciated. I’ve said that he don’t have to say that, because I’m just doing what everyone should do. But I was sad inside, because I know that those like me (and luckly I know a good bunch of them) are an exception. Because the normal way to act is listen, download, forget. No one gets in touch with the bands, no one just says “hi, you rule!”. The best way to act is try to make a photo with your idol and spam it. This is payback, it’s not doing something for passion. In my life I have to deal with some of the most weak and passion-free people I’ve ever met and I’m blamed because I write without getting paid. I’m a calm guy, but those times the only thing I can think is a good ole punch between the eyes. Shallowness and conformism are the way. Burn down everything you fell, because feeling something by yourself is wrong. Act like a snob, like a whore, like a true metalhead, like everything THEY want. Living by the laws of some so-called “scene king” is easier and needs less sweat and struggle than living by the laws of your heart. So yeah, deathcore fuck off, I’m totally with it, but everyone should fuck off, because if you live by the sword of superficiality you will not only die by it, but you will ruin everything the ones with true passion worked all their lives for.


~ by petetheripper on November 25, 2010.

8 Responses to “Disleksick is good for making me think”

  1. Yo Seemo, facciamo un gruppo thrash metal?xD

  2. “Everyone Fuck Off”. Put out a half second tape!

  3. bravo bravo e ancora bravo cazzo!

  4. petetheripper, I check this blog every day to see if you’ve posted something new! I love reading posts like this one to know that there is someone out there who feels passionately about the music!

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