I cook with two cats near me : the Hair On My Food special is just my daily routine PART 2


It’s a pleasure to hear a new release from Hair On My Food tapes. This time is a split C14 between Exacerbacion and Rakus.



Exacerbacion hails from Costa Rica and delivers ten songs of pissed off old school grindcore. This stuff is very raw and reminds me what SMG are doing these days, so expect a lethal dose of pure unrelenting straight to the point grindcore. The main difference between SMG and Exacerbacion is songwriting, since the Costa Rica greatest rely more on a simple and classic approach, without getting aside from a pretty standard way of thinking about grind. This is not a bad thing itself but tends to create a too much common pattern which is followed by each song. To put it straight, apart some variations, all the ten songs sound the same, with almost equal drum, bass, guitar and vocals lines. Sometimes they change a bit, adding bass “solos” (like in Sociopata and El Odio Non Cesa) or slower breath-taking parts (Autotortura and Vil Occiso II), but they mostly stick to the usual formula. As said above this is not a bad thing but will cut off from listening a lot of virtual new followes. This is a side made only for die hard fans of old school grindcore, who love their meal familiar and without surprises. Anyway this stuff will be loved by old school freaks who think Agathocles sounds too polished ehehehe! I’ve listened to Exacerbacion only on the Too Short To Handle compilation 7″ prior this release, but these ten songs put me in a good mood toward the band, so I want to give a spin to their new split 7″ (their first time on vinyl, besides the compilation appearance) with Psychotic Sufferance. As soon as I have an opinion about that you will read it here! A nice addition to the release is the artwork, made by my long time friend Fibro from The Noise Corner blog, support his works!



I’m not sure where Rakus comes from. On their MySpace is written Malaysian Pakistan, so what the fuck? Reading some of their flyers I can assume they come from Malaysia but I’m still doubtful about it…If someone can help me, please comment! Rakus delivers five songs of political crusty grindcore, not too far from an Extreme Noise Terror influenced session from mid 90’s Agathocles. The production is, obviously, very raw, while each song is played with a very strong punk attitude. Guitar riffing is pretty classic, with the usual dose of pounding chords and head first fast shreds during singed parts. Vocal wise Rakus dwells in the growl area, without big surprirses, just the ultra-classic crusty grunt. There’s a strange vibe about guitars, since they often use open chords, reminding me some weird black metal way of playing (like in P.P.), not too far by the thrashy pioneers of the genre, like Sodom or Bathory. That factor gives a quite strange chilling feeling to these songs, which are, anyway, strongly stuck in the crust/grind environment. The only big flaw about this release is drumming. While it works well during slow and groovy parts, the drummer starts losing beats on fast parts lasting more then a bunch of seconds. This could not be that important, we’re noise lovers, but the mix puts the drums in a very prominent position, so each lost beat is strongly noticed, even while you’re not paying so much attention, and it grows annoying. Rakus has good roots but I think I have to listen some new releases from them…


This tape is quite strange, it’s cool, even with some flaw, but I think it’s mainly for die hard lovers of old school underground grindcore. If you’re one of those, grab it, you’ll spend a bunch of minutes with two enjoyable bands!



Joe sent me also the promo download for the other new releases from Hair On My Food Records. This time is the new tape from Smoke, a cool raw black metal band hailing from Utrecht, Holland. Even if i’ve enjoyed listening to it I’m very ignorant about this genre, so I won’t give an in depth opinion about this tape. All I have to say it’s that Smoke is raw, grim and features a very cool artwork, those who love Black Metal the way it used to be will enjoy this tape!






On a sidenote, here’s a cool festival you shall not miss if you’re in the mafia village during these days, I’ll be there!





~ by petetheripper on November 10, 2010.

4 Responses to “I cook with two cats near me : the Hair On My Food special is just my daily routine PART 2”

  1. I will be mailing RAKUS’ artist copies to Singapore, so at least one of them lives there.

  2. On the “Malaysian Pakistan” thing…

    From what I remember reading [from a Malaysian guy on the Internet], Malaysia is a predominantly Islamic country (actually, looking online, it’s the “official” religion of Malaysia).

    I get the sense that many Malaysians resent that the country’s laws are largely influenced by Islam.

  3. RAKUS is from MALAYSIA.
    they got quite numbers of releases on compilation, split tape and some more.
    one of the latest before this split tape is their split tape with indonesian band name SUBSIDICKS.
    as for the some_nerd comment, yeah, malaysia is predominantly islamic country but everything is base on every each of people themselves.

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